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July Novel Essential Information

Novel Title: Transformation Beginning
Time Setting: 2015
Genre: Hockey/Life Fiction
Minimum Word Goal: 90,000
Timespan: October to March/April
Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Main Characters: Chalmers MacKenna, Alizabeth Toverud, Cole Ehly
Background Information:
Chalmers: Born in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Chalmers couldn't even begin to imagine what his parents look like; they divorced shortly after he was born and he was deposited on his paternal grandparents' doorstep.
Although surprised, his grandparents took on raising him willingly, teaching him to skate, play hockey, and cheer for the Montréal Canadiens; until his grandpa died when he was nine.
Stunned and disoriented by the loss, Chalmers' grandma chose to sell the home place in Nova Scotia and move in with her daughter in Kaleden, British Columbia, where Chalmers continued his hockey education under the stellar guidance of Joseph Evernden, one of the few people aside from his grandma whom Chalmers would listen to.
He was drafted by the Brandon Wheat Kings sixth overall in the WHL Bantam Draft and played with them for three years, his stellar talent quickly getting him into the NHL draft conversation.
For the first two years in Brandon, Chalmers had an excellent billet family, but at the end of the season before last they moved due to a job promotion for his billet dad.
Thus, for his final season, Chalmers was put with a new billet family who, unfortunately didn't even have half the care his former family had, and treated him like a burden.
He endured the treatment in silence until just after Christmas when finally he lost his temper, vandalized his billets' home and cars, and ran off to a teammate's house.
Due to his cations he was essentially benched for the rest of the season and his draft rankings plummeted so badly some people didn't even think he'd get drafted at all.
He was then sentenced to community service for the summer for his vandalism, and he was traded to the Swift Current Broncos as soon as trading was allowed. The most amazing thing, however, was that the Winnipeg Jets actually drafted him third overall in the NHL Entry Draft that summer.
Now, having served his community service, been drafted, and even attended training camp and nearly made the Jets, Chalmers is heading to Swift Current where nobody's entirely sure what he's going to do, now that his predictability has gone down the tubes.
Alizabeth: A lifelong resident of the Swift Current area, Alizabeth has been a Christian for most of her life, along with having a rather easy life, nothing majorly bad or traumatic having ever happened to her.
Alizabeth is pretty confident of what the future holds for her, she's going to attend the University of Saskatchewan and take a degree in English or History — or both — marry someone — she's not quite sure who, though, but she's not worrying either — and live in Swift Current, or at least Saskatchewan for the rest of her days.
However, her sister Abigayl chose to attend Bible School last year, and since her return, Alizabeth can't help but notice the change in her sister; a change she must admit she likes, and she wishes she could experience for herself.
Her plans, though, didn't include Bible School, and she's not sure whether she should postpone the U of S, or the Bible School, which is really leaving her in quite the dilemma.

Alizabeth Toverud: ah-liz-ah-beth toh-veh-rud
Ehly: eh-lie
Musquodoboit: musk-oh-doh-bwah
Montréal Canadiens: mohn-reh-ahl kah-nah-dyeh

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Astounding Discovery: Day 15

Word Total: 90,009

Year to Date: 630,023

Summary of Events:
Chapter 29:
Adaire went to visit with the Sithneigh clan members and was told that he was actually a member of the Sithneigh clan, his great-grandfather having left O'Enne during a famine a hundred years before and settling in Beldonersteine
Chapter 30:
Saoirse went to the beach and talked with Adaire some more and learning that he was a part of the Sithneigh clan as she had thought he ought to be; and she offered for him to come and visit Caslteorghlynne.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Looking over at Saoirse's head resting on his shoulder, Adaire thought about her suggestion that maybe he go with her family to her town and maybe learn shepherding, or smithing, or goodness knew there'd probably be something else to learn.
It would be nice to be able to get to know her better, she was beautiful, and there was something about her, just  as she was even here and now, the way her head rested on his shoulder, her hand resting on his kilt, her bare feet swinging over the cliff's edge; nothing about this moment could be compared with the days he'd spent with Willa-Marie, or any of the other women he'd gotten to know over his voyage.
Saoirse had an attraction like O'Enne itself, but for what were completely different qualities, which was rather interesting, being as she was from the land that was so completely opposite.
O'Enne was rough, rugged, somewhat inhospitable — at least by appearance — it was a savage looking place that seemed to beckon to him with the offer of challenge and adventure.
Saoirse, on the other hand, was gentle, delicate, soft, beautiful, caring, she seemed to bolster his spirits, and she also seemed to be able to speak the comforting words he needed to hear, and if not, her touch made up for any lack.
Willa-Marie and the other women had been wonderful, they'd given him great pleasure, but there was something about Saoirse that — even though he hadn't done the same with Saoirse as he'd done with the others — seemed to surpass them.
Of course Adaire still ought to return home and at least notify his father that he was alive; but he could always let his father just give the Company to Jan too, being as he wasn't really interested in taking it over.
Adaire wasn't sure what to do; he looked over at Saoirse. Nothing said he had to do all of that right away, he could always just take his time and get to know Saoirse, find out what he was going to pursue in O'Enne, and the maybe later on go home and tell his father he was alive.
Saoirse shifted and pulled her legs up onto the ledge beside her, tossing her skirt over them to cover them and settled her head back against his shoulder, shifting it as if she were getting comfortable.
Looking down at Saoirse, Adaire looked beyond her to the Sithneigh tartan of the kilt. It seemed incredible to think he was actually O'Enneirey and not Beldonersteinois, but yet it also seemed right, Adaire still couldn't put words to it.
It was an astounding discovery, truly, to show up in a country he'd heard of, but never visited, and to discover that his forefathers had lived there for generations too many to count. But it felt right, too, even though Adaire had felt somewhat awkward and out of place in O'Enne, he felt like he belonged more here than he ever had in Beldonersteine."

