Friday, August 29, 2014

September Novel No. 1 Essential Information

Novel Title: Embittered Competitor
Time Setting: Modern day
Genre: Equine Life Fiction
Minimum Word Goal: 60,000
Timespan: March through June
Location(s): Throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, based at Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta
Main Characters: Steele Henningsen and Terri Melling
Background Information: Steele is mostly First Nations and was raised in the foster system. He always had an affinity for horses and ended up taking up tie-down roping in school. Upon graduation he went for his CPRA certification and has been competing in the rodeo for seven years since then. He had married not long after he'd begun his rodeo career, but his wife had cheated on him and they had quickly separated. Steele does not hold women — especially women who are unabashedly attracted to him — in close company or regard them with fondness, with exception to Terri, the eldest daughter of his final foster parents, who is a professional rodeo photographer and a very close sisterly companion to him. He is quite content to remain single for the rest of his life.
This season there is a tie-down roper coming up from the US to try out the CPRA and see if he'd like to get the certification to compete. Many people — especially those critical of Steele — are interested to see if this roper can rival Steele on his good nights as Steele has been dubbed the 'Fastest Hands in the West' and is usually unrivalled when he's having an exceptional night.