Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Novel Essential Information

Novel Title: Exile's End
Time Setting: 5315, Third Age of the Iøsenräl
Genre: Fantasy
Minimum Word Goal: 210,000*
Timespan: February 5313-February 5314
Locations: Møkbæsted and elsewhere in Kænjförst
Main Characters: Thårijn, Helännä's son, descendant of Øbjen of the house of Kæs, Æliyäu, Pætter's son
Background Information: Back in 3213 of the Second Age, the Iøsenräl were in the height of prosperity and good times; everyone sought after them for their skill in metallurgy and they were one of the powers, King Ædinthen VIII was on the throne, and all was looking up for Kænjiøs . . .
Then, on the night of September 30, an earthquake struck their capital of Sönniväbæsted — an earthquake since christened Nättenbägen — and felled the grand temple Ædinthenråd, since then nothing has been the same.
First the Iøsenräl discovered a poem engraved on the floor of Ædinthenråd — a poem now known as Gråvenwød — that was engraved by the hand of Göd, whom they worshipped, foretelling that they would be severely punished for their folly in building Ædinthenråd. Then the punishments began.
They started with five hundred years of war, from 3213 to 3713, king after king fighting valiantly to keep Kænjiøs alive until at last King Känåte X was overcome and all the Iøsenräl were carried away into captivity by the Förstenräl and they could no longer crown kings, although the royal house of Kæs did continue.
Since 3713 the Iøsenräl have been in servitude to the Förstenräl and waiting; waiting for the Eikenenshåldjgråvenwød — called the Låstbøn for short — who will lead them back home once again as Gråvenwød foretold. They have yet to see the Låstbøn, but now, 1600 years since they were carried away to Møkbæsted, things are about to change.

Iøsenräl: ee-ur-sehn-rahl
Møkbæsted: murk-bay-stead
Kænjförst: cane-zhee-fuhrst
Thårijn: thorin
Helännä: hel-anna
Øbjen: urb-gehn
Kæs: kays
Æliyäu: ay-lee-ah-oo
Pætter: pay-terh
Ædinthen: ay-din-then
Kænjiøs: cane-zhee-urss
Sönniväbæsted: suneevah-bay-stead
Nättenbägen: naht-ehn-bag-ehn
Ædinthenråd: ay-din-then-road
Gråvenwød: grove-ehn-wurd
Göd: guhd
Känåte: cah-note
Förstenräl: fuhrst-ehn-rahl
Eikenenshåldjgråvenwød: eyk-ehn-ehn-shohld-zhee-grove-ehn-wurd
Låstbøn: lohst-burn

*due to the amount of words in this novel it will actually extend beyond January and will end on February 10, approximately