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Astounding Discovery: Day 14

Word Count: 84,002

Summary of Events:
Chapter 27:
Adaire's young friend Aínérí introduced Adaire to some of his clan members and ended up getting Adaire some lessons in O'Enneirey dancing. Saoirse talked with one of her aunts about Gíwllyn and Sgémoíse and got the impression she should choose Gíwllyn.
Chapter 28:
Adaire was taken by Donnchádh to meet a 109 year old member of the Sithneigh clan and told the man his lineage, in hopes of finding out if he was O'Enneirey or not. Saoirse went out for a walk on the beach alone for a bit . . .

"She was walking along the shore on tiptoe, leaving small tiptoe footprints in the sand, to be washed away by the waves when and if they came up high enough to catch them now with the tide out.
Adaire wanted — being as they were alone — to stride right up to her, embrace her in his arms, and wrap his lips around hers; but based on the observations he'd made of her so far, Adaire knew that wouldn't work.
Unlike the women he'd gotten to know over his voyage, she was not a romantic, passionate woman, she was not like a cat, savouring touch and affection; she was more like a butterfly that had to be approached carefully, lest it be frightened off, and once it was in grasp, handled carefully, lest it be completely destroyed.
Carefully and quietly Adaire climbed down to be on the sand and started slowly and silently toward her as she walked toward the corner. Adaire made sure to keep a long pace's distance between them, even though he wanted to touch her, wrap his arms around her, and the whole rest of it.
She kept on walking toward the corner where the small bay ended and turned down toward where Adaire found toward the piece of the lifeboat. Arriving at the corner, she stopped and lowered her feet slightly; then she started to turn around.
At the sigh of a figure in her peripheral vision, Saoirse froze. She slowly took the figure in out the corners of her eyes. It was a man, a young man Saoirse had never seen before; he had neatly combed blonde hair, green eyes, a noble, well-chiseled face, his skin was bronzy hued and it smoothly undulated over his muscles like the ocean waves, except not moving.
His trousers didn't bear the pattern of any tartan — although Saoirse thought they should bear the Sithneigh tartan — they were just plain brown trousers, but they were well made.
Saoirse turned the rest of the way around and looked at him in full. He stood still, and it was only by the gentle and slightly subtle rise and fall of his chest that she knew he was alive — along with the occasional blinking.
He looked a rather strong man, although not as strong as Peíre and her brághres, but of course nothing said he did the same work as they did, and it wasn't like he was an absolute weakling either.
However, it was the nobility of his face that attracted Saoirse's gaze the most; he looked like he was of the king's house, his jaw looked noble, with pronounced, but not overly sharp corners; his cheekbones were also noticeable, but not specifically sharp.
His nose was straight and slim, his lips were nicely full and deep pink, and his eyes of deep green caused Saoirse great intrigue. His gaze showed a deep longing and affection, along with curiosity, and in the depths of it all, a haunted pain."

Aínérí: aynehree

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Astounding Discovery: Day 13

Word Count: 78,007

Summary of Events:
Chapter 25:
Adaire helped Donnchádh and Caoilfíonne prepare for the annual harvest celebration in which the entire Toírdhealbhách clan would be hosted in Laoísmellyk. Saoirse helped her family pack to go to the  Lagoahaíre clan's gathering for the same holiday.
Chapter 26:
Adaire had a nightmare about the storm and the ship sinking and couldn't get back to sleep, so he went outside and started to feel like the whole ship sinking was his fault. Saoirse and her family set out to the town where their clan would be gathering, which had Saoirse incredibly excited.

Excerpt of the Day:
""By foolishness I can only blame myself for I let nine hundred men be led to their deaths," Adaire replied. "And I even aided in the hastening of their deaths."
"Now I thought ye'd settled and put that all behind ye," Donnchádh said. "It's all past anyways, what's the point'a thinkin' about what can't be changed? The past is the past, and we can't do naught t'change it."
"I dreamt of the storm," Adaire said. "The ships figurehead was intent on killing me, and then she took me underater and the ghosts of the sailors attacked me and tried to kill me."
"I'm sure your actions were a contributor to things," Donnchádh said. "But it wasn't all your fault; the captain chose t'be a fool too, in addition t'floutin' your orders, and lad, that was a Shírk unlike I've seen in years, ye all would'a gone down anyways, I'm sure naught could'a been done t'save ye once ye all were in the thick'a it."
"But . . . but if I wouldn't have gone and gotten drunk I could've made sure the caption had kept the orders," Adaire replied. "But I got drunk, and so it was easy for him to disobey me because I wasn't of the sober mind to even take over from him or something."
"Any'a the sailors could'a taken over from him too," Donnchádh said. "I'm sure they weren't fools."
"But they would've gotten charged with insubordination and fired by my father — no matter what they were trying to do — I was the only one who had any authority to usurp him or order him around," Adaire said. "And I was drunk."
"Well ye've learned a lesson," Donnchádh said. "Ye'll do better next time."
"I don't think there'll be a next time," Adaire said.
"And why not?" Donnchádh asked.
"Because, I'm sure my father will hold me responsible for their deaths; he may well even disown me," Adaire replied.
"Now come on, that's a lot'a nonsense," Donnchádh said. "Your father couldn't possibly be that fickle. And if ye tell him you're sorry and that ye promise ye'll never do it again, and show him that you're genuinely apologetic for what ye did, I'm sure he'll give ye a second chance. This is all just your guilt talkin', ye don't know for sure what your father's goin' t'do."
"This is going to haunt me fore the rest of my life," Adaire said.
"Only if ye let it," Donnchádh replied. "If ye can accept that ye can't do nothin' about the past and that it all just happened the way it did, takin' responsibility for the things ye did wrong and strive t'never do 'em again, then it won't haunt ye."
Adaire sighed.
"Ye wee doin' well enough puttin' it behind ye before," Donnchádh said. "And I'll do what I can t'help ye move on, bein's ye can't do nothin' t'change it all so there's no sense in thinkin' on it, but for now ye should come back t'bed.""

