Friday, February 23, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 20

Word Total: 120,006

Year to Date: 210,007

Summary of Events:
After having been checked over by a doctor just to be safe, Charlie wandered around getting contact information from people she wanted — and needed — to keep in contact with. Oakley got the stitches in his face removed before finding out that Sabrina had already left, and he suspected that she thought he was dead, but had no way of contacting her to let her know he was alright. Charlie reflected on all that happened post-escape . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"As hard as it'd been to say goodbye to everyone — even though she knew it was by no means goodbye forever — she'd done it, and she'd gotten all the essential phone numbers, which she'd written down in her sketchbook so that she could wash them off her arm.
Now Charlie was sharing a hotel room with Mom in Denver while Dad stayed with the boys next door. They were scheduled to fly back to Cranbrook around noon tomorrow, then they'd get ready for what would probably be the most surreal Christmas of Charlie's life.
But then again, Charlie was pretty sure everything was going to feel surreal for awhile, far longer than the reality of being a hostage had felt the same.
She'd just been cooped up in a hotel because she'd happen to be there and seen things she never would've ever wanted to see, made unexpected friends, experienced horrible losses, done things she never would've thought she'd do, and now she was just supposed to go back to normal, everyday life?
It was almost inconceivable. How could she possibly feel normal after such an experience? She might eventually, but she was sure that she would remember far more of the experience than she wanted to, and she would remember it for far longer than she wanted to.
Glancing up at the TV — which Mom had on, but muted — Charlie read the closed captioning of what Mr. Rothwell was saying as a camera showed footage of all of them milling around outside earlier in the day.
It had been confirmed that Mr. Meyer had been found dead by a self-inflicted wound in her room — which made her glad they hadn't been allowed to go back into their own rooms — which meant there would be no charges.
Also revealed was that, although the kitchen staff had been alive and well, and had been able to be released by the escapees — apparently initiated by Dr. Reimann from what Charlie had heard before they'd left — all the other hotel staff had been found murdered in parts of the hotel where the hostages hadn't been allowed.
So, technically, Brogan hadn't been the first victim, he'd been more along the lines of the twenty fifth or something.
According to the news the hotel was going to be shut down for repairs and cleaning indefinitely, although there were questions as to whether the owners would even elect to reopen the place due to what had happened.
Charlie was pretty sure no one else would buy the hotel and remodel it, unless the owners had plans of demolishing the building and building a whole new hotel that looked nothing like the old one, just to make sure their guests weren't paranoid about sleeping in a room where someone had died, or laying on a bed a corpse had occupied.
For herself, Charlie wasn't sure if she'd be inclined to go back to that hotel again, it would be odd to return to a place that was once a prison for her."

