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September Novel Essential Information

Novel Title: Shadows Disinterred
Time Setting: 2015
Genre: Thriller Mystery
Minimum Word Goal: 120,000
Timespan: April-September
Location(s): Humboldt, Swift Current, and St. Brieux, Saskatchewan
Main Characters: Dallas "D.H." Klybanowsky
Background Information: born before his parents even got married, Dallas was their oldest child and only son; he lived a perfectly average life until he began to be wakened in the night by what he eventually discerned was his parents fighting. His parents divorced when he was eight and he was forced to live in his mother's custody for the majority of it — even though he tried many times to hide in his dad's house when he and his siblings went for visits.
When Dallas was twelve his father remarried and intended to take full custody of his children again — which caused a violent reaction from Dallas' mother that led to her being arrested, Dallas being hospitalized for trying to intervene, and he, his sisters, and his half siblings being shipped off to a foster home.
Due to the kindness, courtesy, and caring of the RCMP officer who came to get Dallas from the hospital to the foster home when he'd recovered, Dallas began to take a keen interest in policing and read anything he could find on the occupation throughout his two years in the foster home before their custody was reinstated to his mother without her being charged.
Dallas' mother moved to Yorkton to put more distance between herself and his father, and Dallas — incensed by the move — began open rebellion that led to him seeing much more of the RCMP — however they were naturally not as kind as the first officer he met, due to the delinquent activities he engaged in until he was eighteen.
When he turned eighteen Dallas returned to Saskatoon and lived with his father and stepmother until he secured a place in Regina where he worked in construction before finally getting admittance into the RCMP Academy, from which he graduated with highest honours.
Since then, Dallas has made his home in Swift Current as part of the Rural Municipality of Swift Current detachment of the RCMP, mostly investigating robberies and homicides. He has largely severed ties with his mother, but has kept in touch with his siblings and father, along with growing closer to his father's side of the family.

St. Brieux: sahn breeoo
Klybanowsky: kliebanowski

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Derailment: Day 15

Word Total: 90,036

Year to Date: 810,074

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw went to tend to Matthew again and was found and questioned by Badger Ears, who was incredibly suspicious of her activities and mentioned his desire to burn all of Matthew's things, even Adonikam and Shelomith. Matthew read to Fox Paw chapters 25-27 the book of Matthew, in which the last supper and Jesus' crucifixion took place, which brought Fox Paw to tears. Fox Paw left Matthew and went off on her own to hide in the trees . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Fox Paw turned her face away from the light, but she couldn't hide from it. She felt its warmth on her through the trees. It was all quiet, she couldn't hear anything, not even a birdsong or leaves fluttering in the breeze.
It was her fault, but He was willing to forgive her for it. Fox Paw looked at the sun hesitantly, then closed her eyes again. It could all be made right between them if she would just apologize.
Fox Paw hoped that God understood her language, as she knew she would do a far better job speaking to Him in her language than speaking to Him in English. She curled herself up tightly and regained her composure for a few moments before beginning to speak.
"I am sorry," she whispered. "I have done horrible things to You, I have been so mean to You, I have caused You so much harm, please, accept my humblest apologies for it. I cannot do anything to undo it, I know; I feel horrible that I have done such things, please forgive me. I know You shouldn't, but please. I want to do good things that please You; I don't feel good having done these good things when they don't please You. Please, forgive me, and help me to bring You pleasure and honour."
She felt like her words were completely inadequate, but she had no idea what else to say; there weren't words to put her feelings into; there was nothing that she could do to truly express how badly she felt.
But yet there was a release; Fox Paw opened her eyes and looked at the sun, higher now, its light not as deep gold as it had been, she felt it was all right, in her mind she saw her hands clean, blood no longer staining them red.
Fox Paw looked at her hands and saw that indeed they were clean — not that they had been dirty. Tears again threatened to overwhelm her, but they were different tears, not tears of guilt and sadness, but tears of elation and gratefulness.
She was released, she was freed and forgiven — that was the only thing she could attribute it to. God had forgiven her for everything she'd done; all of her horrible behaviour, all the things she couldn't even begin to think of.
Now she was one of the sheep, but yet she was also different from her people: she was no longer one who followed the Spirits like her mother, nor was she one who followed the god of her father. She was different.
What would they think of her being like that? None of them would understand, and they would probably all treat her with the same kind of unkindness as Matthew. But yet that didn't bring fear to Fox Paw, she was willing to face it, whatever it might be."

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Derailment: Day 14

Word Count: 84,010

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw listened as Matthew read her the end of Exodus and began into Leviticus, but it was all law, so she asked him to skip over that just to the action parts, which moved them forward to Numbers. Matthew thought about how he wanted to go on, and yet he didn't feel he should leave, and finally realized it wasn't supposed to be about what he wanted. Fox Paw was finally forced to admit to her mother that Matthew had not died, but was indeed still alive. Matthew thought about what he should do now that he was planning on staying longer than he could foresee, and then talked with Fox Paw about her worries.

