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November Novel Essential Information

Novel Title: Challenging
Time Setting: 2015
Genre: Life
Minimum Word Goal: 90,000
Timespan: August–March
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia
Main Characters: Reid & Gabrielle Kiszczak, Nicholas & Jennifer Boivin
Background Information: Gabrielle was born and raised in the general area of the Okanagan Valley, and been around orchards her entire life; in fact, that was how she met Reid: he came to work at her parents' orchard when she was in high school and their relationship grew — despite the fact that he wasn't a Christian — and they were married shortly after she graduated.
Since then they've had three children: Jeremiah, 6; Parker, 3; and Ivy, 1. Gabrielle is happy with her life and the love she receives from her husband, although she is saddened at his occupational frustrations and the far that he still has not become a Christian.

Reid, also, was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley area, and he greatly enjoys its pleasant weather and — especially — the fruits it yields; in fact, it has been his lifelong dream to own and run his own orchard . . . unfortunately he feels he's further from reaching his goal than nearer.
A year ago Gabrielle suggested that they enact a plan to pay off all of their debts so that they would have more money to direct toward saving for their dreams. He thought it was a reasonable idea, not to mention it's gone well, they're almost done, but he's still frustrated, of course his coworker isn't really helping . . . 

Jennifer was born and raised west of the Okanagan Valley where she lived a life of privilege, even after her parents divorced, and after they both remarried. At a young age she went to a Bible camp and experienced and emotional conversion experience and has ever after attended church, becoming quite a prominent figure.
It was through the church that Jennifer met Nicholas, whom she married just two months after graduating. They've since had two children: Daniella, 5; and Dylan, 3 — more than enough children for her to handle, especially with a hectic social life and a burgeoning real estate hobby career.

Nicholas was born the heir to one of the hundreds of wineries in the Kelowna area, and has lived a life of privilege off of its profits. His parents regularly attended church, and he has kept up the tradition, now being the chairman of the Trustee Board.
However, Nicholas is not satisfied, he feels no love from Jennifer, especially since Jennifer has decided that she doesn't want any more children — not that she spends any time with the ones she has — it's as if the love they once had has died, and now he's left with no other option than to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Kiszczak: kizsizahk
Boivin: bwahvahn

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 20

Word Total: 120,000

Year to Date: 1,050,079

Summary of Events:
Greyson went back to Shady Acres Chicken Farm after a brief hospitalization during which his wounds recovered and went to do a property survey before getting knocked out in the barn Odie's SUV had been stored in. When he woke up he found he was at some sort of secure gangster hideout and after breakfast he entered into negotiations with BM and his superior that Greyson managed to gain control of and win, although at a bit of a cost that he wasn't fully sure he liked.

Excerpt of the Day:
"BM took a hold of her hair with his left hand, twisted it around several times, and raised it up to reveal the back of her neck, inked with a triangular design.
"Whenever we find someone with this marking we know they are an ally, if not an associate — dependent upon the exact design the determination is made," BM said. "Anyone who bears this mark is on our payroll."
"This alternative wasn't presented before," Greyson said. "Why not?"
"Allies don't typically possess such an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of our group," BM said. "Only the associates do. And thus you would better qualify as an associate, however you seem determined not to become an associate, so it appears that you will be subjected to becoming an ally, that we might have assurance that you will not divulge your extensive knowledge to the police."
"I would only submit to such a thing if I can be assured of my life," Greyson said.
"And your life would be assured so long as you retain the marking on the back of your neck," BM said. "As soon as you remove it, we have full right to kill you. It is the only way you will get out of this alive and without having to join our gang."
"Only full joining!" the man hissed.
"No," Greyson said. "This option is the only one I will accept. I am guaranteed my life, and my freedom to do whatever I choose; so long as I do not divulge what I know to the cops. Which I will not do so long as my life is not threatened. The cash is a bonus for me, and that small design I will submit to so long as it mess that my life will not be threatened. You will either have to accept this, or I'll go tell the cops."
"We have his cooperation," BM said. "And so I think that we will have to take what we can get, otherwise he will keep running off on us and we'll never be able to catch him; we're getting as much as we will get out of him."
"If we cannot get the full then we kill him!" the man snapped.
"We've tried, and failed, in that endeavour," BM said. "He is cunning."
"You were a bunch of wusses!" the man snapped.
"No, I don't think they were," BM said. "I didn't order my men, and yet they responded, why your men didn't shoot him, I don't know, but I will leave that for you to discuss with them. I do know for a fact, however, that he escaped from four thousand rounds of ammunition in high-powered machine guns and escaped not only with his life, but unscathed, at the first opportunity he found."
"Not to mention I think it should be noted that I am holding you in a headlock right now," Greyson said. "And I think I could easily kill you if I simply give the command to my forefinger muscles. You have cooperation with me, or nothing.""

The post preparing for the final novel of the year will be on October 31.

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Dubious Arrangement: Day 19

Word Count: 114,020

Summary of Events:
Greyson watched the newly arrived gangsters — including the man whom the letter Greyson had read had been addressed to — search the yard site for Odie before getting found by them when he jammed his ankle jumping into the garbage pit to hide. Greyson revealed to the new arrivals some of the information he knew before Odie and his crew arrived. Odie and his superior were both sentenced to death, but Odie resisted execution, so Greyson was able to get away, but got found out by the cabin owner, who ended up taking him to the hospital for his ankle to be tended to.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Looking at Greyson with an arrogant glitter in his eyes, BM strode forward and reached out to pluck the pistol Greyson had taken from its holster. Greyson reached down and snatched it out of the holster before the gangster could grab it. All of the bodyguards tensed and readied to fire, only BM's gloved hand raised kept them from making him more holey than a sponge.
"The sidearm, if you please," BM said clearly, his accent a bare hint — not the thick, heavy, toffee-like thing Greyson had expected.
Greyson handed it over and BM put it into a holster on his right leg.
"Your other weapons, if you please," BM said.
Greyson took off the entire belt and handed it over. He was now utterly defenceless — physically — against four guys with machine guns. BM clipped the belt around his waist and then looked up at Greyson.
"So you are the new occupant of the place I called home for a decade?" BM asked, his eyebrows raised, but his eyes cold.
"I am," Greyson replied. "When I am not being held against my will in other buildings on this property or under threat of being shot on sight."
"You do not seem a difficult quarry to lay hold of," BM said. "I really haven't the faintest idea why DO was having such a difficulty with you."
Greyson smiled cunningly, but said nothing.
"Of course you do not seem the type to easily be defeated," BM said. "I see it in you, you are only in my clutches because I have four thousand rounds of ammunition — along with a reserve of twelve thousand immediately present — aimed in your direction. If it would've been me alone, you would not be here."
Greyson maintained his silence — it wasn't like there was anything really worth saying anyways.
"Now, I've been told that you received a letter addressed tome, and read it, instead of returning it to the mailbox as having been sent to the wrong address," BM said.
Greyson gave a single nod.
"I should hope it is not a habit of yours to read mail that is not your own," BM said.
"It was a mistake," Greyson said. "I didn't check to see that it was my name above the address on the envelope before I opened it."
"Very careless of you," BM said rapidly.
Greyson gave a single nod.
"A very lethal mistake," BM added, speaking slowly again.
"And who's going to kill me?" Greyson brazenly queried.
BM's face popped into a surprised expression that slowly became an intrigued one.
"If I'm not mistaken I've been shot at by approximately nine of your personnel, and I've yet to be fatally wounded — although I have admittedly not gone unscathed — I have even been at point-blank range, and yet given my life," Greyson explained. "It almost seems as if your personnel are afraid to kill me.""