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 19

Word Count: 114,081

Summary of Events:
Oakley woke up at the sound of an explosion and realised a door-bomb had gone off, but the hotel was still standing; he found out that the elevator-lode of nitroglycerin had been a lie and started getting people to evacuate. Mr. Meyer got into Charlie, Chrissa, and Orelia's room as they were trying to leave and held them at gunpoint shooting — but, thankfully, only wounding — both Chrissa and Orelia before Oakley was able to bash through a wall and get in. Oakley fought Mr. Meyer for control of the gun while both Chrissa and Orelia managed to get out, and Pierce managed to get in and got Charlie out, while Oakley continued the struggle . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"A rough, haggard-sounding laugh issued from Mr. Meyer's throat.
"You're trying to be the hero," Mr. Meyer said, sounding in severe pain.
"I'm trying to defeat you," Oakley said. "The PED-powered weakling."
"PED?" Mr. Meyer asked.
"Performance enhancing drugs," Oakley replied. "That is the only way you can be holding your own against me. I should've annihilated you long ago."
"You're too smart for your own good," Mr. Meyer swore.
Oakley smiled. That had actually just been a wild guess.
"I should've killed you first," Mr. Meyer growled.
"I look too much like Travis for you," Oakley said smugly. "You'll never kill me."
"I have one shot left," Mr. Meyer spat.
"What do you think Travis would think about all you've done?" Oakley asked.
Mr. Meyer roared, his whole body trembling.
"Would he really think you were a loving man, considering how you've murdered others who loved what he loved, and have done so for no legitimate reason?" Oakley asked.
Mr. Meyer swore.
"Would he really appreciate all this carnage in the name of revenge?" Oakley asked.
"You all got him killed!" Mr. Meyer roared.
"I was eight when he rode," Oakley replied. "I hadn't even considered the idea of riding professionally for myself."
"You killed him!" Mr. Meyer shouted. "All of you killed him!"
Oakley said nothing; he'd noticed the tears escaping out the corner of Mr. Meyer's eyes and streaming back toward his hair.
"You took everything from me!" Mr. Meyer cried.
"He killed himself," Oakley said. "You can't blame someone for it."
"You killed him!" Mr. Meyer shouted.
"No," Oakley said quietly. "If anyone killed him, it was you."
Mr. Meyer looked at Oakley with enraged horror.
"You were the person who was supposed to care about him the most, and as much as you may've thought you were caring about him, he didn't," Oakley said. "Because if he would've thought you cared he wouldn't be dead. You killed him."
"No!" Mr. Meyer shouted, looking tortured.
"You have no one to blame but yourself," Oakley said quietly. "And if you want to spare yourself some agony you might want to use that last shot on yourself."
"You are lying to me," Mr. Meyer hissed through his teeth, pointing his gun at Oakley.
"If I could've ever lost my will to live I'd be dead too, long dead," Oakley said. "Travis would've outlived me. As similar as we might look, though, Travis and I are very different people, because I had the will to live where he lost his."
"You will die," Mr. Meyer said.
Oakley moved his arms quickly and the gun went off.
Quickly Oakley got to his feet and looked down at Mr. Meyer, whose sides rose and fell in three last, desperate breaths before going still."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 18

Word Count: 108,028

Summary of Events:
Oakley made no attempts to talk at the second big meeting, where he was disappointed that the majority voted in favour of deferring their escape attempt to the next night for more prep time. Charlie was also upset by this, but Pierce took her aside and managed to calm her down before they agreed to something of an alternate plan. Oakley was just finishing his shower when he heard Sabrina cry in distress; coming out of the bathroom, he found Mr. Meyer with Sabrina at gunpoint and tried to talk Mr. Meyer into releasing her . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
""You really think I'm going to let her go?" Mr. Meyer asked. "I'm in the position of power and I refuse to relinquish it."
"She won't do anything to you," Oakley replied. 
"She'll keep you in check," Mr. Meyer said.
"You don't think you can do that all by yourself?" Oakley asked.
"Oh I can," Mr. Meyer said. "But I think I'm more effective this way."
Oakley rolled his eyes. "We both know what you really mean is that you're too scared to kill me because of how much I look like your son."
Mr. Meyer's expression changed into one of vicious horror and rage. Oakley suddenly wondered what he'd gotten himself into and was grateful the way out was behind him and not Mr. Meyer.
"Who told you anything?" Mr. Meyer demanded, his whole body trembling.
Sabrina slid from his grasp as he lowered his arms to his sides in clenched fists; his blood vessels on his forehead stood out as his face reddened; his muscles — although not even the size of Oakley's in a relaxed state — bulged.
"You didn't cut off the TV," Oakley replied calmly. "The outside world knows who you are, aided by my fight with you at the front doors. They've figured out that you're doing this because of your son."
If ever Oakley was certain he'd seen smoke coming out of someone's ears in real life, he was pretty sure it was now.
"We know you're holding us hostage because you blame a sporting organisation for Travis' suicide," Oakley said. "As if something that ridiculous could happen."
Mr. Meyer roared and lunged at Oakley.
Bracing himself, Oakley held out his hands and grabbed Mr. Meyer's wrists, paying especial care to where the barrel of the gun was pointing.
Not, though, that it seemed like Mr. Meyer even cared that he brandished a deadly weapon at close range. He seemed more intent on biting Oakley.
His teeth snapped together repeatedly, admittedly making a weak and pathetic sort of sound — not that Oakley's teeth sounded any more intimidating — as he lunged for Oakley's chest.
Oakley struggled against him and carefully worked to steer him into the bathroom.
Mr. Meyer fought viciously and it was all Oakley could do to hang onto him, especially considering that his hands were still somewhat wet from his shower, even though they'd been handling the towel.
Carefully Oakley managed to spin Mr. Meyer around while not letting go and crossed Mr. Meyer's arms across his back.
Mr. Meyer flailed his head and tried to pull away, putting his head down so it'd likely smash into the toilet tank and knock him out if he got free.
Flailing and pulling, Mr. Meyer ended up hitting the lever on the toilet that made it flush, but Oakley managed to hold on, although he felt like he was holding the tail of a lion."