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Astounding Discovery: Day 12

Word Count: 72,004

Summary of Events:
Chapter 23:
Adaire told the boys of Laoísmellyk more about Beldonersteinois culture and traditions, much to their great interest. Saoirse and her mother discussed what to do about Sgémoíse giving her tartan and telling her of his intent to marry her in a year.
Chapter 24:
Adaire explored some more and saw the largest herd of deer he'd ever seen in his life and talked with one of the boys, who showed him the sword dance. Saoirse helped with preserving the garden's harvest and talked with her sister.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Carefully Saoirse turned the dipper and poured the brine into the jar around the carrots, stopping once the brine covered the last of the carrots. Meíre held the hot jar while Íorwen twisted the lid into place.
Meíre then brought up the next jar and Saoirse carefully filled it with brine, repeating the process until there was hardly any brine left in the pot. Meíre then helped Saoirse measure more of the brine ingredients and Saoirse started cooking them while Meíre went off to help Íorwen, Ealdyn, and Heíghenn stuff carrots into the jars.
"So Peádraígh told me apparently Sgémoíse has given you tartan," Bryoíghnea said.
Saoirse nodded.
"And he intends to marry you in a year," Bryoíghnea said.
Saoirse nodded again.
"What are you going to do?" Bryoíghnea asked.
"I don't know," Saoirse replied. "But I have a year to find someone else."
"Peádraígh told me Peíre talked to Sgémoíse," Bryoíghnea said.
"I doubt that will really stop him," Saoirse said. "The only thing that will stop him is if I marry someone else before he gets to me."
Bryoíghnea was silent, stirring the cucumber brine over the fire, she gazed into it with contemplation. "I guess that is true, being as tradition hasn't even stopped him."
Saoirse nodded. "But I still don't know who I'm going to marry."
"Maybe you're supposed to marry Sgémoíse," Bryoíghnea said.
"No," Saoirse replied. "I'm not convinced it's him."
"Well you still have a year to wait and see," Bryoíghnea said.
"But over these past few months I've really started to get a stronger feeling against potentially marrying Sgémoíse and more for marrying Gíwllyn, although I'm not eve sure about him either, he seems so worrisome, and it worries me a bit too," Saoirse said. "Honestly, I'm not even fully convinced that I've even met who I'm supposed to mary. I have no idea."
"God knows Saoirse," Bryoíghnea said.
"I know," Saoirse replied. "But the way things are going, I think it's getting to be a good time for Him to tell me."
"Have faith Saoirse," Bryoíghnea said.
"I'm trying to," Saoirse said. "But it's hard."
"Of course it is, it more often is than not," Bryoíghnea said.
Saoirse sighed."

Meíre: myruh
Ealdyn: aledin
Heíghenn: high'gehn
Peíre: pyruh

Friday, June 12, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 11

Word Count: 66,010

Summary of Events:
Chapter 21:
Adaire and the Toírdhealbáchs went for a visit to some other residents of Laoísmellyk and had a lengthy discussion about the difference between O'Enneirey and Beldonersteinois societies. Saoirse did some sewing and talked with Gíwllyn some more about various things.
Chapter 22:
Adaire went out for a walk to the beach nearby Laoísmellyk and found a piece of one of the lifeboats before meeting some boys and telling them about his voyage. Saoirse was given a day-early birthday gift from Sgémoíse: some of his family's tartan to make a wedding dress out of.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Adaire started by heading to the east, following the sound of the lapping waves, the sound of the sea — it was really only natural that he should head in that direction, having loved on the coast his entire life.
Stepping past the last of the huts, Adaire saw the sandy beach before him, and beyond that, waves rolling, lapping and softly striking the shore. As Donnchádh had said, in the not too far distance there was a green land with lots of trees, and quite a few rocks, additionally it also seemed to have some sandy beach too.
Te beach wasn't very broad, it was probably only about as long as Adaire was tall, and it was a drop of about four and a half feet from where Adaire stood to the beach. The cliff rose with the swell of the land to his right that formed the hills to the west of Laoísmellyk and kept the Carroaghryne Rí Adaire had been told was on the other side out of sight.
Additionally, the hills hid the town of Carroaghryne that stood at the mouth of the same-named Rí; but they didn't hide the town of Kemallyk that was pretty much across the small bay from Laoísmellyk.
Adaire could see that town about as clearly as he could see O'Naómshiní — the island to the east of Laoísmellyk — but not the easternmost island, or the possessor of the easternmost point of O'Enne, apparently those belonged to a smaller island northeast of O'Naómshiní.
In fact, according to what Adaire had been told, O'Aennea — the largest of the islands that formed O'Enne, and the one he was currently on — didn't hold any of the furthest points, nor was it the furthest island in any direction, it only held distinction as being the largest island, and the one the capital was on. O'Aennea wasn't even at the centre of O'Enne.
Sitting down on the cliff's edge, Adaire slid down to the sand and glanced over at the cliff's edge; it was all stones underneath the patchy grass toward the cliff's edge, and there were quite a few gaps in the stones that would be good for climbing up.
Turning back toward the ocean, Adaire stepped forward until eventually his feet were on the wet sand, and then finally in the water. Gentle and subdued the ocean water lapped at Adaire's ankles; a subdued beast.
This same water had carried Adaire to this beach; and probably not in a kind or easy manner. Adaire could only imagine that he'd been tossed about, and maybe even hurled onto the beach by swells that crashed into the rocks of the cliffs behind him.
Far out beyond him, underneath the waves of this subdued beast that was the ocean, was the reef on which the entire fleet had likely been wrecked, and beside which their ruins laid."