Excerpt of the Day:
""I worry for you possibly be kill true this time," Rebecca replied.
"Do they know I survived?" Matthew asked.
"No," Rebecca replied. "Aside from mother."
"Then why do you fear?" Matthew asked.
"They may see you," Rebecca replied. "And you need move sheltered place for winter, they see and know you live."
"I have thought much about the same thing, being as I am staying here for a long time yet," Matthew said.
"How long you stay?" Rebecca asked.
"As long as God says I must," Matthew replied. "And I know not the length of time, for God has not told me."
"Mother say not safe you stay much long time," Rebecca said. "Men find out, look for kill you."
"God has spared my life from their hand," Matthew replied. "He will not let my life be taken until I have done what He asks of me, no matter what adversities will come upon me between now and then, even more threats on my life and beatings."
"You of great courage," Rebecca said. "You have heart of wolf."
Matthew smiled. "I have courage which comes through faith. There is One greater than I who will see me through everything that comes before me, I am not on my own, and I never will be."
Rebecca nodded. "I much wish have such courage."
"You can," Matthew said. "If you will trust in God."
Rebecca looked down at the cooking dough, silent. Matthew felt a lift inside himself at Rebecca's admission that she longed for such courage as he had — although he didn't feel particularly courageous.
"Is what you believe same as what my father believes?" Rebecca asked.
"No," Matthew replied. "What your father believes is a corrupt mixture of what I believe and what you believe with the Spirits."
"What corrupt be?" Rebecca asked.
"Not good," Matthew replied. "It is evil."
"Why it evil and corrupt?" Rebecca asked.
"Because God is not at all like the Spirits, so to worship Him with things for the worshipping of Spirits is displeasing to Him; He is not to be worshipped like the Spirits, and yet your father and others worship him like their forefathers have worshipped Spirits, which God does not like," Matthew replied. "They believe in a distortion of God, and when they die they will be condemned to the lake of burning sulphur, and they will not enter the presence of God for the abominations they have committed before Him."
"Mother think they same," Rebecca said.
"No," Matthew replied. "They are not. That is why your father and I got into our argument, and that is why they tried to kill me; because they believe a lie, and they refuse to face the truth that they cannot worship God any way they want. There are specific things that God requires and detests, and mingling worship between Him and other gods is one of the worst abominations a person can commit against God.""

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Derailment: Day 13

Word Count: 78,008

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw arrived home and was somewhat found out by her mother — although her mother presumed Matthew dead. Matthew read to her some more from the Bible, which he'd begun to read to her from the beginning, and they had a lengthy discussion about a variety of topics after Matthew cried due to his reading the death of Rachel, which was quite similar to Josephina's death. Fox Paw came again and got into thought about about Matthew's resiliency. Matthew got up and went outside for the first time in awhile and was shaken by the sudden thought that maybe he should marry Fox Paw.

Excerpt of the Day:
"As he ate, Fox Paw gazed at his chest still wrapped with many poultices, although some of the smaller cuts she'd already been able to unwrap, and Matthew had removed the sinew, leaving just the scars on his skin to continue healing.
Matthew was a strong man, he had power comparable to many of the men she knew, although his skin definitely had not seen the sun as much as the other men she knew; and parts of it were still discoloured yellow, blue, and purple with bruising.
The worst was his back, which was mostly purple still, it stirred revulsion inside of Fox Paw every time she saw it; but no matter how much she poked and prodded at his back, no matter how tightly she wrapped the poultices, no matter how he had to move, Matthew didn't complain. He'd grimace, but he wouldn't complain.
The ability he had to bear pain was awing to Fox Paw; that he wouldn't regularly bemoan the fact that he was so badly beaten, that he never spoke curses or angry words about the men who had beat him, it was incredible.
Fox Paw knew for a fact that her father, brothers, or even Badger Ears would've been speaking curses on their attackers almost unceasingly. They would have been seething, and as soon as they were well enough to walk they would've gone out and severely beaten — if not killed — their attackers in return.
Matthew not once spoke curses, and he had yet to say anything about intending to injure his attackers in return for the wounds that he'd suffered. Fox Paw was admittedly especially surprised being as he was a white man, and from all she'd heard, white men were at least as violent as her own people, if not even possibly more so.
"What has you so deeply in thought?" Matthew asked. Fox Paw startled and straightened, looking at Matthew with wide eyes.
Matthew looked at her kindly and patiently as Fox Paw recovered from her shock; she hadn't thought he would have noticed her thinking. She hoped he hadn't been trying to get her attention.
"Why, why you no speak curses against my father, brothers, other men?" Fox Paw asked. "Why you not so much moan you in pain?"
"It is not their fault that I suffered my wounds," Matthew replied. "It is my own fault; they told me I was not welcome among them, and that they would kill me, should they ever find me within the borders of their camp again. I was found in their camp again, and so they rightfully punished me. I have gotten only what I deserve.""