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 18

Word Count: 108,003

Summary of Events:
After losing the gangsters, Greyson ran and was spotted again; he ended up being shot, but yet got himself all the way to the hospital before he passed out. At the hospital he was tended to and able to get a prosthetics specialist in from the nearby military base to figure out that his arm needed cleaning and lubrication. Once he was released from hospital he headed back toward the chicken farm, but ended up finding the driveway to the cabin he'd hidden at before and even succeeded in lying his way into getting a key to access the cabin. He then went to see what the gangsters were up to and was spotted by them, but evaded them once again.

Excerpt of the Day:
"He climbed over the fence and took off at a dead run as fast as he could to the fenced-in trees on the other side. His side was seriously sore when he arrived and scrambled over the fence.
Once he was sure he was safely hidden in the trees he sat down and worked to catch his breath. He ought to be safe for at least a little while. Lifting up his shirt, he looked at the gauze pad taped over his side, it was soaked red with blood.
Greyson swore. He'd probably ripped his stitches open. He thought there was gauze in the trailer, though, hopefully he could at least stem the bleeding if there was gauze in there.
Slowly he got to his feet and hurried over to the trailer. Getting inside, he went to the master bathroom and checked all of the drawers. There was gauze. Thank heaven. He peeled his shirt off so he didn't have to hold it up and then tore the bloodstained gauze off of his side.
He rolled a pad of toilet paper and dabbed at his side, soaking up the blood so he could assess the wound damage. Things didn't look too bad, actually, and the blood wasn't exactly running in a torrent, it was just slowly oozing.
Turning around, he used the mirror to check the back side and saw that it was the same. He put fresh gauzes on both of them, stuffed some extra gauzes and whatnot into his pockets, and then went to his closet to get a darker coloured shirt.
He found a brown one and slid it on, then he turned to head back outside and caught a glimpse of a vehicle by the porch with its daytime running lights on. They turned off. A new arrival, it appeared.
Greyson dropped to the floor and slowly army crawled to the kitchen. There were cupboards there to hide behind — or inside if he was a good enough contortionist and didn't rip his side open.
In the kitchen, he looked over at the sliding doors, he could get out there and hopefully find a way to cut back to the cabin; he needed to rest, he'd worked his side too much for one day.
Quickly he scrambled on hands and knees across the floor to the couch, and then under his makeshift table. Arriving at the sliding doors, he slid them open and jumped outside; turning around, he slid them closed.
He then turned and hurried toward the trees. He'd observe what these new arrivals were doing, and then he was going to go and find a way back to the cabin as fast as he possibly could with his wounded side."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 17

Word Count: 102,014

Summary of Events:
Greyson nearly got his prosthesis ripped off by his gangster prisoners when they managed to attack him — they were convinced his prosthesis was his ghostly life source — and then he managed to escape when the food was served and eventually found a luxurious vacation cabin — thankfully unoccupied — in some trees across the Battle River where he spent the night. The next day he went back to Mr. Odell's property to see what the gangsters were up to just before they set out to search for him.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Greyson backed into the trees a bit as a pair of gangsters — one black and one camouflage-clad — split off heading in his direction. The camouflage one stopped almost directly in front of him while the black one kept on a ways before stopping.
Slowly Greyson continued to move backwards. The black one started in, and so did the camouflage one. Greyson kept working his way backwards, checking over his shoulder every so often to see if they're were any hazards behind him.
He kept going backwards slowly, until his foot didn't make contact with the ground where he'd expected. Because he'd started shifting his weight back he toppled over backwards and let out an unexpected cry of alarm. Several shouts sounded as Greyson tumbled down the slope until he landed on Mr. Odell's pathway to his cabin.
Several shots rang out. Greyson got to his feet and started scrambling through the trees as shouts and gunfire chased him. He couldn't see anyone following, and he refused to let himself look back to see how close they were. He had to get away before they shot him.
Four shots rang out in rapid fire and then the shooting stopped. Greyson slowed and then looked back. Being as the leaves were now out in full force seeing through the bush was a lot harder. He couldn't see anyone.
Someone swore loudly. Greyson had a feeling he knew what'd happened: another gangster had been accidentally killed instead of him. A few moments later there were more voices speaking in generally upset tones.
"He's still out there, quick, before he gets away, we can get the kid later," Odie said gruffly, although Greyson could tell he was equally as frustrated.
Greyson started off quickly, cutting north. He'd loop back around and come back to the body. Hopefully he could clear it of some valuables — especially some money — before someone caught sight of him and shot him.
He saw a flash of tan to his right before gunfire broke out again. Shoot. Now they'd seen him again. Quickly he scrambled up the slope to get away. He needed to lose them somehow before he went back down to the body and at least got himself some money and another cell phone off of it.
Bark splintered off of a tree trunk close to him. He kept running as the shots rang out. Suddenly the trees cleared and he found Mr. Odell's cabin before him. Quickly he scrambled under the deck through a gap in the plywood. He'd hide and wait them out."