Carroaghryne: karoogr'eyene
Kemallyk: keemahleek

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 10

Word Count: 60,008

Summary of Events:
Chapter 19:
Adaire got up and dined at the table with Donnchádh and Caoilfíonne — who was convinced that Adaire was O'Enneirey. Saoirse got her apron returned to her by Sgémoíse and discussed her friendship with Gíwllyn with him quite heatedly.
Chapter 20:
Adaire ventured out of Donnchádh and Caoilfíonne's house for the first time and surveyed the travelling market in town, where he was surprised by the quality of the wares offered. Saoirse was approached rather slowly and fearfully, which Saoirse found rather odd . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Slowly and carefully Saoirse opened it and revealed a simple silver chain holding small silver pendant formed into a complex openwork knot, such as were traditionally used for leather weaving or thick wool weaving for decoration.
Closing the fabric back over the pendant, Saoirse thrust it into her apron pocket and hurried toward the smith. Arriving at the door, Saoirse found only Éoíghán and Gíwllyn's younger brághres working.
"Is Gíwllyn here?" Saoirse asked.
Éoíghán looked up and shook his head.
"Do you know where he would be?" Saoirse asked.
Éoíghán shook his head again.
Saoirse nodded and turned away; she couldn't imagine where to begin looking for Gíwllyn, but then she spied someone climbing over the ridge to head down toward the rí; someone who looked a lot like Gíwllyn.
Quickly Saoirse hurried to the hills and scrambled up as fast as she could; climbing over the ridge, she skillfully manoeuvred down the other side and arrived at the bottom to see Gíwllyn sitting down beside the water with his face in his hands.
Saoirse hesitated a moment before hurrying over to Gíwllyn and wrapping her hands around his neck. She was quite easily able to pry his face from his hands and gently turned it so that he was looking at her.
"Gíwllyn, thank you, it's beautiful," Saoirse said. "You have an incredible talent, I never would've thought that such a thing could be done with metal."
Gíwllyn looked at Saorise as if he was fighting for control over his composure. Gently Saoirse slid her arms around Gíwllyn's neck and brought his head against her chest. Gíwllyn inhaled shakily, his shoulders jumping.
Saoirse didn't really know what to say, she wasn't even sure why Gíwllyn was reacting the way he was, but she hoped that he understood how much she appreciated his gift. It was absolutely beautiful; Saoirse had truly never imagined such a treasure could be made from metal, it wasn't flexible enough, unless it was hot — far too hot to manipulate with one's fingers.
Keeping her one hand gently cradled around Gíwllyn's head, Saoirse reached into her pocket and drew out the cloth and the pendant again. Saoirse looked at it again; it was fine enough to absolutely rob Saoirse of breath even when she'd already seen it once.
Gíwllyn had an incredible talent; she wondered if Éoíghán or Gíwllyn's brághres had seen what he'd made, or if he'd kept it a secret. And if they hadn't seen it, what would their reaction be to it when they saw it?
Saoirse also wondered with nervousness what Sgémoíse would think of it, although she had a feeling that Sgémoíse wouldn't be too terribly pleased with it, being as it was, really, a token of affection from Gíwllyn.
Sighing, Saoirse put the pendant away; she wasn't sure what to do with this situation at all really, she had two men who loved her, and she didn't know which one to choose."

O'Enneirey: oh ehnayeree
Éoíghán: ehooyghohn
brághres: broghres

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 9

Word Count: 54,022

Summary of Events:
Chapter 17:
Adaire talked some more with Donnchádh and learned that the people of O'Enne didn't use money — which was rather difficult to comprehend. Saoirse helped care for the orphaned lamb and decided to give him a name.
Chapter 18:
Adaire and Donnchádh talked again, with Adaire telling Donnchádh about the voyage before Donnchádh's wife brought them in some lunch. Saoirse perused the latest travelling market to come to Castleorghlynne and ended up getting a bell for the lamb too.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Not many do," Donnchádh said. "And especially not in the kind'a gale we had; it was one of the Shírks."
"Shírks?" Adaire asked.
"We call 'em that because they're those rough storms comin' from the east that bash ships against the Shírkeí Reíf until they're fiddlesticks," Donnchádh replied. "If it wouldn't have been a Shírk then ye would'a possibly held on, but it was a Shírk, and one of the most savage Shírks I've seen in a lot'a years, which didn't really help ye. But if your captain would have listened t'ye, I'm sure you're right, ye all would have had your lives, not just ye."
"And their blood is on his hands too," Adaire said. "He led the fleet like sheep to the slaughter, even the hands on his ships were mercilessly murdered by his choice. My blood would've been on his hands too, except for the fact that I'm still alive."
"Well then I'd say fair justice has been done him," Donnchádh said. "God judged him a ruthless and greedy man, and gave him the end he deserved for his brutality."
"If I wouldn't have woken and broken out of my quarters I would've had no way out," Adaire said. "Although it seems pointless that I delayed the deaths of the hands."
"What d'ye mean?" Donnchádh asked.
"When we ran aground they were going to head out in the lifeboats, but I convinced them to stay until the ship began to break up," Adaire replied. "It didn't really do anything."
"It's not worth worryin' about, though," Donnchádh said. "That's past, it cannot be changed — unfortunate though 'tis — and we're just goin' t'have t'move on forward from it."
"I guess the good part is that I'm still alive," Adaire said. "And once I'm better then I can head back home and show my parents I'm still alive, and then take over the Company when my father passes."
"And bein's the safest route from O'Enne to Beldonersteine is round south ways ye yourself would technically circumnavigate Ureonaiea — even if it wasn't all on the same ship or with the same fleet," Donnchádh said.
"True," Adaire agreed.
Adaire turned at the sight of Caoilfíonne in the doorway holding a tray full of food.
"I was wonderin' if ye two had a hunger for somethin'," Caoilfíonne said.
"He's a young lad, 'course he'll be wantin' t'eat," Donnchádh said. "And if ye made it, 'couse I'm goin' t'eat it."
Caoilfíonne stepped into the room and gave them each a plateful of food. Adaire took up the utensils and started eating, Donnchádh sat in silence, his eyes closed, for a few moments before following suit, as did Caoilfíonne, who'd brought her own food in as well.
The whole idea of leaving seemed to disturb Adaire, though; not as much as his talk with Donnchádh the other day — which he was determinedly not thinking about — but it still disturbed him, and he honestly wasn't even sure why."

Shírk(s): sheerk(s)
Caoilfíonne: kaylfeeon'

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 8

Word Count: 48,006

Summary of Events:
Chapter 15:
Adaire woke up from a liquor-induced nap and found that the fleet was sailing in the middle of a storm in spite of his orders to put to shore; Adaire tried to get the captain to make for shore, but the captain refused, and then they ran aground on an unknown reef and the ship broke apart.
Chapter 16:
Saoirse headed into the hills to see if her father and brothers and the sheep were alright after the storm and brought them an orphaned lamb she found on her way. Adaire woke up in a primitive looking house with a severe headache.