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Derailment: Day 12

Word Count: 72,010

Summary of Events:
Matthew, Adonikam, and Shelomith were feeling the heat, and they were out of water, so they went to the creek and got wet. Fox Paw was working on another gift for Badger Ears when Matthew came to answer questions again; then the men unexpectedly returned and caught Matthew in the camp. Matthew was dragged out of the camp and beaten violently until he lost consciousness. Once the men left Matthew Fox Paw went to him and found he was still alive, she tended to his wounds, stitching the large ones, covering them with poultices, and then set to cooking some food for him. When Matthew regained consciousness he ate what Fox Paw had made before asking her questions about how he'd gotten back to his camp.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Adonikam and Shelomith are fine?" Matthew asked.
"They sleep," Rebecca replied.
"How did they get here?" Matthew asked.
"I bring, when I see men, I take 'em here, keep safe," Rebecca replied.
"Thank you," Matthew said. "I don't know what I would've done if they would've been tortured and killed."
Rebecca glanced at Adonikam and Shelomith warily and shuddered.
"How did I get here?" Matthew asked.
"I bring," Rebecca replied. "When men leave you I go see you dead or no, and I find you no dead, so I take you to water, wash clean, sew holes, then bring back here and get plants for make better."
"I owe you a great debt," Matthew said. "You have treated me like the Good Samaritan treated the robbed man."
"What?" Rebecca asked.
"Where is my Bible?" Matthew asked.
Rebecca quickly gave it to him and Matthew flipped through it until he found the passage and began to read it . . .
. . . Rebecca looked completely bemused.
"There's a lot in there, isn't there?" Matthew said.
Rebecca nodded. "What lawyer?"
"A man who knows about laws and rules," Matthew replied.
"Like what keeps Wichita here and not free?" Rebecca asked.
"Yes," Matthew replied.
"And priest?" Rebecca asked.
"A man who knows a lot about God," Matthew replied.
"Like . . . like . . . " Rebecca groped for the word.
"Me," Matthew said.
"You?" Rebecca asked.
"Yes," Matthew replied. "Haven't I told you a lot about God?"
"Yes," Rebecca replied. "But I think like know lot about Spirits."
"The medicine man," Matthew said.
Rebecca nodded, although looking somewhat unsure. "What Levite?"
"A man who knows even more about God," Matthew replied.
"And what Samaritan?" Rebecca asked.
"They were kind of like me too," Matthew replied. "They were mixed blood between two different peoples, like I'm half white and half Comanche. They were considered outcasts, the other people didn't like them."
"Like us they put here and keep us not free," Rebecca said.
"Yes, kind of like that," Matthew replied.
Rebecca looked at Matthew's Bible with interest. Matthew waited to see if she had any more questions for him. She looked like she could well have a million that could possibly end up coming out in a rush.
"Lot people like me in Bible?" Rebecca asked.
"Yes, there's a lot of people who weren't liked much in the Bible," Matthew replied.
Rebecca nodded, looking at the Bible still with much intrigue. "They people really live?"
"A long time ago, yes," Matthew replied.
Rebecca came around and looked at the pages of the Bible Matthew was still holding open. She looked almost like she wished she could read it. Matthew felt a tremor of excitement, he felt he was verging on his breakthrough with her."

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Derailment: Day 11

Word Count: 66,021

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw got into thinking about her fear of death while picking beans and got incredibly distressed by it. During the heat of the day Matthew fell asleep and dreamed of the day he was invited — with a little subtle force — to Josephina's parents' house. When Matthew came to answer questions again Fox Paw asked him what the meaning to life was and got angry at his answer, running off. Matthew followed her and ended up accidentally calling her Rebecca — the white name he'd given her — aloud. Badger Ears came to visit Fox Paw and talked with her at length — even though she didn't want to talk at all.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Sometimes just speaking one's troubles aloud helps one to solve them," Badger Ears said. "So even if I don't understand, surely the speaking them aloud will aid you."
"I do not wish to speak them aloud," Fox Paw said.
"They trouble you greatly," Badger Ears said. "And it saddens and distresses me to see you so troubled; how will you possibly be able to enjoy our wedding if you are so distressed by the things of your mind? Will you even marry me if you are so troubled?"
"I do not know," Fox Paw replied.
"You are my most beloved," Badger Ears said. "I would not dare marry another, I wish to see your troubles relieved; what can be done to cause such a thing to happen?"
"I do not know," Fox Paw replied.
Badger Ears sighed. "You are a greater vexation to me than either of my prior wives, but yet I persist in my intent to marry you."
Fox Paw bowed her head and looked down at her feet, still dirty from the mud made by walking with her wet feet on the dry ground. "I am sorry I trouble you."
"Why are you apologizing?" Badger Ears asked. "You are the one who is being troubled, and you will only trouble yourself worse if you begin to suggest the idea that you are causing others trouble."
Fox Paw was silent, she felt like she'd upset Badger Ears by being troubled, and by suggesting that she was troubling him; she felt completely confused and even more distressed by the lack of sense.
"Shall we go to the elders and ask them to petition the Spirits that you might be relieved of all your troubles — or given the wisdom to find the relief you need?" Badger Ears asked.
"No," Fox Paw replied. "The Spirits will not be of any aid."
"And why should they not be?" Badger Ears asked.
Fox Paw said nothing.
"Please, tell me, why should the Spirits not be of any aid?" Badger Ears asked. "They have given much guidance to our forefathers, and even to us. They are surely able to bring us aid now, far better than the God your father and the white man believe in."
Fox Paw maintained her silence. She refused to tell Badger Ears the Spirits distressed her, and if she said that they didn't or anything else he would surely be intent and much stronger in his urging to get her to go and seek the Spirits' counsel.
"If you will not speak of your troubles to me, then I will leave that you may speak of your troubles to the Spirits here, and hopefully you will be much relieved from the troubles that so grievously plague you," Badger Ears said. "May you find peace my beloved.""

