Thursday, June 08, 2017

Entering In: Day 7

Word Count: 42,014

Summary of Events: 
Levi managed to watch Twilight's entire race from where his family was sitting as she won for a third time — being as the horse that appeared to have tied with had been lapped by the field. Traeton arrived at a prison near Vicksburg where he was to stay until his trial and went straight to bed. Hadia was visiting Maiden at the riding school again and ended up getting into a conversation with her riding teacher about moving to Victoria . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"I don't think that's true Hadia," Mrs. Blanch said. "I think your mom has a great deal of sympathy toward you and your siblings, and she wants to do everything she possibly can to see you and your siblings happy and well cared for, even though she has to do that all on her own."
"If she really wanted to see us happy and well cared for she wouldn't make us move," Hadia said bitterly.
"Hadia, there aren't really many jobs here in Prince Rupert that will pay well for someone like your mom, or even your brothers," Mrs. Blanch said. "Especially considering your mom probably doesn't really have a résumé. And there's not really enough people around here for her to go trying to build a business. If your mom could get a job here, she probably wouldn't be able to make even half of what your dad was making, and if she tried to start a business you might go for awhile without money, which could lead to you all going hungry, or maybe even losing your house. If you live with your grandparents, they can front a little bit of the money to carry you all through and your mom could probably build a good business doing something like cleaning houses, because there's quite a few old people in Victoria who don't have the ability to keep their houses clean very well on their own, or young people who are too busy to keep their houses clean. There's more money to be made in Victoria, so it's probably best for your family to go to Victoria."
Hadia glared at Mrs. Blanch. "Don't you want me to stay here and keep riding?"
"It would be nice to see you be able to get back on a horse again and keep up your riding, yes," Mrs. Blanch said. "But that's not important Hadia. What is important is that you're well cared for, which will better happen in Victoria because your mom will be able to make more money, and probably much quicker there than here."
"You're the same as Mom!" Hadia cried. "You don't care!"
"I care," Mrs. Blanch said. "I don't want to see you starving or possibly kicked out of your house."
"Nobody cares!" Hadia cried, jumping to her feet. "Not you, not anybody! Everybody wants to ruin my life!"
"Hadia!" Mrs. Blanch exclaimed, sounding horrified.
"Leave me alone!" Hadia cried, running off back toward Maiden's pasture, but then past it and into the trees where there were some basic riding trails.
Mrs. Blanch called after her, but Hadia didn't stop until she felt like she was good and far away where no one would find her. She then sat down under a spruce tree and cried. If Dad were here they wouldn't be moving. If Dad were here everything would be better. If Dad were here none of this would be happening. But Dad was gone, and he was never coming back."

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