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 16

Word Count: 96,025

Summary of Events:
Greyson began exacting his revenge by attacking the next gangster who came in to beat him and then began terrorizing the gangster. A second gangster came in and Greyson succeeded in doing the same to him — eventually convincing them both that he'd accidentally been killed and returned as a vicious, vengeful ghost. While Greyson was sleeping a third gangster came in to beat him and got him caught in his flashlight beam so he couldn't sneak attack . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
""Keep the light on him!" one of the gangsters hissed. "We'll get him!"
"Who's there?" the gangster with the light called loudly.
"WG and OS," the one Greyson was pretty sure was the first gangster he'd captured replied.
"What are you two still doing in here?" the gangster with the light asked.
"Just keep the light on him or you'll find out," the second gangster said.
Greyson readied himself for their attack. He could just barely make them out in their corner. The flashlight reflecting off the wood made them a little bit easier to pick out, especially because they weren't wearing black anymore.
One of them started toward him. Greyson readied himself and surged out at the gangster before the gangster was ready. He pinned the gangster's arms to the floor with his knees and and slugged him with lefts.
The other gangster jumped at him, but Greyson was ready and threw the gangster off of his shoulders. Getting off of the first gangster, Greyson went over to the other one and cleaned his clock with some good lefts, along with a couple of knees.
"Where are you?" the gangster with the light asked.
Greyson looked over his shoulder and saw the light flashing around frantically.
"He's here!" the gangster underneath Greyson cried.
"Where?" the gangster with the light asked.
Greyson scurried off of the gangster and evaded the flashlight's beam skillfully.
"He was right here!" the gangster cried. "He's gone now. We need to find him."
"What happened to you?" the gangster with the light asked, having found his comrade.
"He's vicious," the gangster in the light replied. "You have to find him or you're going to be the same way."
"Where is he?" the gangster with the light cried, starting to shine it around with incredible urgency.
Greyson snuck up silently behind the gangster with the light and stayed directly behind him as he spun around in a complete circle, shining his light around the room. He waited for the gangster to stop moving.
"He's right behind you!" one of the other gangsters cried in a panic.
The gangster with the light whirled around, but Greyson managed to whip around him and keep out of sight. Several times the gangster tried to whip around faster than Greyson, but Greyson was equal to the task every time.
"Is he glued to me or something?" the gangster with the light cried.
"It must be because he's a ghost," one of the other gangsters replied. "We think someone accidentally killed him and now he haunts this place and has turned into a terrible monster."
"A ghost!" the gangster with the light cried. "But he looked like a real person to me!"
"Ghosts can appear in a lot of different forms," one of the other gangsters said.
"I don't like ghosts!" the gangster with the light cried. "I'm getting out of here!"
Greyson stepped back several paces before briskly striding forward and giving the gangster with the light a roundhouse kick to the head."

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 15

Word Count: 90,006

Summary of Events:
Greyson was taken and locked into the upper level of the chicken barn with two floors. He was regularly fed and beaten by the gangsters, but put up no resistance, wanting just to die and join Piper wherever she was on the other side of death.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Sun shone down warmly, the early summer day was forecasting more warmth to come, more sunny days with Piper. Greyson looked across the grass and saw Piper. She was laying on her bak, looking up at the sky. She looked over at Greyson.
He hurried over to her and found that she was bleeding. Odie had shot her. Greyson looked at her mournfully, at least she was still alive. She could still make it, even if she was paralyzed.
"They'll hunt me down and kill me, no matter what," Piper said — as if she could read his mind — "And I'll have even less ability to defend myself paralyzed. I have to die."
"I'd protect you," Greyson said.
Piper shook her head.
"I promise I would," Greyson said.
Piper shook her head again.
"I'll prove it to you," Greyson said.
Quickly he took Piper into his arms and kissed her passionately. She returned his kiss until a loud blast sounded in his right ear. Then she was limp. Greyson released her and looked at her limp form, the bleeding wounds.
Looking up, he saw Odie smiling that cruelly evil smile of sadistic pleasure. He'd taken joy in killing Piper, an innocent child, a young woman who had been ruined and devastated firstly by her parents and secondly by the gangsters who had brought her into their rank.
Greyson could have saved her, he could have found a way to get her out of this mess, and it was all Odie's fault that he couldn't. Getting to his feet slowly, he rolled his shoulders and stood braced, facing Odie.
"You think you'll have the guts to kill me now?" Odie asked mockingly.
Greyson clenched his fists and glared at Odie. "I won't kill you," he said. "But I will destroy you. I will make you pay for what you did to her. You will not laugh any longer. I will exact on you greater torture than you have exacted on me. I will get revenge."
Odie laughed long and loud as Greyson glared at him. Greyson readied himself, then he charged forward and leapt at Odie. He should've hit Odie, but he didn't hit anything until he landed on the floor.
Opening his eyes, Greyson found nothing but darkness, the musty smell of live chickens, and a dull pain across his chest. He managed to push himself up to be sitting on his folded legs.
Revenge. Yes. Revenge, that was what he needed. Piper's entire life — living and dying — had been destroyed by the gang. He had to destroy them. He wasn't going to kill them, but he was going to make them suffer the ultimate pain of destruction. He had to.
Getting to his feet, Greyson went back to his corner and sat down. He would get revenge, he would avenge Piper's murder, and he would have justice done for her sake, for the sake of a ravaged innocent, one who hadn't even had a chance to live."

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 14

Word Count: 84,008

Summary of Events:
Greyson worked to get Stella to relax while he stroked her and introduced Piper to the kittens. After succeeding in getting Stella to relax Greyson asked Piper about her childhood and how she'd gotten to Wainwright and told her about his own childhood and journey to Wainwright. Odie then knocked on the door and took them over to the incinerator with intent to kill Piper and Greyson . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
""But you've wanted to kill me for longer," Piper said. "And now you think you're going to do it."
"Oh no, I don't think I'm going to do it," Odie said. "I am going to do it."
Greyson snapped his hand up and wrenched the wrist on the gun-holding hand of the gangster guarding him. Then he pried the gun out of the gangster's hand, knocked the gangster on the back of the head, and strode over to Odie.
Stopping in a braced stance, Greyson trained the stolen pistol square onto Odie's forehead. Odie stared at him without a glimmer of fear, although Greyson could see surprise.
"You're going to see if your gutsy enough again?" Odie asked. "See if this time you can kill me, instead of cripple me?"
"You will not kill Piper," Greyson said monotonously.
"Who?" Odie asked.
"Piper," Greyson replied.
"You've given her a name now?" Odie asked.
"You have a name too," Greyson replied.
"Oh do I? And what is it?" Odie asked.
"Odie," Greyson replied.
Odie's face contorted into rage and he gave Greyson a shove. Greyson stumbled back and fell into Piper's legs. She buckled and knocked the gangster restraining her down. Greyson scrambled up and pulled Piper up.
"Run," Greyson whispered. "We have to get out of here."
Piper nodded.
"Run around the incinerator and make for the trees by the river," Greyson said.
Piper nodded again.
Greyson leapt to his feet and gave Odie a hard shove, sending him staggering back into the trees. Piper jumped the other camouflage-clad gangster while Greyson knocked out the one lying on the ground and took his gun.
Charging at the last standing gangster, Greyson jumped him, knocked him down, and gave him several good hard whacks on the head with the pistol butt. The gangster Piper had taken down looked particularly lifeless. Greyson felt chilled to think that Piper might've killed him.
She was almost at the trees now. Greyson saw Odie moving; turning, he ran at Odie, who raised a crutch and would've impaled Greyson on it, had it been sharpened — even with a rubber foot on it, though, it'd knocked Greyson's breath out and left him staggering.
Piper turned and looked.
"Run!" Greyson screamed.
Piper whirled around to run and four shots split the air. Piper dropped to the ground, bleeding. Greyson tried to scream, but he had no air. Piper didn't move. She lay lifeless on the ground, just as lifeless as the gangster whose neck Greyson supposed she'd broken when she'd jumped him.
Suddenly something hard and wooden hit Greyson in the face. Greyson wavered and dropped to his knees, he felt dizzy, he could hardly get any air. Odie crutched past him without a word — not that Greyson was sure he would've heard anything Odie might have said, those shots were still ringing in his ears."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 13