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Derailment: Day 10

Word Count: 60,010

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw finished her gift for Badger Ears and gave it to him; he apologized to her for his unkindness and spoke of their potentially soon marrying, which renewed distress in Fox Paw. Matthew came to answer questions again, but before anyone could gather, Fox Paw came and told him of her distresses and came to be somewhat more distressed when she discovered he intended to have her and her people turn away from their Spirits. Fox Paw then had a nightmare and ended up going to Matthew's camp where he woke up and she found he had broken ribs from his beating. Matthew came to answer questions again and then ended up having to rescue Fox Paw from a rattlesnake she'd disturbed.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Many of the women looked nervous and fearful, some of the oldest women looked quite angry — although most of them had looked that way from the start, yet they hadn't ceased to come.
Matthew looked over to where Rebecca had sat down and found she was no longer there; he guessed she'd fled in fear at the broaching of the topic again. Matthew wished he could get up and go after her, except that he didn't know where she'd gone.
"Why God no like Spirits?" another woman asked, startling Matthew slightly.
"Because they are worshipped, people see them as being what He is," Matthew replied. "There is only one God, and that is God Himself, and He has explicitly said that He is a jealous God, He wants our worship and allegiance, He wants us to be His children, and not the children of darkness and evil. He wants us to know and love the light of His presence, the light of life in Him; He wants us to have all good. He made us, He loves us, and He is saddened that we are no longer as beautiful, perfect, or good as we could have been, and He wants us to come to Him and to realize that He is the giver of all good. No other god, no Spirits that exist can possibly give any good; they can give something that seems good for a time, but usually leads to despair and ruin, for they are all evil, there is no good in them."
Matthew saw one of the old women straighten at his final comments and look at him fiercely, her dark eyes like blazing coals. She barked at a woman beside her and she was aided to her feet.
In a hoarse voice she hollered at him in the tongue of her people, spitting words at him — he was sure she was incredibly angry with him for what he'd said, but he was going to need someone to translate for him, being as he didn't know what she was saying.
The woman who'd helped her up helped her sit down once she was done, but remained standing herself. Matthew looked at the woman, waiting for her to begin translating what the old woman had said to him.
"She say it your God who be evil, there be no good in your God," the woman said. "It is all evil you speak, she say, and she put many curses on you and children for speak evil against Spirits."
Matthew turned his gaze to the old woman, her dark eyes still glowered at him and she looked at him with an expression and carriage of superiority. Matthew sighed. "May God forgive you for the words you speak, you have been too long deluded to change your mind.""

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Derailment: Day 9

Word Count: 54,012

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw decided she should explain to Matthew what had transpired with Badger Ears and found him talking with her father; he asked her to get him his Bible and then the two men got into an incredibly heated argument. Matthew was dragged out into the open, kicked and spat on by many of the men, and then thrown out of the camp — as were Adonikam and Shelomith. A few days later Fox Paw saw Matthew approaching the camp because the men had left and he had a question and answer period with the women until the men returned. Matthew contemplated the situation he'd gotten into, wanting to leave, yet not feeling it the right time to leave, and with a threat of death on his head should the men dare catch him in the camp.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Matthew often consulted the Bible on his lap as he answered the questions; Fox Paw found all of it rivetingly interesting and she wished the men would never return — or have kindness in their hearts toward him when they did — so that she could listen to him for hours.
He answered a good many questions before one of the women stood and announced that her daughter had seen the men were returning. Everyone rose and returned to their homes quickly.
Matthew took to his feet and walked off as fast as Adonikam could toddle along beside him. Fox Paw was tempted to rush after him and ask him to tell her more, but she couldn't, she needed to finish her gift for Badger Ears, it was almost done.
Fox Paw watched as Matthew disappeared around the corner of his wagon contraption and still stared at the whole camp yet after that. His horses were grazing away at the grass all around, switching their tails when flies bothered them.
A firm hand settled around the back of Fox Paw's neck and caused her to straighten with nervousness. She could feel a wave of anger behind her and she hoped that she wasn't going to be choked.
"I see you are staring at the white man's camp again," Badger Ears said, his voice like a winter wind. "What of your pledge of faithfulness to me?"
"It is my curiosity only," Fox Paw replied, shifting uncomfortably.
"Curiosity in regard to what?" Badger Ears asked. "What it would be like to be the wife of a white man?"
Fox Paw startled and turned to look at Badger Ears with appall. "Why should I wonder such things? I am to be your wife! I am only curious as to what all those things are, and how they work, as a young child is curious about the world as they grow!"
"I should hope so," Badger Ears said, his face cold and hard. "I wouldn't want you to crave a white man's affection, for it would bring you nothing but mourning. White men are men of violence agains all those who are not of their colour."
Fox Paw shuddered under Badger Ears' gaze; his eyes looked like they were black as midnight, not a star to light it; his whole face was of stone. She remembered distinctly Badger Ears' repeated strikes with his foot against Matthew's side, and how he'd spat on Matthew. His hatred for Matthew seemed stronger yet than the hatred even of her father.
Without another word Badger Ears turned and walked off, straight, noble, and no less upset than he'd been when he'd been facing her. Fox Paw sighed and went back to her mother's home.
Sitting down by the fire, Fox Paw took up her work. In another day it would be done and surely then Badger Ears would be pleased and would not look on her so coldly and harshly — if only she could keep from pausing in her work outdoors to look on Matthew's wagon contraption and his camp."