Excerpt of the Day:
""So what's your name lad?" the man asked.
"Eidere Sÿthei," Adaire replied.
"Hm," the man said, sounding interested. "I'm Donnchádh Toírdhealbhách."
Adaire couldn't imagine how that name was spelled, or what country it was from, although he felt  Donnchádh would be easier to spell than Toírdhealbhách.
"I, I'm from Heijmegourde, in Beldonersteine," Adaire said.
"You're a long way from home then lad," Donnchádh said.
"What do you mean?" Adaire asked.
"You're in Laoísmellyk, on O'Aennea in O'Enne," Donnchádh replied.
"O'Enne?" Adaire asked. "But I thought we'd only just cleared Aissure."
The woman returned with another bowl of stew.
"Ye likely sank off the Shírkteí Reíf," Donnchádh said.
"You know of it?" Adaire asked, before taking a mouthful.
"Know of it?" Donnchádh asked, surprised. "Why the Shírkteí is infamous, it's the eater of ships; especially in storms. It's like a shark waiting for seals or other fish to eat. It lurks enough under the surface to go unseen except in the storms of fiercest swells, and catches even ships heading to port who don't know the waters."
"It wasn't on our charts," Adaire said, before taking another mouthful.
"Well, you Beldonersteineirey don't oft come tradin' to our shores, and especially not oft from Aissure ways," Donnchádh replied.
"We, we were going to circumnavigate Ureonaiea," Adaire said.
"Well if that isn't a bold expedition," the woman said. "Same ye won't now."
Adaire ate the last of the stew from the second bowl and felt fully satisfied in that department, but his mind was still working desperately, trying to figure out what was going on.
"Ye rest up now, we'll come talk t'ye some more later on," the woman said.
"No, please," Adaire begged.
Donnchádh carefully lowered Adaire back down to the bed and adjusted the blanket on Adaire's chest.
"Rest lad, it's a miracle you're even still breathin'," Donnchádh said. "I think 'tis only by the mercy of God above that ye made it to our shores alive. You're the first one in all my nigh eighty years I've known of."
Donnchádh and the woman left the room and Adaire stared after them. Eighty years, he was eleven years older than Uijllijm; and the first one? What did he mean that Adaire was the first one?
Adaire wanted to call him back and ask, but Donnchádh and the woman — who was probably his wife — seemed intent on him resting, so he probably wasn't going to get them to tell him much.
Sighing, Adaire closed his eyes and thought about what Donnchádh had said some more. If he was the first one then that likely meant that no one else had made it. He recalled the dark and desolate ocean, no lights, no ships.
A chilling thought shot through admire suddenly: he could well be the sole survivor of some nine hundred men who'd set out from Beldonersteine. Eighteen ships and nine hundred men lost; and that wasn't counting the millions of crowns in cargo."

Donnchádh: donchohd
Toírdhealbhách: tooyerdeelbohk
Laoísmellyk: looysmel-ick
Shírkteí Reíf: sheerktey reyf
Beldonersteineirey: belldonnersteineyeree

Monday, June 08, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 7

Word Count: 42,006

Summary of Events:
Chapter 13:
Sgémoíse came and talked to Saoirse along with attempting to be untoward to her, but Saoirse stopped him and then her younger brother came and fought Sgémoíse, but Saoirse had to stop the fight before one of them died.
Chapter 14:
All of Castleorghlynne gathered for a celebration and dance and Saoirse ended up overexerting her abdominal muscles in dancing. Adaire arrived in Nea and found that no one was waiting to whisk him off into the king's presence, which actually got him concerned.

Excerpt of the Day:
""We received notice that a fleet would be coming for trade," the officer said. "I didn't realise that the attempt to circumnavigate Ureonaiea was also a trading mission."
"Might as well make the voyage useful," Adaire said.
"That is true," the officer said, pulling out a paper and looking at it for a moment before returning it and continuing his search. "Of course it is a little hazardous, with the way the Aissureans are right now."
"The sea is always risky," Adaire said. "You never know what kind of storms could whip up; clouds are deceptive."
"Indeed," the officer agreed. "Here, this is the notification."
Adaire waited as the officer read it over, then flipped around to the other side and kept reading.
"Oh, yes it does," he said. "It says right here that the voyage is also going to circumnavigate the continent of Ureonaiea; I guess I just read the pertinent information off the front of the page and didn't bother with the other side. Well then, I guess I should send notice to the king."
"I guess everyone else read the page and did the opposite," Adaire said. "They saw the circumnavigating Ureonaiea part and told everyone, forgetting the part about it being a trading mission."
"I guess so," the officer said, sitting down to pen the notice.
Once he'd written the notice he summoned a dock man and instructed him on what to do with the notice. The dock man headed off and the officer looked at Adaire with curious contemplation for a few moments.
"You're the liaison for the Heijmegourde Shipping Company for this voyage, aren't you?" he asked.
"Yes, I am," Adaire replied.
"I don't believe I've ever seen you before," he said.
"This is my first voyage as liaison," Adaire replied. "And I'm also heir to the Company."
"Oh?" the officer said. "I thought there were others, one of them came as liaison a couple of years back."
"There were others," Adaire replied. "But shipping is a dangerous business, and unfortunately most of them were claimed by accidents related to the business."
"Oh dear," the officer said. "That's rather unfortunate."
Adaire nodded, working to remain focused on where he was and not memories of the past.
"Are there any others after you?" the officer asked.
"No," Adaire replied. "I am the last son, all my father has left otherwise is daughters."
The officer nodded, looking like he was amazed and wanted to offer a comment, but had thought better of it and was holding his tongue. Adaire shifted uncomfortably and looked at the activity of the dock around him.
Out the corner of his eye Adaire spied a white carriage pulled by a time of light grey horses approaching; the carriage was trimmed in silver and sky blue, and Adaire was sure that it was a royal carriage."

