Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Entering In: Day 17

Word Count: 102,006

Summary of Events:
Hadia learned from her grandpa the reason why the analogies he'd given her the other day meant anything. Levi watched more races, while thinking some about the documentary, which would begin filming in November, before watching Twilight's race. Traeton got picked on by one of the other men staying at the house and got into a fight with him before Mr. Braun stopped the fight by allowing the dogs to attack them.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Sweet Sister, for being sans jockey, was doing quite well. If it weren't for the lack of a jockey she'd be considered in fifth place, and she actually moved up to be running alongside Twilight, who'd pulled ahead of Nemesis Q on the homestretch.
They headed into the final backstretch with Cadbury Jack making a run for Aspen Gold and Nemesis Q going to pass Twilight and Sweet Sister.
Around the final turn Aspen Gold really started to flag, while Cadbury Jack broke away with Nemesis Q hot on his heels.
Twilight slid out from between the rail and Sweet Sister and flew around Aspen Gold, past Nemesis Q, and hot onto the tail of Cadbury Jack, whose jockey worked the whip as if that was what would push his colt across the line in front.
Sweet Sister was coming up hot behind them as Twilight came neck and neck with Cadbury Jack in the last furlong before Twilight stretched out her neck and surged ahead just enough to negate the need of a photo finish and take the win, stretching her undefeated streak once more.
Despite the fact that the race was over, however, Rod seemed intent to keep pushing Twilight, and it took a moment before Levi realised that Rod was out to catch Sweet Sister, who was still running.
With ease Twilight caught up to Sweet Sister, who was running along the rail, and then — to Levi's astonishment — Rod moved from Twilight to Sweet Sister, keeping a hold on Twilight's reins, and worked to rein Sweet Sister in around the backstretch before finally getting her to stop over by the gate, where her jockey was waiting.
Rod then switched back to Twilight and rode over to where all the other horses were gathered. Levi quickly got up from his seat and hurried outside onto the track. He quickly congratulated Twilight before turning his attention to Rod.
"Why did you do that?" he asked.
"To stop her," Rod replied.
"So, how does she ride?" Levi asked.
"Beautifully, actually," Rod replied. "I was surprised."
"Well then why would she buck all the time then?" Levi asked.
"Jockey handling, in part, I'd say," Rod replied. "Didn't you see how he was riding her head?"
Levi nodded.
"That's bad bananas right there," Rod said. "I'm not sure why she's so spirited before races, but the jockey's treatment of her doesn't really help her racing."
Nodding again, Levi's gaze turned to seek the source of an equine scream, he saw that Sweet Sister had broken away from her trainer's hold, trotting off in long strides, her head and tail high, completely ignorant of his shouts for her to return.
Proved in part by her good run without a jockey, it seemed that Sweet Sister was a talented horse, and almost all the problems seemed to be with the people who handled her, not with her."

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