Word Count: 78,015

Summary of Events:
Greyson and Piper had breakfast together and discussed trust and manipulation and their relationship. Greyson spied some more gangsters during his workout and decided to play a trick on them, which would only work if Mr. Odell owned a balaclava . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Greyson searched around frantically for a good solid branch that he could use to pry the door or a window open. He kicked something that hit a rock and made a metallic clatter.
Puzzled and curious, Greyson looked down and saw a pistol on the ground. Was it JL's? Still here in the bush? Good grief, maybe he was supposed to take it for his own if he kept coming up with it.
Taking it up, Greyson checked and found that it had four shots left. Mr. Odell was probably going to know what happened, no matter what point of entry Greyson chose to shoot to unlock, but there was also the ability to pin the blame on the gangsters.
Putting the gun against the door about where he was pretty confident the bolt that locked the door fit in, Greyson fired a shot and then threw himself into the door; it didn't quite break, so he fired a second shot.
The door swung open and caused Greyson to tumble to the floor on his second effort. Getting to his feet, Greyson closed the door and looked around. Everything was simple, and a lot of it looked worn, but it was rather orderly, so Greyson started looking where he logically assumed a balaclava would be.
Logic proved correct and Greyson found a black balaclava in among the hats. Greyson slid it on. It fit nicely. Greyson smiled, his plan would work. He pulled the balaclava off of his head and turned around to get back to the trailer.
A knock sounded on the door, however, and Greyson halted. The gangster had found him, either that or Mr. Odell. He'd have to get out another way, unheard, hopefully. He looked at the window on the wall to the right of the door, he ought to be able to fit out through there.
Silently he popped the latch on the window as another knock sounded. Greyson heaved the window up with a terrifying shriek of the metal frame; he leapt out of the window as the door slammed open and scrambled around the back of the cabin as several shots rang out.
Greyson then surged to his feet and made a break northwards for the pasture. As he ran he realized he was still holding JL's pistol, it was officially his now, it seemed — especially being as JL was dead — he kept running. He only had two shots left, and no extra ammunition; he'd have to find a way to pinch that from somewhere.
Bursting out of the trees, Greyson vaulted over the fence and ran as fast as he could across the open space of the pasture toward the trailer. He hoped the gangster hadn't picked up on him, he was too exposed, and for far too long; he was having to cut across the pasture at a long angle.
Finally Greyson vaulted the fence, crashed through the trees, and scrambled into the trailer via the sliding doors. He didn't stop until he was in the master bedroom sitting beside the bed."

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 12

Word Count: 72,011

Summary of Events:
Greyson ended up having a woman with dementia come to his door after having escaped from her care facility and crashed the car she'd stolen to do so; Greyson got her on her way to going back where she belonged when the female gangster drove by. A few days later, with a new SUV, she came to see Greyson and he worked to regain her trust — along with giving her the nickname of Piper.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Greyson leaned casually against the cruiser as the officer skimmed over the statement and then put it away in the cruiser.
"So, somebody noticed Mrs. Jahn was missing, right?" Greyson asked.
"Yes," the officer replied. "She was a nursing home resident due to her dementia, and she walked out just after breakfast, climbed into the still-running car of someone who was just running something in, and drove off."
"So she was driving a stolen vehicle without a license," Greyson said.
The officer nodded.
"I'm amazed that she survived," Greyson said. "Much less that she got all the way out here. And I'm thoroughly confused as to why she walked past three driveways before walking down the range road all the way to the trailer I'm renting. I would've thought she'd have gone down one of the driveways first."
The officer shook his head, then something sounded over his radio and he got otherwise occupied. Greyson surveyed the scene and then spied something bright yellow — not the florescent green-yellow of the emergency vehicles, but lemon yellow.
Her Lexus. She'd gotten it towed for repairs, and now — completely repaired — it was driving down the highway heading north toward the range road. Greyson hoped she didn't see him, he didn't want to suddenly bolt.
The Lexus disappeared behind the line of emergency vehicles and didn't emerge for a long time; when it came out the window was down and gunfire rang out. Greyson took off for the trees, but stumbled when searing pain ripped through his thigh.
There was outcry and more gunfire, along with the sound of a vehicle rapidly accelerating before more vehicles and crying sirens sounded. Greyson stayed on his knees, clutching the squirming, terrified kitten against his chest.
Greyson reached down with his free hand and felt his thigh; it felt like another grazing, for which he was grateful, he was already being slowed down in his workouts by the cut from her on his calf. He shook his head as to why she'd done that. He'd have to ask her if she wasn't caught by the cops first.
"Are you alright sir?" a woman asked as a latex-gloved hand settled onto the back of his neck.
"I think I got grazed on the thigh," Greyson replied.
The paramedic helped him to his feet and walked him over to the ambulance. The police cruiser he'd been standing by was splattered with blood and the officer was gone; as they passed the cruiser, Greyson saw that its windshield was obliterated and there were other bullet wounds to its front.
Greyson's leg was bandaged and he was then assisted into the passenger seat of the ambulance, which peeled off almost immediately. Greyson had a feeling the officer was in critical condition."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 11

Word Count: 66,014

Summary of Events:
Greyson found out a lot of information about his attackers from JL's cellphone, including the names of the two other dead men, and the names of some other gangsters who might come after him. While he was doing his morning workout he spotted a new vehicle and found a new gangster — a female gangster — had come to help Odie out. They attacked Greyson and Greyson managed to get away from Odie and get the upper hand with her, but then Odie came back . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"In one motion Greyson lifted the rifle, aimed it, and cocked it. If he pulled the trigger Odie was headless. Greyson didn't like to think of the idea, but he'd spent good money on this gun for the sake of preserving his life.
Odie's eyes popped wide and his firing stance wavered. Greyson dropped his aim from Odie's head to his leg and fired. The rifle's blast in the small room was deafening. He was glad he kept the closet door closed, hopefully the kittens wouldn't be deaf.
Dampness blossomed over Odie's thigh, but Odie didn't clutch his leg, he just leaned against the door, looking rather shaky, and smiled evilly — although unsteadily — Greyson felt a little shaky himself at the realization that he'd deliberately shot someone.
She was curled up into a ball on Greyson's pillow; her eyes were wide, and she looked on the verge of tears. Greyson turned his gaze back to Odie as the murderer shakily raised his gun to point at Greyson's head.
Suddenly Odie fell and a shot rang out. She and Greyson both leapt up from where they'd been and went over to him. There was still a pulse, not surprisingly, but Odie had gone into shock and fainted.
Greyson looked up and saw her taking hold of her pistol. She stalked over to the doorway and trained it on him, her gaze was intensely vicious, and she looked like she was about ready to kill him.
"You wouldn't kill a woman," she said.
"Unless the woman was out to kill me," Greyson replied, taking up Odie's pistol from his limp hand.
"You wouldn't shoot a woman," she said.
"What's the difference in shooting a woman if I've shot a man?" Greyson asked.
"You shoot the woman, you get shot," she replied.
"Odie was going to shoot me too, and he failed," Greyson said.
"Odie?" she asked, dropping her gun's steady aim.
Greyson smiled. "I know it's technically DO, but forwards his initials are O and D, and I just decided to call him Odie. I contemplated calling JL Jail, but I didn't."
"How much do you know?" she asked, retraining her gun on him.
"A lot more than I did two weeks ago," Greyson replied. "But still not enough."
"Why do you want to know more?" she asked.
Greyson looked down at Odie on the floor, a pool of red growing around his leg, looking like he was sound asleep. He turned and looked back at her with a serious expression on his face.
"Because I don't have a job, I want quick, easy money, and a lot of it," Greyson replied. "And I also want a job that is high-intensity — which running from the cops usually is — so I'm interested in learning more about your group. It's kind of hard to get that through people's heads when they're determined to kill you, though.""