Nea: neeah
Aissureans: aysyooreeans

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 6

Word Count: 36,002

Summary of Events:
Chapter 11:
Saoirse contemplated what to do about the situation with Sgémoíse and his mother. Adaire got into a fight with the captain over their ideas of Adaire's conduct. The travelling market came to town and Saoirse wandered through it looking at what all was being offered.
Chapter 12:
Adaire arrived in Nourd-Wouest and immediately went to see the king, but was thrown out due to his inebriation. Saoirse went to see the Castleorghlynne  with the blacksmith's son, who seemed intent to make up for accidentally causing her an injury.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Gíwllyn guided Saoirse over the hills that stood between the rather broad valley Castleorghlynne was located in and the rí after which the village was named — or possibly was named after the village, Saoirse wasn't entirely sure, she just knew the two of them had the same name.
The reason that Castleorghlynne wasn't immediately beside the rí bearing the same name was mainly the narrowness of the fallen the rí cut through; all of the land leading to it was quite steep, and there were no flats beside the rí suitable for putting any kind of residence; they were only suitable for sitting or standing on.
However, the northern part of the village was barely a few minutes walk from the rí, although access to it there was so steep that stairs had been chiseled out of the stony ground to get down to the water for washing; a pulley and a bucket were at the top of the cliff for drawing water.
As they climbed down the other side of the hill, Gíwllyn held onto Saoirse's lower back tightly and made sure that he was always leading the way down. Finally they arrived at the bottom of the hill at the slim flat of grass alongside the rí that steadily moved from its near headwaters northeastward to join the Kylbeíghne Rí and flow to into the Kylbeíghne Baíleígh and the strait between O'Aennea and O'Naómshiní, the two largest of the islands that were O'Enne.
Saoirse sat down in the long, soft grass close to the edge and let her left leg hang down, her toes stroking the cool, clear water of the rí. Now that the ice had all broken off and was safely off in the baíleígh and the strait, if not the ocean, the rí was safe to visit.
Gíwllyn sat down beside Saoirse, keeping both of his feet safely up on the bank, and started braiding a clump of grass even while it was still in the ground. He looked like he wanted to say something.
"Yes?" Saoirse asked.
"What?" Gíwllyn asked, startling.
"You look like you want to say something," Saoirse replied.
"Oh," Gíwllyn said. "I, I just want to apologize for startling you the other day."
"You already did," Saoirse said. "And I forgave you, surely that's enough, isn't it?"
"I know it should be," Gíwllyn said. "But I don't feel like it is."
Saoirse reached over and took Gíwllyn's hand into both of hers, rubbing her thumbs gently over the back of it. Gíwllyn looked at Saoirse apologetically and she looked at him sympathetically.
"You've been a magnificent gentleman," Saoirse said. "In spite of all your shyness you are a wonderful man, and you would be more wonderful if you were more confident as well."
Gíwllyn looked at Saoirse like he couldn't believe what she was saying. Saoirse continued to hold his hand and gazed at him with assurance; she wanted to convince him of this truth that he apparently had yet to have been told."

Nourd-Wouest: nohrd w'oohest
rí: ree
Gíwllyn: g'eewlyn
Kylbeíghne: kylebey'gnh
baíleígh: byeley
O'Naómshiní: oh nahomshiny

Friday, June 05, 2015

Astonishing Discovery: Day 5

Word Count: 30,007

Summary of Events:
Chapter 9:
Saoirse got into an argument with Sgémoíse's mother over the uproar his treatment of her following her getting run over by the sheep cause. Adaire helped navigate the ship through the shipping lanes to the harbour in Außtöst, but not without incident.
Chapter 10:
Saoirse went to deliver some mended clothes to the blacksmith and ended up getting startled and injured again, but was quickly tended to. Adaire intended to head straight for the harbour so that he wouldn't be late for sailing again, but was detained by the king, although he still made it on time.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Adaire wasn't sure how close the ships would be, although he knew that single ships always had to yield to fleets, and that the larger fleets always had the right of way. Being as all of these looked to be single ships, so they would have the right of way.
But would all of the ships yield? Were those ships even watching? Adaire couldn't really judge. They would just have to sail and see what happened and hope that there were no collisions or damages, as they could well sink this far out and then the voyage would be over.
Several of the ships closer to the coast were passing in front already now; the winds were favourable and drawing the fleet closer to the shores of Außtöst, and with his spyglass Adaire could see the large, bustling harbour city — although not too clearly through the forest of masts that filled the harbour in front of it.
Diligently Adaire scanned the waters, keeping an eye on all of the ships to see where they were going and when their courses might cross with that of the fleet. Adaire watched the ships as they sailed and hoped that they would all be courteous and yield.
Adaire was starting to be able to see the city without his spyglass rather well, but he kept the spyglass to his eye and scanned the waters. There didn't seem to be any danger; and the lookup out in the nest hadn't called anything out yet either, so it looked like they were going to make it to Außtöst without incident.
At the sound of shouts, however, Adaire startled and whirled around to face the back of the ship. Adaire didn't know what to say, and so watched in speechless horror as a southbound ship sailed behind the Meignÿvÿca much too close.
Sailors rushed up around behind the captain to yell obscenities at the foolish ship, Adaire rushed forward with them, but instead of going up to scold, Adaire went into the captain's quarters and watched with horror as the great, grand windows were torn open by the passing ship's hind end.
Glass flew everywhere and Adaire ducked, even though he didn't feel any glass hitting him. Once the sound of shattering stopped Adaire looked at the carnage. They might be laid up in Außtöst for a bit longer than a week getting new windows.
A few moments later Adaire heard the door open behind him and several gasps and hissings or outbursts of profanities. Adaire looked around and saw the captain, his face red with rage, beholding the scene.
Adaire slid out and let the others view the carnage and slipped out to see what flags the ship that'd hit them was flying. Adaire's eyes went did with appall when he saw: Beldonersteine and the Heijmegourde Shipping Company."