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 17

Word Count: 102,011

Summary of Events:
After the planning meeting was finished the smaller group that Charlie had joined earlier in the day discussed things and came up with a couple more plans. At supper Oakley was approached by a very uneasy man who was willing to give Oakley money to get him out of the hotel, and didn't seem to understand that Oakley didn't want to get paid. Back in her room, waiting for a second large meeting to start, Charlie thought about what'd happened at supper . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"She couldn't help but feel disappointed, even though she knew that they would all be gathering for a meeting in just over an hour. She would've thought that someone would've made a move on Mr. Meyer.
No, she hadn't made a move herself, but she didn't feel like it was her place, after all, Pierce was very intent on protecting her, and he was more likely to have the physical strength to take Mr. Meyer down. She doubted she weighed as much as Mr. Meyer, even though Mr. Meyer looked skinny.
All these supposedly tough guys and no one had the guts to do anything. It was horribly disappointing to say the least.
Yes, she could've shown them how it was done, being as they were all apparently cowards or something, but it'd felt wrong, and she'd been scared that no one would've come to help her, which would've led to her getting killed.
She wanted to see Mom and Dad again; to get herself killed would mean that they'd be able to see her, but she wouldn't be able to see them, and they wouldn't want to see her, necessarily, because she would be dead.
Maybe at the meeting she could take some people to task and get some answers for why no one had moved when — even though it certainly hadn't looked to have been planned — Oakley had given them a glorious opportunity to even try one of their plans.
Were they all just that curious to find out what the other plans were that they didn't want to carry one out until they heard if another was better? Or was everyone really that afraid of dying?
The hour's wait until the meeting started would be agonising, Charlie was sure, unless maybe something of an informative report appeared on the news that would distract her mind from the frustration and disappointment she felt at everyone's inaction.
There had been no shortage of plan suggestions at the meeting, and then when it came down to implementing one no one had wanted to do it. How were they going to get out of this place if everyone was just going to be cowardly like this?
Besides, Mr. Meyer's threat toward Oakley before he'd astonishingly just up and walked away made Charlie nervous that Mr. Meyer had a clue as to what they were doing, and had intent to invade their meeting somehow.
Charlie wasn't even sure if they should go ahead with the meeting, because what if Mr. Meyer knocked on the door while they were all there? What would happen? How would they all be able to hide in that room? They'd been packed into that room like sardines as it was, about all they could do was stack themselves on the bed like logs, but that could get dangerous."