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Derailment: Day 8

Word Count: 48,024

Summary of Events:
Matthew woke up in Fox Paw's home and had breakfast before telling Fox Paw and her mother about the differences between God and the Spirits, which surprisingly confused them greatly. Fox Paw asked Matthew questions about other things and then offered to make him clothes. Matthew politely refused, which surprisingly made Fox Paw quite sad, so Matthew comforted her — only to be caught embracing her when Badger Ears entered. Fox Paw pursued Badger Ears and apologized profusely for what she'd done; Badger Ears treated her with mercy, but told her she must prove her faithfulness to him for a month. Matthew and Adonikam then went to spend time with Shelomith; the woman nursing Shelomith told Matthew that her people knew about God, and even had a church.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Matthew was curious and surprised; they had a church? They'd had missionaries come among them? Who was their pastor? Matthew got to his feet, cradling Shelomith in his arms, and walked over to the structure.
Apprehension closed in on him the closer he got to the structure; part of him wanted to turn around and flee, which he didn't understand: if this was a place where they worshipped God then why was he not attracted to it?
Matthew cradled Shelomith closer to him as he approached the doorway — facing east, as they all did — he checked where Adonikam was and reached down to take hold of his son's hand.
"What wrong Papa?" Adonikam asked.
"I don't know," Matthew replied, stopping. He couldn't do it. Why couldn't he do it?
Matthew took Adonikam and Shelomith back to where the woman was still working at the preparation of the skins. Matthew set Shelomith down on the ground again and released Adonikam's hand.
"The two of you stay here, alright," Matthew said.
"Why?" Adonikam asked.
"I want to go in there by myself," Matthew replied.
"Then we go?" Adonikam asked.
"Maybe," Matthew replied. "So you stay here with Shelomith, okay?"
"Yes Papa," Adonikam replied.
Nodding, Matthew straightened and walked back toward the place with long strides, although he wanted to keep right on striding past the place instead of going in the doorway — even without his children.
Matthew went to the doorway and looked inside. No one was there, just things. Matthew stayed in the doorway and surveyed the place. He didn't dare step inside, he didn't like this place at all.
It looked like a place of Spirit worship, however Matthew didn't recall there being any specific meeting place for those who had worshipped Spirits among the Comanche, so why would there be one here?
But of course, the woman had said this was the place where her father, husband, and others worshipped God. It couldn't be, though, and yet suddenly sense struck him, a great realization.
This was why the young woman and her mother who had hosted him the night before had been so confused: their people worshipped God the same way they worshipped the Spirits.
Matthew looked around the room at all of the different things, somewhat familiar to him from having seen Spirit worshippers in his childhood, and he couldn't begin to imagine how they related these things to worshipping God.
These people couldn't possibly believe in God if they did not worship Him properly — of course, who was he to say that he knew the proper way to worship God? But this was combining the worship of God with a false religion, it couldn't be a proper way to worship God. God was not worshipped like the pagan gods or Spirits.
"Why do you stand in the doorway?" a slightly familiar voice asked, suddenly sending a chill of terror through Matthew's entire being."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Derailment: Day 7

Word Count: 42,009

Summary of Events:
Matthew discovered that Weasel Nose's fever broke and so the two of them were taken to the sweat lodge. Fox Paw heard drums and feared Weasel Nose was dead, but instead discovered that Weasel Nose was alive and that everyone was rejoicing. After Bobcat Ears' home was burned to destroy the sickness Matthew was offered Weasel Nose as his wife, which he refused as she was only nine years old, instead he asked them to listen while he presented the Gospel as payment; he then went to get Shelomith and found the woman caring for her wanted to keep her for another month yet, he was then invited to supper with Fox Paw's family. After Matthew fell asleep due to exhaustion Fox Paw and her family discussed her brother's opinion of Matthew.

Excerpt of the Day:
""I do not like him," Raven Claw said quietly. "He does not worship the Spirits."
"He is a white man," Fox Paw said. "White men do not worship the Spirits."
"But do we go telling others of the Spirits?" Raven Claw challenged. "We do not need to be told of what he worships."
"It was what he wanted for payment," their mother said.
"For payment?" Raven Claw asked, looking at his mother incredulously.
"Yes," their mother replied. "He would not accept a wife as payment for healing Weasel Nose, he wanted us to sit and listen to him."
"That is silliness," Raven Claw said. "How can such be payment?"
"I know not," their mother replied. "But it was satisfactory to him."
"And it was rather interesting," Fox Paw said. "He speaks well."
"It was all foolishness," Raven Claw said.
"I thought it was like when the elders tell stories of when our people were free to roam wherever we chose, and things that their elders told them when they were young children," Fox Paw said. "It was a good tale."
Raven Claw was silent, his gaze and expression toward Fox Paw reminding her much of their father.
"I do not believe what he said," Fox Paw said. "But I enjoyed what he said, he just should've stood up and told it around a fire during the time of storytelling, it seemed wrong to hear such a story in the daytime without a fire."
"White men probably don't tell their stories around the fire," Raven Claw said.
"White men also appear to tire faster than we do," Snake Tongue said.
"He spent a part of the day in the sweat lodge," Fox Paw said.
"And he spent most of yesterday in there as well," their mother added. "The heat of a sweat lodge is tiring; have you not noticed that your father has been much wearied over these days as he has been in the sweat lodge for the night to cleanse himself so that he does not get the illness?"
Snake Tongue shook his head and looked ashamed of himself. Fox Paw looked over at the white man with his short, dark hair. It looked odd that his hair would be so short, but that was how white men wore it.
"I should hope he leaves with the rising of the sun tomorrow," Raven Claw said.
"Swallow Wing does not wish to let him leave yet," Fox Paw said.
"Why should she want to delay him?" Raven Claw asked.
"She has been nursing Shelomith, his daughter, and she does not feel that Shelomith should be made to quit nursing yet, and so she wishes for him to remain until she has nursed Shelomith as long as she believes necessary," Fox Paw replied."