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 10

Word Count: 60,011

Summary of Events:
After waking up at noon — being as he didn't get to sleep until 6:30 in the morning — Greyson watched Hanna have her kittens, five boys and two girls, and then named them Samuel, Robbie, Sofia, Emily, Ivan, Selma, Anna, and Charlotte before texting Shelli the news and again contemplating the termination of their relationship. Later Greyson was exploring and decided to see if the gangsters had found their SUV, they had, and the younger one, JL, demanded that Greyson take it joyriding, which Greyson refused to do . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"JL stepped toward Greyson, raising the knife. "When you are given orders, you are expected to obey them."
"No," Greyson said firmly.
"Take it for a joyride!" JL shouted, lunging toward Greyson.
At the same instant Greyson took off, making for the hay shed. He heard feet pounding after him, but he kept running. He ran past the hay shed and vaulted over the gate, making for the river as fast as he could.
Bursting into the trees, Greyson kept running, as fast and as hard as he could. He had to get away, he couldn't let JL stab him, and he had a feeling that going for a joyride in that SUV at the gangster's order would not end well. Some way or another they planned on killing him, even if they had to ravage their own SUV to do so.
After awhile Greyson stopped, his sides heaving. He needed rest. There was the sound of crashing through the bush. He had a feeling that was JL, chasing after him, seeking his blood.
Greyson tried to stay still and rest longer, but eventually panic overtook him and he leapt up, running. Gunshots rang out. Greyson kept running; he zigzagged through the trees, trying to lose his pursuers.
He doubled back, he turned hard, he did every sort of evasion technique he could think of except backtracking — being as he was pretty sure he wouldn't be exact, and he knew he couldn't run backwards.
More shots rang out, some bark splintered on a tree about five feet ahead of him. A shot kicked up the soil to his right. Greyson kept running. He heard shouting as he started down a slope. Another shot sounded.
Greyson felt something connect with his foot, his balance was disrupted and he tumbled down the slope haphazardly before his shoulder connected with a tree and reduced his momentum enough for him to brace his arms and stop himself.
Four shots rang out and then there was the sound of another tumbling object. Greyson leapt out of the way, but the tumbling stopped a ways away. Greyson looked up. JL lay on the slope in an uncomfortable position, his eyes wide open and eerily blank.
Slowly Greyson made his way up the slope and found JL was bleeding, three shots down the length of his spine, and one blossoming from the base of his skull, just like the tan-clad gangster Greyson had seen shot before.
Why had Odie shot JL? Had JL messed something up and ticked Odie off? Greyson was confused.
"JL!" he heard a hoarse shout.
Greyson looked up. Moments later Odie, the murderer, appeared. He stood at the top of the slope and looked down, there was horror in his expression. Then his eyes slowly moved until his black-eyed gaze was locked on Greyson; the darkness of his gaze was like a black hole, the rage was potent.
Those four shots JL had taken had been meant for him."

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 9

Word Count: 54,004

Summary of Events:
Greyson had an incredibly lengthy and winding conversation with Shelli that gave him the feeling he really ought to break off their relationship, although he couldn't bring himself to do it. He was going for his morning jog when he was attacked again.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Brush crackled and Greyson quickly slowed to a stop. There was no breeze, and breezes didn't cause brush to crackle like that anyways. He looked at the trees to his left. He couldn't see anything. He didn't hear anything more.
Unsettled, but wanting to properly close out his workout, Greyson slowly picked speed back up to be jogging again. A shot rang out and embedded itself into the fencepost Greyson was approaching.
Greyson jacked up his speed to full bore running and forewent the corner, turning hard and making for the trees as fast as he could — for once he was actually making for the river without having to double back.
More shots rang out, but Greyson went unhurt and managed to dive into the trees as a couple of them took bullets for him. Scrambling to his feet, Greyson cut hard right before starting on a bit more of a forward trajectory along the lines of the one he'd been taking.
He decided to cut right again a ways and see if he could throw them off by running around in circles. As he ran he saw Mr. Odell's cabin, and he decided he'd run past it close just because he could.
The door opened as he ran past and a few moments later more bullets were fired in his direction, with much greater rapidity than the bullets that'd been shot at him before.
Greyson dove to avoid them and found himself sliding headfirst down a pretty steep slope. He reached out for a tree and managed to catch one, which jammed his wrist and swung him around, smacking his ankles into a sizeable tree.
Releasing the tree he'd grabbed onto, Greyson rubbed his wrist and grimaced. That hurt. He went to sit up and ground slid out from underneath him, sending him tumbling again.
Before he got so much momentum as the time before Greyson managed to stop himself with less pain than the first time. From there he got to his feet slowly and looked at his ankle that'd hit the tree directly. It was bleeding a little, but nothing serious.
Looking up the slope, Greyson decided to go back up and see if Mr. Odell had been shooting at him. Part of him thought that might be the case, which lent to Mr. Odell being in cahoots with his other attackers — although Mr. Odell seemed more intent to kill him.
Greyson caught a glint of something shiny out the corner of his eye. He turned and saw the pistol he'd dropped when he'd just about frozen sitting there. Taking it up, Greyson shook it to make sure there was no dirt in the barrel and checked to find it was still mostly loaded.
Even though he'd dumped it once, Greyson decided to take it up again, that way he had something in case Mr. Odell decided to shoot at him again; or so he could take on JL and Odie."

Friday, October 09, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 8

Word Count: 48,115

Summary of Events:
Greyson was interrogated by the police about the body he'd found and lied to them about the extent of his knowledge regarding it. He was then taken to the hospital to get stitches in the bullet graze wound he'd received by the farmer who'd rescued him — and also bought him supper and brought him back to Shady Acres, where he had to find Hanna again and succeeded in doing so. A few days later Greyson decided to explore the old vehicles on the property and discovered the cargo van was actively registered and seemed to connect Mr. Odell with Greyson's attackers, who attacked him again as he was looking.