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 4

Word Count: 24,023

Summary of Events:
Chapter 7:
Adaire and the fleet set out from Aifos after two days and Adaire found out he could've ordered the fleet to stay longer; he learned some of the history of Aifos with the captain before declaring they should stop at every country possible — whether they were trading with them or not.
Chapter 8:
Adaire and the fleet then arrived in Zeig and Adaire was introduced to the king's family before being taken on a tour of the capital. Saoirse was helping with sheep shearing and got run over by a sheep. After a week in Zeig Adaire and the fleet set off again — not that Adaire wanted to leave.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Passing through the grand gate, they went down the cobbled road past a great many grey stone buildings that were hidden from outside view by the wall, heading toward the grand palace.
Finally they passed through a smaller gate into the palace itself and a small courtyard, in which the carriage drew to a stop. The footman came down and opened the door; the king rose and stepped out first, Adaire following after him.
"Now we shall introduce the members of the court," the king said.
The footman produced a bugle — Adaire wasn't sure where from — and blue a tune on it. A few moments later a grandly dressed processional strode out and lined up in front of them.
Instantly Adaire noticed the fifth from last woman in the line; she was near to Adaire's age, and she was magnificently beautiful. She had golden blonde hair from what little he could see that wasn't hidden by the veil she wore.
Her deep blue eyes fixed on his gaze; Adaire felt his heart accelerate, he wanted to walk up to her that instant and wrap her in an embrace, and maybe even undo her hair so he could see how long it was.
Adaire broke their gaze when he realized the king was talking, so he pretended he was paying attention as the king indicated different people, who nodded their heads — he was probably introducing them but Adaire didn't care about their names; he wanted to know her name.
Finally the king indicated the person before her, who nodded; instantly Adaire started listening.
"My daughter, the Princess Willa-Marie . . ."
Willa-Marie, she was a lovely young woman, beautiful. Adaire glanced at the king as the last person, a sour-looking elderly woman, nodded her head. Adaire had a feeling she'd noticed his lack of concentration or something.
"Now that I've introduced you to the court, we have some time before dinner," the king said. "I think it should be enough time that we could show you around our fair capital."
Adaire opened his mouth to agree, but he glanced toward Willa-Marie and hesitated; he wanted to see the city, but he also wanted to spend time with her and get to know her — he did have a week, though, but nothing said that would be enough time to get to know her thoroughly enough.
"May I come along Papa?" Willa-Maire asked, stepping forward.
"Of course, of course," the king said. "Add a woman's perspective to it."
Adaire gave a bit of a smile and climbed into the carriage when the king indicated; Willa-Marie climbed in after him and sat down beside him, smiling sweetly for a brief moment before her father climbed into the carriage. Adaire was glad he was staying for a week."

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 3

Word Count: 18,005

Summary of Events:
Chapter 5:
Adaire and the fleet set sail from Beldonersteine with much pomp and ceremony at sunrise and made for Aifos. Saoirse went to deliver some mended clothes to the blacksmith's house and found out that the blacksmith liked her.
Chapter 6:
Adaire and the fleet docked at Aniger, the capital of Aifos, and were received by King Yévgeni Étatsé Nosolov XII and his wive, the Queen Consort Révékka and were then taken to lunch, where they met the Government of Aifos and the king's children.

Excerpt of the Day:
"The carpet was deep lilac and the chairs were upholstered in deep apple green — which was starting not to surprise Adaire; it would be more surprising if he were to see red, blue, yellow, or orange.
It looked like the table was set for a great crowd, but there was just the four of them — as the butler wasn't likely to sit down and eat with them — the king seated at the head of the table, the queen to his left, Adaire to his right, and the captain to Adaire's right.
Adaire glanced down the table at the empty places before looking down at his place setting of fine silver utensils and white glass plates edged with silver, lilac, and apple green stripes.
The glasses were clear and unmarked, the napkins were white and tied with a string of lilac and a string of apple green as if they were one string, even though they weren't woven together.
Remembering that his mother had told him it wasn't good to gawk, Adaire straightened and shifted uncomfortably, looking at the fair queen across from him who was looking toward the door.
Adaire looked over his shoulder toward the door as well and watched as it opened and a parade of children in various shades of lilac purple and apple green walked in. The oldest one — a son — looked to be the same age as Adaire's nieces, Luijsa and Ísobelle, which would put the queen at about thirty one years of age at the youngest.
Turning back to look at her, Adaire looked her over. How could she possibly be eleven years his senior? She looked like she was at the oldest three years his senior! Adaire turned back to the children, there were six of them, which meant that the queen was expecting the seventh.
All six of them sat alongside their mother from youngest to oldest; the youngest one looking maybe a year old. The queen looked at her children and smiled at them kindly before returning her gaze to the door.
Adaire looked as eleven men dressed in similar finery to the king — with exemption to the fact that they were bareheaded — strode in and were seated to the right of the captain with seven empty seats sporadically scattered between them. Then seven women walked in and filled the seats.
Unsure of the status of the men, Adaire assumed, though, that the seven women were wives of seven of the men. Adaire then turned and looked at the king as everyone else turned in that direction.
The king got to his feet. "Before we see food, I would like to introduce our guests," he said. "Master Eidere Sÿthei, heir and liaison of the Heijmegourde Shipping Company of Beldonersteine which is financing the trading mission that is also seeking to circle Ureonaiea."
Adaire stood up and nodded — he liked how the king had put his title, heir and liaison; he should remember that. Once the king was done he sat back down."