Monday, February 19, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 16

Word Count: 96,355

Summary of Events:
Oakley was visited by his coach, Siggy, who exhorted him to not give up and told him to call a meeting of all the people he knew were willing to fight their way out to brainstorm ideas together. Charlie watched a press conference in which the military revealed that they knew of all the deaths since the first one, as well as giving updates on the negotiation process, which continued to go poorly; she, Chrissa, and Orelia were then summoned to the meeting. Not being fond of talking to crowds of people, Oakley couldn't make himself address the group, so Siggy tried to help . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Slowing it down and emphasising the mouth movements, Siggy mouthed it again: "Talk to me."
Oakley stared at him. The silence was deafening. He wanted to get out of here. It was too many people.
"Like we talked before," Siggy mouthed. "Talk to me. Ignore them."
Oakley shook his head.
"Why not?" Siggy mouthed. 
It took some effort for Oakley to pull his tongue out of the clutches of his teeth and pry his jaw open enough to lick his lips before mouthing back: "Laryngitis."
Looking exasperated, Siggy rolled his eyes.
Oakley wanted to look down, but that would only mean more people looking at him, so he looked at the ceiling. He couldn't do this. He hated himself for that thought. Yes, he had tried, but Siggy was disappointed that it wasn't more, and surely he could say something without sounding like he actually had laryngitis.
He leaned back against the wall, pinning his tongue to the roof of his mouth so hard that his throat muscles were straining. He closed his eyes. He was sure everyone thought that this was the weirdest thing they'd ever been a part of.
Oakley opened his eyes, pushed off the wall, and opened his mouth, but his tense jaw muscles refused to allow him to do more than desperately breathe.
"We're here for a Council of War," someone said who wasn't Siggy. "All of us are gathered here because we are united by the intention to do something ourselves to get out of here. We know that the military out there need our help to get in and bring this all to an end."
Sagging back against the wall, Oakley didn't bother scanning the crowd to identify who was saying what he should've been saying. He knew who it was.
"As we initially told you when we canvassed for support, our original plan was to hopefully find one whole floor that was game to help us ambush Mr. Meyer and relieve him of his weapons so that we could subdue him, break a window, and get the military personnel inside to deactivate all the bombs and get us out of this," Trey said. "Unfortunately, we hardly got half a hotel floor, even though we have enough supporters to easily fill a floor. So we are gathered for this Council of War to come up with a new plan with the same objective: to disarm Mr. Meyer and subdue him so that help can get in and get us out of here for good."
Oakley slid down the wall until he was completely gathered on the seat of the chair.
"With that said, let's have five minutes of personal thinking, and then we'll discuss ideas," Trey said.
There was a little bit of murmuring that rippled through the room, but otherwise the room remained silent. Oakley didn't know that he'd felt so horrible in his life. Here he was, supposedly the leader, and he hadn't had the guts to address his troops."

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 15

Word Count: 90,142

Summary of Events:
Charlie was woken up in the night by a sound that turned out to be Mr. Meyer trying a key card in the door; with Kingsley's help — being as Pierce slept through her knocking — Charlie rescued the occupants of the room the key card opened from what was surely certain death. Oakley was blamed by Mr. Meyer for the rescue, even though Oakley had no clue that it had even happened, and Mr. Meyer killed six people trying to get Oakley to confess. Charlie was invited to a meeting of the initial plotting group of Nigel, Trey, Rylan, Pierce, Kingsley, Grady, and Oakley, with the addition of the two men she'd helped rescue and two other halfpipe riders she recognised, where Oakley despaired . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
""We should still try at least, no?" Grady asked.
"What's the point?" Oakley asked.
"We don't all die?" Trey suggested.
Oakley sighed. Charlie felt distraught to think that he was ready to give up. She knew it was frustrating, but she thought he was the sort of person who would fight through to the end.
"We have to get out of here," she said.
Oakley looked at her, which was actually somewhat unnerving because of the fact that his left eye was still quite swollen, as well as being purple, yellow, brown, and blue; not that the lack of fight in his right eye made it any better.
"Then what do you suggest?" he asked.
"I don't know," Charlie replied. "How many plans have you guys tried to disarm him?"
"Um, none," Rylan replied.
"I didn't think so," Charlie said. "I mean, canvassing the other floors to see how many people are willing to fight is probably a good idea, but what are you going to do with that data?"
"We could always reorganise rooming arrangements or something," Trey said.
"So as to?" Charlie asked.
"Get a floor full of people who are willing to fight who can ambush him and get the gun and knife away," Rylan replied.
"I almost had both," Oakley spat through his teeth, sounding like he was saying it to himself because he was mad at himself.
He laid back on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. Charlie looked at the rest of the group. Aside from Nigel they looked rather disoriented.
"It is something," Nigel said, looking at Trey. "I think we should still canvass the sixth floor just to check, and also the second, then maybe we can move the bodies before supper and find out who they are so we can find their families later and apologise for our responsibility."
"There's enough of us that we could split up into two teams for canvassing simultaneously, and maybe even spare a couple people to do body cleanup while we're at it," Grady said.
"Charlie's not involved," Pierce said. "Even if she's canvassing, there might still be bodies belonging on that floor."
"I'll clean up bodies," Oakley said. "I'll get Dr. Reimann to help me, he's done it before."
"So then we can have five on the sixth and five on the second," Grady said. "And then we divvy up the rooms."
Charlie looked at Pierce. He let her go and nodded to the door. Charlie nodded and walked toward the door. She peered through the peephole to be sure the coast was clear before returning to her room, where Orelia let her in.
It sounded like there was something of a plan, but no one seemed to really be behind it, which troubled Charlie. How were they going to get out if they weren't unified with a plan?"