Excerpt of the Day:
"After recovering, his attacker grabbed the back of Greyson's shirt and started hauling on it. The collar pulled at Greyson's neck tightly, but Greyson continued to throw lefts. He felt material tearing and then his back felt a little cooler.
His attacker reached up and grabbed again, grabbing right at the back of Greyson's neck and hauling back. Greyson couldn't hardly pull against the force and was bent down backwards.
Quickly his attacker got into the upper position and released Greyson's shirt collar in favour of using his hands to constrict Greyson's throat. Greyson struggled against his attacker's hold on his neck, but he found his left hand was pinned under his attacker's on knee, and he didn't want to punch with his right hand lest he dent or bend it, or jar the circuitry.
Reaching up with his right hand, Greyson fastened it around his attacker's throat in a vice-like grip his left hand would've been incapable of. His attacker's eyes bulged and Greyson's neck was soon freed.
With his attacker weakened by the lack of air, Greyson was able to get out from under him and slug him with some more lefts before deciding that he should turn tables on his attacker and use that damp cloth on him.
Looking around, Greyson found the cloth and took hold of it. As he did a brass-knuckled blow hit him hard on the back side of his skull and Greyson dropped the cloth, feeling a little dazed.
He saw the white cloth in motion, then it was against his mouth and the heady sensation hit him again. Greyson shook his head and wrenched his attacker's arm again before surging away. He needed to find a hiding place where his head could recover.
A couple of gunshots rang out after him as he ducked through the trees onto the driveway. Shots kicked up the dust around him and Greyson ducked through the trees on the other side of the driveway before powering through the stubbly field and into the other trees that flanked the driveway.
He couldn't stop, but he needed to stop or he was going to collapse, the lightheadedness was making him unstable. Finally he stumbled to the ground and rolled over onto his back from the momentum.
Laying there, Greyson panted and listened. He couldn't hear anything, but once again he was caught making for the open prairie and not for the river. Slowly he sat up and a wave of lightheadedness hit him.
Greyson managed to remain sitting up until the sensation went away, he hoped desperately that he hadn't been concussed by that slug to the back of his head. He slowly got to his feet and fended off a lesser wave of lightheadedness.
A shot rang out and splintered tree bark just to Greyson's right. They'd seen him; he wheeled and ran in the opposite direction. He cut across the driveway and ran through the trees on the other side to where he'd found Hanna the other day."

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 7

Word Count: 42,011

Summary of Events:
Greyson decided to wander around the yard a bit and heard someone trying to start the old car in the workshop; he went to check it out and was attacked. He managed to escape his attackers and after running into Mr. Odell he went down to the Battle River and came across the body of the man who'd intruded into his house the other day. Not wanting to walk by it, Greyson went to ford the Battle River but the swift spring current took his feet out from under him and he nearly drowned.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Forcing the man to the ground, Greyson dug his knee into the man's abdomen and held him there. He put the gun grip into his own mouth while he quickly fastened the money belt around his waist.
The man reached up and grabbed the gun out of Greyson's teeth, but Greyson seized the man's wrist and began to struggle with him for the gun. They fired three shots into the ceiling.
A few moments later another shot rang out, but this time Greyson felt like a hot knife had struck across his right bicep. The man stopped fighting Greyson for the gun and Greyson pointed it at the man's throat again.
"Not a wise move," another scrambled voice said.
Greyson looked up and saw another figure, his gun drawn and aimed with confidence, standing in the doorway through the cloud of smoke. He could barely see the man, and he had a feeling the man could barely see him.
"You make a move and it will be your last," he said.
Sliding his eyes over to look at the big sliding door at the other end, Greyson thought about it. This building was mostly in shadow, and with the smoke clouding things up, he probably had a legitimate means of escape — or at least he sure hoped he did.
"You're wiser to give up now," the man in the doorway said. "Not that I, for one, don't mind hunt and chase."
Greyson surged to his feet and ran. He heard several shots ring out and some glass shattered. He popped the lock on the inside of the sliding door and slid it open just enough to get out. Wood splintered close to his right hand as he pulled the door closed a little bit.
Quickly he powered over to the trees and the vehicles lined up in front of them. He'd have cover and a means of disappearance there — of course it did technically lead the wrong way, not to the river, but away from it.
Another shot rang out and Greyson dove, smacking his face on the side of an old cargo van. He lay dazed for a few moments before scrambling underneath the old truck beside it — being as the truck had a higher undercarriage.
His right bicep stung and Greyson looked over at it. In the dimness he could see it was bleeding. That fourth bullet must've been from the other man's gun, and it must've grazed him. He was close there.
The grass was thick in front of the truck he was hiding under, so he couldn't see when his pursuers were coming, he had to rely on his ears. He could hear the sound of grass being run through, then he heard a thud and a string of cursing; some junk hidden in the grass somewhere had been tripped over, he guessed."

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 6

Word Count: 36,006

Summary of Events:
After finishing his morning workout Greyson ended up having more gangsters show up on his yard. He got rid of one, and then ended up witnessing the murder of another one, which thoroughly disturbed him. Shelli noticed and Greyson began to wonder if he shouldn't end their relationship, lest she be endangered.

Excerpt of the Day:
"No vehicles appeared, but yet Greyson could still hear one driving, then he realized the sound was coming from his left. He looked over and saw a flashy, pimped black BMW coming around in front of the trailer. Why had they done that?
Its windows were heavily tinted, the hubcaps were black, the headlights and taillights were tinted, everything about the vehicle was black. Greyson watched its approach with suspicious eyes.
The vehicle stopped, but idled; the passenger door opened and a black-clad figure got out. Tension pulled at all of Greyson's muscles as he watched the man walk up to the trailer door.
He knocked on it; Greyson guessed the knocking pattern that he used was a code or something, a signal. There was, however, no answer — which caused Greyson relief, being as he was concerned someone might've been in the trailer.
"BM?" the man asked hoarsely.
A feeling of panic hit Greyson as the man turned the knob and stepped inside. He was going to find the rifle for sure. Quickly Greyson scooted backwards out from under his Jeep and made for the trees.
Sneaking through them, he went around the trailer until he was positive he was out of sight of the BMW's driver. Hurrying to the trailer wall, he snuck around along the wall all the way to the sliding doors.
With effort he forced them open and climbed inside. The man was nowhere to be seen.
"BM?" he heard hoarsely again.
Greyson hurried for his bedroom and found the man opening his closet. Silently Greyson stepped across the floor. The man went still. Greyson followed suit. He was close to the man, able to make a move.
"BM?" the man asked. "Is that you?"
Greyson seized above the man's right elbow with his right hand and wrapped his left hand around the man's neck. The man cried out and struggled against Greyson, who held him tight and tightened his chokehold on the man so that he'd be quiet.
The man groped with his right hand and Greyson grimaced — but kept silent — as the man grabbed and dug his fingers in deep. The man's grip was unrelenting, and Greyson maintained his grip the same.
Slowly Greyson started to move backwards out of the bedroom, despite the man's hold on him. The man dug his fingers deeper and struggled viciously against Greyson, trying to bash his head against Greyson's own.
Greyson pulled the man through the doorway and then through the kitchen. Unfortunately, to get out of the trailer, Greyson would have to risk showing his face, unless he dumped the man out the sliding doors — and there was also the risk of the man attacking him.
The man pulled hard to the right and Greyson carefully manoeuvred the man so that the back of his head struck the stove and he dropped, a dead weight in Greyson's arms."