Aniger: ahkneezhehr
Yévgeni Étatsé Nosolov: yehvgehknee ehtahtsay nohsohlawv
Révékka: rehvehkah
Luijsa: Louisa
Ísobelle: easeohbell

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 2

Word Count: 12,007

Summary of Events:
Chapter 3:
Saoirse got to thinking about which of the eligible bachelors in town she ought to marry, but still coming to no resolution. Adaire had lunch at a tavern and got talking with two sailors about how to ensure the success of the voyage; smarts, or sacrifices.
Chapter 4:
Saoirse excitedly watched the marriage ceremony of her friend Eíghlín to her brother-in-law's brother and longed for her own wedding day — even though she had no idea who she'd be marrying in the least.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Bruíghse started the nest song, his fingers flying up and down the pipes; after several beats Dubhánn came in on the vaígóleínn, with the fingers of his left hand flying along the fingerboard and his right arm stroking the bow across the strings with an equivalent rapidity.
Instantly men brought women into the open circle and started dancing. Saoirse smiled as Peádraígh and Bryoíghnea went out into the circle. This jig was Peádraígh's specialty — and it was fantastic to watch him do.
Saoirse watched her sághre and leíbrághre as they started to dance. Peádraígh's feet flew — but didn't carry his body anywhere — as he danced, Bryoíghnea's feet not moving as fast, but keeping perfect pace with their steps.
A light tap on Saoirse's shoulder caused her to look away, Sgémoíse stood beside her, looking down at her as if he wished to speak.
"May I dance with you?" Sgémoíse asked.
"Of course," Saoirse replied, getting to her feet.
With an energetic leap that pulled Saoirse off of her feet, Sgémoíse leapt into the circle and started dancing. Saoirse's mind raced for a moment before she figured out where they were in the jig and was able to do her steps in time with his.
It didn't take long for Saoirse to find herself tiring, though, Sgémoíse was no slouch at this jig either, and Saoirse was having to work her hardest to keep up with him so that she wouldn't wreck the dance.
Saoirse then noticed that it was only Sgémoíse, Peádraígh, Bryoíghnea, and herself in the circle; there was no one else, this jig had developed into a dancing duel; not to mention Bruíghse and Dubhánn were playing their instruments faster: the first pair to falter, fall, or quit would be the losers.
Honestly, Saoirse had no doubt that Peádraígh and Bryoíghnea would succeed in winning the duel, but now she knew she had to work harder; she didn't exactly want to go down without a fight, even if a loss was certain.
Saoirse's sides began to ache, her legs felt heave, but she kept dancing, even when she thought she could dance no faster; Sgémoíse surely had to have been practising for something like this, she didn't recall him being this good at the last dance.
Bruíghse and Dubhánn continued playing, getting faster and faster — faster than Saoirse had ever thought it capable of either of them to play, talented though they were. It was all so incredibly fast Saourse couldn't believe she hadn't quit yet.
The crowd around them clapped thunderously and rapidly, few were stomping their feet anymore — it was too fast — and everyone looked eager to see who the winner would be.
Suddenly the séoghmaígpíb uttered a grossly unmusical sound and Bruíghse dropped to the floor, panting. All of the dancing and clapping stopped. Saoirse leaned against Sgémoíse, panting desperately. It was a tie, and mercifully it was over."

Eíghlín: eyhleen
Bruíghse: brooyse
Dubhánn: duhbhahn
vaígóleínn: vayohline
Peádraígh: peahdrayg
Bryoíghnea: breeooynyah
sághre: sahgr'
leíbrághre: leyhbrahgr'
Sgémoíse: zhehmooy'se
séoghmaígpíb: saygmypeeb

Monday, June 01, 2015

Astounding Discovery: Day 1

Word Count: 6,009

Summary of Events:
Chapter 1:
Adaire was summoned to his father's office and told of the latest voyage his father was planning — which greatly excited Adaire. Saoirse had supper and then took food to her father and brothers as they watched over the lambing sheep.
Chapter 2:
Adaire woke up aboard the Heijmegourde Shipping Company's flagship and surveyed the aftermath of the celebration of the night before. Saoirse was given mending by the blacksmith's shy son and decided it was easier to make a new garment than repair the old one.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Adaire felt a flutter of excitement in his chest; they were going out to sea again, and surely he was going along if he was being told of it.
"With the Meignÿvÿca as the flagship, a fleet of eighteen will be sailing from Heijmegourde Harbour on the fifth of the month hence on a trading mission that will circumnavigate the continent of Ureonaiea," Uijllijm continued.
Exhilaration nearly launched Adaire out of his feet and onto his father's desk; such a voyage had never been undertaken before; the shipping industry of Ureonaiea usually shipped goods across the continent between allies, no one nation collected all of their own goods by ship or horse.
"There shall be stops in many of the major ports collecting many fine goods and leaving many fine goods in return; and according to our predictions the fleet shall return to port in a year's time," Uijllijm said.
"What shall be the route?" Adaire asked.
"Anchor shall be weighed on the fifth of the month hence and course shall be made for Aifos, Zeig, Außtöst, the Enanea Islands, and Le Gané before passing north in the height of the summer through the northern straits of Aissure and coming around with a destination of the I Islands — where much of the trading will take place — and then rounding the southernmost point of Ureonaiea and returning back up to Beldonersteine with the haul," Uijllijm replied.
Adaire wanted to dash up from his seat, run out to the Meignÿvÿca, and tell her crew of the voyage; it was a fierce battle to restrain himself and contain his excitement.
"But that, my son, is not the most important notice," Uijllijm said.
Startling, Adaire stared at his father, not sure of what to think.
"As on all voyages, it is requisite that a liaison for the Heijmegourde Shipping Company be present," Uijllijm said. "And I would go; however, the Company and its business hold me here, for there is none of adequate capability to charge all of this management for such a time. On the other hand, though, I have many men capable of being a liaison of the Company on any voyage; men of which you are in the number. Therefore, Eidere my son, I have made the choice to send the best: my heir, as the liaison for the Heijmegourde Shipping Company on this very monumental voyage."
Adaire leaned back against the chair and stared at his father. He had no idea what to say, no idea what to do; he felt about set to explode: he was thrilled, elated, exuberant; this was beyond all his wildest of dreams that such good fortune would ever come to him.
"I should hope that you shall represent the Company well as we put our name into the annals of Ureonaiean history, Eidere," Uijllijm said.
Adaire was silent for a moment before startling when he realized he ought to respond to his father's statement. "I shall do my utmost, father.""

Meignÿvÿca: mygkneefeekah
Uijllijm: will'im
Aifos: ayfoss
Enanea: eenanyah
Aissure: aysyoor
I: ee
Ureonaiean: yoorahneighan