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Derailment: Day 6

Word Count: 36,024

Summary of Events:
Matthew woke up to find about ten native men in his tent who demanded he come with them and heal someone; he followed being as his only other option was to die, and was forced to leave his children with some of the women — which greatly distressed Adonikam. Fox Paw finally managed to get Adonikam to settle down to sleep while her mother took Shelomith to her older sister Swallow Wing — who had a one year old of her own — to be nursed; Fox Paw and her mother then set about making deerskin clothes for Adonikam. Matthew sat with Weasel Nose, doing all he could do and worrying, yet working diligently to not forget God had it all under control. Fox Paw continued about her daily tasks with Adonikam as her shadow.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Surprisingly enough — based on his first impression — Fox Paw was finding Adonikam to be quite the endearing little boy; he'd been so ecstatic when his tunic had been finished — although it had been all they could do to keep him from picking everything off — and his enthusiasm and curiosity seemed to be growing with leaps and bounds as the time passed.
Raven Claw had gotten some more ducks, and Fox Paw was covering them in mud to be cooked and eaten for supper. Adonikam — who seemed intent to follow her everywhere — had come along and was helping her quite well; the only thing was that he slapped the mud down, which splattered it everywhere. Fox Paw was glad he wasn't crawling into the mud and making himself a mess, though.
Adonikam scooped up a large handful of mud and plopped it on the duck. Fox Paw smoothed it out so it wasn't quite so thick and put on a smaller handful herself. Adonikam seemed highly pleased with his ability to help and his face seemed to now be permanently bearing a smile.
Once the ducks were covered in mud Fox Paw got to her feet. Adonikam looked at his hands and then thrust them into the water for a few moments before drawing them out again and looking at them. He repeated the process until there was no more mud on them.
"You do," Adonikam said.
"No," Fox Paw said.
Adonikam looked at her with puzzlement, but toddled quickly after her when she started off to put the ducks under the fire. Adonikam watched with his light eyes intent as she put the ducks in the coals to cook, and then followed her back to the water where she washed her hands.
Fox Paw then went back to her mother's home and helped her mother sew the clothes they were making Shelomith. Adonikam watched everything with incredible interest, he was taking in everything like dry ground took in water — or at least it looked that way; Fox Paw wasn't sure hat he would retain everything due to his young age.
Adonikam sat quietly as well, which interested Fox Paw, as all the children his age she'd known seemed to have boundless energy and were constantly running around and playing — and also getting into trouble.
Of course, his mind was working as he was taking in all of the information that he was seeing. Fox Paw finished her seam and tied off the sinew, she then started sewing the next seam, all under Adonikam's watchful eye."

Friday, August 07, 2015

Derailment: Day 5

Word Count: 30,019

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw's half brother Mouse Leg died of the illness and was cremated as his mother, while Fox Paw felt greatly disturbed. Matthew continued journeying and talked with Adonikam about quite a few things that Adonikam didn't follow. Fox Paw's half sister Fish Mouth also died — making two deaths in one day — and Fox Paw went off on her own to try and sort through her feelings. Matthew set up camp for the night near to a native settlement, although he hoped to go unnoticed being as he was to their west. However, he did not go unnoticed; Fox Paw noticed him, and crept closer to investigate out of great curiosity . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Now she could see the fire, and she could see the boy clearly, along with most of the man — for now she could tell it was a man. The boy was young, no more than five winters, with a thick head of dark hair, and he had light eyes, which unnerved Fox Paw, as she'd only ever seen people with dark eyes.
The man was sitting with his legs crossed, and he was clothed in leather; was he one of their people? But then why did he have this great contraption, and a child with light eyes with him?
He picked up something and he opened it like one separated bark from a sapling — but it was no sapling, it was black, and Fox Paw didn't have a word to describe its shape — he turned layers of something marked with dark markings on it, and then began to speak.
Fox Paw understood some of the words; her father had sometimes spoken in that language and she'd learned a bit of it — although her father had never spoken to her in the language — she didn't know what the language was, other than that it wasn't her language.
The man then closed the thing and got to his feet. He set it in something else that Fox Paw couldn't begin to describe, which he picked up and carried into his small home that didn't look to be of skins.
Soon the boy followed him. After some time the man came out again and poured water over what little remained of his fire to put it out with much hissing before returning into his home.
Quickly Fox Paw leapt to her feet and hurried away to the sweat lodge; she had to tell this to her father, he would know who this man was, and what should be done about him and his son.
Her father and the medicine man startled when she dashed into the sweat lodge. Her father's surprise faded to a distinctly upset expression after he realized who had come to them.
Before either one of them could say anything Fox Paw quickly told them all that she had seen, describing the contraption and some of the other things with great difficulty — occasionally being questioned by her father and the medicine man during her descriptions.
As she spoke she noticed an alarm growing on her father's face, which made her feel quite uncomfortable: what had she found? Once she had described all she could remember she fell silent to let her father and the medicine man think.
"You have seen a white man," her father said before there had been much pause. "He is a learned white man, for he has books — I have seen them — he is travelling through here to someplace."
"But he wears skins," Fox Paw said.
"Some white men do, for they have realized the advantages of our dress," her father replied. "He must know much about medicine, and especially of white man's sicknesses — for these are the sicknesses that plague us — we must get him to heal Weasel Nose.""