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 5

Word Count: 30,003

Summary of Events:
Greyson decided to buy a rifle and had tense relations with Shelli because she was worried about him; when Greyson returned home he noticed he was being watched, but due to his observer accidentally stepping on Edmund he was able to get his rifle into the house unseen. He then ended up discovering an unpleasant surprise in his bedroom before he checked genders on the kittens he'd found the other day — although he didn't name them due to their all being the same colour.

Excerpt of the Day:
"All the bedding was on the floor, the closet doors were open, some of his clothes were scattered around, the hangers looked mixed up, a nightstand and two dresser drawers were open, as were the cupboard doors in the bathroom.
Someone had gone through his room rather carelessly. Were they trying to send him a message by doing so? Or were they just foolish? Being as his observer had been advancing without paying attention, Greyson was leaning toward foolishness.
Regardless, he quickly put the firearm and ammunition under the bed and began to tidy things up. He'd nearly fixed up the closet when the thought struck him: the letter. Had they taken it?
Greyson hurried to the nightstand whose drawer he'd left it in. Nothing. It was gone.
Upset, Greyson groaned. How was he going to be able to figure out what it meant if he didn't remember what it said? Greyson sighed, he couldn't do anything about it now, he was going to have to give up on things now.
Or did he? Greyson thought about it as he looked at his unmade bed. Did he necessarily have to give up on his quest to find out what that letter had meant just because he'd lost the letter?
Now that they had their letter, that didn't necessarily mean they were going to leave him alone. They'd be able to find out that he'd read it easily enough. As much as he didn't understand what they'd written in it, were they going to recognize that?
Probably. But did that mean they were just going to leave it lie? If they were a clandestine organization such as he supposed, Greyson had a feeling that — even though he didn't understand what he'd read — they might still be inclined to eliminate him, being as he knew about them.
The battle wasn't over. In fact, as far as Greyson was concerned, the tension had increased a couple of notches. Sure it appeared that they had what they wanted, but Greyson was a witness, he knew something about them, and they might think that he knew more about them than he did.
Although technically with what little he knew about them he probably could go to the cops — but being as the letter was gone he doubted such a thing would be helpful now — and possibly get these guys in trouble.
Greyson shifted his jaw and turned back to finish tidying up his closet. He would have to wait and see if they made a move, that would tell him if they wanted to eliminate him because of his knowledge — real or perceived.
Although that left an important question to be asked: what would he do about it? If they wanted to kill him because of what he knew — or they thought he knew — would he fight? Or would he just let himself be led away like a sheep to slaughter?"

Monday, October 05, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 4

Word Count: 24,008

Summary of Events:
Greyson got into an incredibly lengthy texting conversation with Shelli, telling her about his being watched — which incited her to panic — among other things before he tried to settle down for a nap. He spied his observers officially for the first time, however, and such thoughts were put aside. He also ended up finding another female cat and a litter of six kittens that he moved into the trailer.

Excerpt of the Day:
"There were two figures in the trees, it was like a shift change or something. He had to get out there, but they could see the front door from there. Could he make his way out through a window? He had to hear what they were saying.
There were also the sliding doors. Greyson quickly crawled across the floor to the sliding doors and managed to slide them open. Climbing down, he closed the door and snuck in a crouch across the grass.
He couldn't see them now, nor could he hear them. He went around the trailer, keeping as low as possible, eventually going into an army crawl, and slid between the porch and his Jeep to hide and listen.
All Greyson could hear was the tones of their voices. He couldn't make out any words they might be saying. One was quite bass, and the other was somewhat higher, it almost sounded like it might belong to a teenager.
They went silent. Greyson looked at their figures and held his breath. One of them moved forward on somewhat silent feet. Greyson barely heard him. He couldn't make out the figure's eyes, he didn't know if he had been found.
"I've lost him," the higher voice said.
The lower voice growled and then started talking as the corresponding figure per Greyson's assumptions moved forward. ". . .  he is, he's no idiot."
Greyson smiled at the compliment.
"Move carefully," the lower voice whispered. "He could be anywhere."
Greyson tensed, he looked at the undercarriage of his Jeep. Did he dare hide under it? It was stopped, there wasn't much way it was going to go anywhere. Did he trust it to be a good hiding place?
The figures moved closer. Greyson couldn't trust his Jeep, but he needed to move somewhere, and fast, if he didn't want to be found. The figures continued to advance slowly toward the trailer. Greyson looked toward it. There was a gap in the skirting big enough that he could possibly fit through it, but with how they were advancing he'd be seen if he made a move toward it.
Trust or no trust, he was going to have to hide under his Jeep, and if he got run over, so be it, he had nowhere else to go until they'd moved to a different angle. Quickly Greyson slid himself over until he was just about under the driver's side of his Jeep.
The figures kept moving wordlessly around the trailer. As soon as they were out of sight Greyson scrambled out from under his Jeep, across the space between it and the trailer, and through the gap in the skirting.
On hands and knees he hurried toward the end they'd headed around to see where they were. He could see them both in the trees a ways off already. He could hear their voices faintly, they seemed to be in a bit of a heated discussion. Finally the higher voice made a declaration and then a figure started out of the trees toward the trailer.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 3