Reimann: ryeman

Friday, February 16, 2018

Frigid Revenge: Day 14

Word Count: 84,100

Summary of Events:
Oakley regained consciousness and found out that two of the girls in the room he'd fought Mr. Meyer in were dead, and one was wounded, so he got the doctor to tend to her even though she wasn't really all that happy to have survived. Charlie still had no idea what had happened with all the shooting and was horrified to realise that it was two fellow Canadian teammates who'd been killed, and another teammate injured. Mr. Meyer got Sabrina mad at Oakley, so Oakley tried to patch things up between them by explaining what had happened in the other room . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"He looked up at Sabrina. "I didn't close the door, so he was able to get in, and even though I beat him up he still managed to knock me out and kill them. If I would've closed the door he wouldn't have gotten in, and they wouldn't be dead, and none of this would've happened."
"It also wouldn't have happened if you would've just stayed put," Sabrina quipped.
"I can't," Oakley replied, the shift of emotions in his voice making it come out almost as a growl. "Being indoors like this is killing me enough, forget being contained in one room. You would've been the one sleeping with a body long ago if I would've stayed put."
Sabrina turned her gaze back to the TV.
"Besides," Oakley said. "Nobody dominates me. You should know that, even if we've barely been together a month."
She still kept her gaze fixed away.
"Not even the odds can dominate me," Oakley said.
"What does that mean?" Sabrina asked, her gaze still unmoving.
"I don't even know what the official odds were against my survival Sabby," Oakley replied. "What do you think the odds would be that a kid who had a birth weight of one pound and fifteen ounces would turn into a strong, healthy, six foot three inch, two hundred and ten pound athlete at twenty?"
Sabrina turned and looked at Oakley, her brow furrowed.
"Yes," Oakley said. "I weigh a hundred and five times, approximately, what I did when I was born."
"Why were you born that small?" Sabrina asked.
"Because I was due on January twenty ninth," Oakley replied. "The year after I was born."
Sabrina's gaze ran up and down Oakley.
"And that's not the only thing I've had to fight against," Oakley said. "But it matters now because it's probably the only other time to this point I've had to fight for my life specifically."
"So you're doing this because you've always had to fight?" Sabrina asked.
"I always have fought," Oakley replied. "I'm not going to start being a wuss and giving up now. Besides, it's not like I want to be here any more than you do. Everyone in here wants to be out."
Sabrina shifted her jaw. Why did she still look so unconvinced?
"I want you to get out of this too Sabby," Oakley said. "You shouldn't have been here this long. You should've been able to enjoy your grandparents' anniversary — which probably was all ruined by the fact that you are stuck here as a hostage — you aren't a snowboarder, he shouldn't be mad at you, not that he should be doing this because he's mad either, but I feel like it's my fault you're stuck here."
"You didn't know he was coming," Sabrina said.
"Still," Oakley said. "I'm sorry you're in all this.""