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Derailment: Day 4

Word Count: 24,008

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw's stepmother Bobcat Ears died of the illness and was promptly cremated. Matthew continued on driving through the prairies worrying about how white he'd become and how his sisters and childhood friends would react. Fox Paw told her mother she felt guilty for Bobcat Ears' death and wished she could've done more, but her mother told her she couldn't have done anything. Matthew had set up camp for another night and Adonikam went off, discovered a gopher, and ended up getting bitten by it.

Excerpt of the Day:
"A wolf howl sounded, long, eerie, and lonesome off in the distance. Matthew felt a twinge of concern; was the meat well-hidden enough that a wolf wouldn't smell it out? And if any wolves came near, would they spare his horses and his children?
Matthew looked skyward: God knew. Not to mention, Matthew had kept his bow, and he had it with him — although he didn't know how good of condition it was in, being as he hadn't used it in a dozen years — along with some arrows; he could hunt meat for them and show Adonikam the finer points of skinning game, along with all the useable parts.
Shifting the sausages around and checking the biscuit again with his fork, Matthew then looked around and realized that Adonikam had disappeared again; like the night he'd found the snake.
"Adonikam!" he called, quickly getting to his feet.
He couldn't see anything, no matter which way he scanned. His son was nowhere to be seen. Then he heard a bloodcurdling shriek and he leapt forward, going around the wagon to the north, he took two long strides before he found Adonikam with dirt all the way up to the shoulder of his right arm, his right forefinger coated with blood.
Matthew put one hand over Adonikam's mouth and the other around his son's entire right hand. Once Adonikam stopped screaming Matthew shifted his hold on his son to carry him back to the fireside so he could examine the wound.
Taking up the water skin he'd packed, along with one of the washcloths, Matthew poured a little water onto the cloth and opened his right hand. Carefully he wiped the mud and blood off of Adonikam's hand, revealing a small little profusely bleeding cut right at the tip of Adonikam's forefinger.
Carefully Matthew covered Adonikam's finger with the cloth and wrapped it tightly — eliciting protest from his son.
"Hold your hand like this," Matthew said. "I have to get bandages."
Matthew rinsed his own right hand with water from the skin before getting up and fetching the crate in which he'd packed a few medical supplies. He brought the crate over and opened it.
He found a topical treatment to prevent gangrene and the bandages quickly. Uncovering Adonikam's finger again, Matthew put some of the treatment on — which made Adonikam scream — and then tightly wrapped the finger with the bandage; using his teeth to tear it off once it was enough.
Matthew put everything back in the crate and then lifted Adonikam into his lap and held him close until Adonikam's crying had settled down to little hiccup-like sounds."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Derailment: Day 3

Word Count: 18,028

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw's father came and told her mother that only Bobcat Ears' household was taken ill and also asked a reason for Fox Paw's flightiness — a reason which displeased him strongly. Matthew discovered he was nearing a town and realized he wasn't in Oklahoma yet; he also encountered the sheriff who got suspicious of his intent to enter Oklahoma Territory and detained him. Fox Paw prepared some rabbit pelts for tanning and discussed making one of them into a wedding gift for Badger Ears with her mother. Matthew, finally now in Oklahoma Territory, was readying to make supper when Adonikam found his old deerskin clothes he hadn't worn for a dozen years.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Adonikam was still holding the clothes, sitting on the wagon seat. Matthew got the matches out and slid them into his pocket before looking at Adonikam.
"I told you to put the clothes away please," Matthew said.
"Wear 'em Papa," Adonikam said.
Matthew sighed, wondering why he'd even packed the clothes along. "I told you to put them away Adonikam," he said with a firmer edge to his voice.
"Wear 'em Papa, peas," Adonikam said.
"It's please," Matthew corrected. "And I told you to put them away."
"Peas Papa wear 'em," Adonikam said, holding them out.
Matthew lifted Adonikam off of the seat, pried his son's fingers off of his old clothes, and set them down on the seat. He set Adonikam down on the ground, not bothering to say anything, and walked over to start the fire.
Sitting down, Matthew looked down at himself and sighed; here he was, heading to visit his sisters and other Comanche friends he'd grown up with, and he was going to walk in there looking like a white man?
His friends would think he'd betrayed them, his sisters might even think the same; they might not even trust his teaching and might be afraid that he was trying to anglicize them.
Matthew rested his elbows on his knees and his forehead in his hands. What was he thinking? It was going to be odd enough for them to that he'd be walking into their camp with short hair.
But would his old clothes even fit? He hadn't worn them in twelve years after all. He turned at the sound of footsteps and saw Adonikam approaching, one piece of clothing clenched in each fist.
"Wear 'em Papa," Adonikam said, holding them out to him.
"We'll see if they fit," Matthew sighed. "Stay out of the tent please."
Matthew got up and walked into the tent. Shelomith was sleeping, and at her age she wasn't likely to remember seeing her father changing clothes, but still Matthew kept his back to her and stripped every last garment of cotton and wool from his body, sliding on the deerskin leggings and tunic.
They fit just as well as they'd fit on the day his mother had made them for him; the only thing that'd changed was that the sleeves and legs were a little short; he'd grown a bit taller since he'd last worn them, but other than that he was pretty much the same size.
Looking down at himself, Matthew wondered what Josephina would've thought of him if she'd been here to see him. Matthew walked out of the tent and sat down to light the fire.
"Papa look right," Adonikam said.
Matthew turned and looked at his son with puzzlement. "Right?"
Adonikam nodded, offering no further explanation. Matthew looked at his son curiously before returning to the task of lighting the fire; that was a different reaction than he'd expected, but that was the reaction he'd gotten."