Word Count: 18,008

Summary of Events:
Greyson had a restless night worrying about his Jeep because of a suspicious figure he'd seen nearby it, but he didn't want to leave before Shelli — whom he'd met the night before — woke up; when she did she fed him breakfast, talked high-intensity job options with him, and bought him an excessive amount of groceries — some of which he surreptitiously managed to sneak into the Food Bank donation box before they left the grocery store — before delivering him to his undamaged Jeep, although he found out it had been entered. When he got back to Shady Acres he felt he was being watched as he unloaded the groceries, although his worry about that was put on the back burner when he couldn't find Hanna.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Once the groceries were all put away Greyson looked around. Hanna hadn't been at the door waiting for him — but he hadn't fully been expecting as much, she was a cat and not a dog — and he didn't recall noticing her as he'd been loading in the groceries, but he'd been thinking more about the sensation of being watched anyways.
He checked the bedroom, but Hanna wasn't on the bed. Concern started to build in him when he looked around the trailer in all the places he recalled seeing Hanna before and found no sign of her.
"Hanna?" Greyson called.
Quickly he checked under furniture, in cupboards, bathtubs, closets, and toilets, but no matter where he searched — even the fridge — Hanna was nowhere to be found. Greyson went through the porch and found nothing. He looked outside the door, but Hanna wasn't waiting to be let in either.
Taking up his keys, he hurried outside and checked to be sure she wasn't in his Jeep, and found she wasn't there either.
"Hanna!" he called, starting to feel a terrible concern for her.
He locked his Jeep again and started searching the yard for Hanna, he had to find her. If she was having her kittens he wanted her to be somewhere close by where he could keep an eye on her.
She wasn't in or around the workshop — although Edmund was sunning himself by the little lean-to there again — she wasn't around any of the small buildings, she wasn't in the burnt-out basement.
Greyson called for her and heard no meow or kitten mewing in the dark of the other barns. In the one, though, he saw a red light blink. Stopping, Greyson looked. The red light blinked again.
Stepping inside the barn, Greyson released the door, which fell closed and left Greyson in pitch dark; that wasn't good, he needed some sign of where the door was. He pushed the door open again and found a small block of wood which he set in the door. It gave a small crack of light, but that would be enough.
Quietly Greyson moved across the dirt to the blinking light. Before he reached it his hand touched metal. Sleek, smooth, cool metal. When the light blinked he caught a glimpse of a vehicle's interior. A much more modern vehicle was parked here. It probably wasn't the property of Mr. Odell — if he even knew it was there. Greyson was sure he was being watched.
He felt the vehicle over. It was an SUV, and a Chevrolet one too. He couldn't make out the model name, his fingers weren't that good. Greyson considered trying to open a door to see if it was locked, but decided against it, in case the light was an indicator that the doors were locked — which would mean the alarm would be set, and thus would go off when he tried the handle; he wasn't prepared to meet whomever was keeping an eye on him."

Friday, October 02, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 2

Word Count: 12,017

Summary of Events:
Greyson was beginning to get bored, so he decided to take up some physical activity, jogging around the expansive pasture on the property, and walking in the woods. He received a confounding letter in the mail as well. Finally he decided to go to Wainwright to see if he could find something to do there.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Taking the mail out of the box, Greyson flipped through it. All the mail Mr. Odell was interested in had been taken out already, there was just a couple of flyers that Greyson wasn't interested in either, and a letter.
He'd notified the government of his change of address, but no one else. Whoever had sent the letter hadn't left a return address, though. Greyson shrugged and walked back down the driveway past the empty barns to the trailer.
Setting the letter down on the counter, Greyson tossed the rest of the flyers in the garbage and then got out some food for lunch. He took the letter to the table and once his lunch was ready he sat down and opened it.
Next 5 at 53:02 there's 52.164 phoning. Egg drop is 053, 05, 52, 52.21, 21, 21. Your egg drop is 051, 02, 51, 52.5, 7, 4. Be on owl, the blood's ears are open, alternate walkways recommended. Hammers brought, but buried; dumb lips, midnight sky. 
10GD17-6122838 expects to hit you with ship news. Flashback with formed nations when the receptionist rides. Drop hit 05: bee's golf on 5. Inside Di's rectum on hit, no hollers, throw to 56WF47-41142, blood is Saharan to I. Ballerinas and on owl.
What in the world did that mean? Greyson looked at the envelope. The typed address was right from what Greyson knew, the typed name, however, was Robert Graves. Not a French name — which Greyson would've expected with Mr. Odell saying the prior renter had been somewhat French.
Greyson looked at the letter. To him it was a bunch of gibberish, but he guessed it had some kind of significance. It had to. It wouldn't have been sent to this Robert Graves if it hadn't.
Of course, Mr. Graves didn't live here anymore, so what was Greyson supposed to do with the letter? He had a feeling — especially with all of this gibberish and code — that Mr. Graves probably hadn't left Mr. Odell with a forwarding address, so he couldn't send it on to wherever Mr. Graves was now. . .
. . . Maybe he should hang onto it and see if Mr. Graves was going to come back and get it or something like that. He did at least want to hang onto it until he found out what the whole code meant."

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Dubious Arrangement: Day 1

Word Count: 6,029

Summary of Events:
Greyson arrived at the Shady Acres Chicken Farm and, after a lengthy search, found Clement Odell, the owner, who gave him a less then warm welcome before he agreed to rent the trailer he'd come there to see being as the rent was 1% of what he'd find anywhere else. He also encountered a pregnant black cat whom he named Hanna, built himself a table and chair — being as there was none in the house — and found the father of Hanna's kittens, whom he named Edmund.

Excerpt of the Day:
"After a particularly jagged stretch he finally found a small, square cabin that looked to be in the best repair of any of the buildings he'd encountered on the property so far. All of the window coverings were drawn — not that there were many windows, he could only see two.
He walked up to the door and knocked. Silence. He knocked again. Was that a creak he heard? The grinding of an old knob turning reached his ears and he glanced down at the knob, then saw the door slide open and heard something hard rubbing against the wood.
Looking up, his eyes popped wide. A gleaming rifle barrel was staring him in the face coldly. He stared at it without moving.
"Go away," an old, gruff voice that sounded a lot like the one he'd talked to on the phone said roughly.
"Are you Mr. Clement Odell?" he asked.
"Go away," the man replied with added irritation.
"You haven't answered my question," he said, taking hold of the doorknob with one hand and putting his other forearm against the door.
"Go away," the man repeated.
"I haven't driven all this way to be sent off by a coward who greets people with his rifle barrel," he said. "I have questions I want answered, and I'm not going anywhere until they're answered."
"Go away!" the man snapped.
He thrust himself against the door and kept pushing after the door jumped open a little. As he pushed he slid his right arm up the door and seized hold of the rifle barrel. Getting his foot on the inside of the doorjamb, he pushed the door fully open and got himself inside and the rifle out of the man's hand in the same manoeuvre.
A slightly short, slim, slightly stooped, and shifty looking old man wearing dark coloured pants and a light coloured button-front long sleeved shirt, along with hiking boots and a tousled, thinning head of grey hair glared at him with flashing blue eyes, standing back, braced, almost like he thought he should dare charge forward to retake the weapon.
Changing hands with the weapon, he crossed his arms and looked seriously down at Mr. Odell — or at least whom he was pretty sure was Mr. Odell.
"Are you Mr. Clement Odell?" he asked.
The man stared at him in silence, his expression still severe, and his face unshaven, he noticed.
"Yes," the man finally answered roughly.
"Did you place an advertisement offering your mobile home for rent?" he asked.
"Yes," Mr. Odell replied, still rough.
"Very well then," he said, uncrossing his arms. "I am Greyson Adler, and I wouldn't mind looking to see if your mobile home suits what I'm looking for in the way of accommodations."
Mr. Odell looked at Greyson's proffered, gloved right hand with reticency before he reached out and shook it. Greyson returned Mr. Odell's rifle to him and held the door for Mr. Odell to walk out."

Odell: ohdell