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Derailment: Day 2

Word Count: 12,012

Summary of Events:
Fox Paw and her mother had a serious discussion about her behaviour when Badger Ears had last visited. Matthew drove on through the prairie thinking about all kinds of things, eventually coming around to how greatly he missed Josephina. Fox Paw noticed her father behaving oddly outside the house of one of his other wives and came to the conclusion that the great sickness that had stricken their tribe once before had returned. Matthew was cooking supper when Adonikam found a garter snake and Matthew caught the snake and showed his son more about it.

Excerpt of the Day:
"The sound of several sets of hasty feet she heard through the ground until finally they were close enough she could see the feet. She recognized Badger Ears' moccasins among them, along with those of several of her brothers, and also those of her mother.
They slowed along the river and the mens' feet split up into two groups and went either way, but her mother stayed still by the water's edge, absolutely silent. Fox Paw watched her, trying not to breathe so hard from her exertion.
"You see me, O my daughter," her mother said. "You have fled in fear again, after displaying peace and confidence with Badger ears. Now what brings you fear that you have fled?"
Fox Paw hid her face as tears came to her eyes again. She tried diligently to maintain her composure, but eventually she began to sob softly into her arm and the ground on which it laid.
"My child, my child," her mother said soothingly and nearer. "You are so taken with fear. Fear is not good in such quantity; fear may well take your heart and sunder you by death if you continue in such fearfulness."
A hand lightly touched her shoulder, then hands took hold of her, pulling her out from under the shrubbery. Fox Paw aided her mother's effort at least far enough that she could drop her face onto her mother's lap and weep.
Her mother said nothing for a long time; Fox Paw wept in terror into her mother's lap until finally it seemed as if her last tear was completely spent. Finally she raised herself up and looked into her mother's face.
Tears shone watery in her mother's eyes, distress showed heavily on her mother's face; she was vexing her mother by her fleeing and tears. Fox Paw felt her sadness renewed, but no tears came for it.
"What is it now?" her mother asked.
"Armadillo Shell," Fox Paw replied. "He paces before the house of Bobcat Ears in great distress. Many look at him, but none go nigh to him; neither does he enter the house of Bobcat Ears, but remains outside, looking in and increasing in distress with each gaze."
Her mother nodded.
"I fear the great sickness has returned," Fox Paw whispered.
A wave of slight paleness washed over her mother's face and her mother shook her head surely, as if such could not be true.
"I cannot wed now," Fox Paw whispered. "This must pass, otherwise surely I — or even he, strong though he is and great as well — shall be taken by it. If we remain apart I believe we shall be safe, but we cannot be joined."
"What you speak is sage my daughter," her mother said. "But now rise, speak to Badger Ears, tell him as you have told me, and return to such work as you had been doing prior. I shall speak to my husband of this matter.""

Monday, August 03, 2015

Derailment: Day 1

Word Count: 6,010

Summary of Events:
Matthew set out from his mother and stepfather's house — which ended up being a surprisingly emotional ordeal — on his journey to his sisters in Oklahoma Territory. Fox Paw went to visit Badger Ears, but ended up getting panicked over the fact that Badger Ears had already been married and widowed twice and fearing that she, too, would die if she married him. Matthew got Adonikam ready for bed and then started writing another sermon, as he often did before bed, inspired by the passage he always read before bed.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Matthew kept writing until the lantern flickered again a little bit; it was like someone was trying to blow it out, but was being unsuccessful. This time they seemed to get a little closer to blowing it out.
Sighing, Matthew packed up his things. He had a sermon already, he'd be fine, he didn't need to have a month's worth of sermons ready and waiting to be preached to his congregation, he would have weeks there to plan and prepare sermons. He only needed one, and he had it.
Closing the crate and setting the hammer on top of it — being as he didn't want to wake either of the children by tapping the nails back into place — Matthew then went over to his bedroll, took his nightclothes out of it, and slid his boots off.
The lamp flickered again. Matthew straightened up and blew it out, he could change in the dark. Matthew unbuttoned his vest and took it off, then he unfastened his belt and pulled it out of the loops.
Climbing into his bedroll, Matthew laid his head down on his pillow and let his eyes drift closed. He could see Josephina beside him, her beautiful brown hair spread out behind her, having been released from the usual knot at the back of her head as she'd changed.
She slowly moved closer to him and draped her arm over his side; Matthew sighed and smiled at her. Josephina smiled back at him and slid her arm up to rest her hand on his shoulder.
"You are very much a pastor," she whispered — as she often did — "But you cannot be a good pastor if you don't sleep when you ought to."
"But there's so much that has to be told," Matthew protested.
"Yes, there is, I know," Josephina said. "The Bible is the living word of God; but you do not need to tell it all before you're thirty, you will tell it all in good time, you have many years left in your life, you do not need to rush."
"Then I should hope you have equally as many years left so that I can get my rest and receive my care as I need to," Matthew replied.
Josephina smiled and closed her eyes, her face relaxing and going pale before she suddenly faded from sight. Matthew startled and his eyes popped open; he found himself in the darkness of the Kansas night.
Reaching out, he felt Adonikam sleeping beside him; reaching behind him he felt the cradle and Shelomith inside. There was no Josephina. Matthew inhaled a shaky breath and closed his eyes again.
His heart ached within him; even though it'd been a year he missed Josephina with a pain that never seemed to ease within him. Turning his face toward the pillow, Matthew inhaled another shaky breath and let the tears seep through his eyelids into the cotton and down."