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November Novel No. 1 Essential Information

Novel Title: Suddenly Alone
Time Setting: Modern day
Genre: Agricultural life
Minimum word count goal: 60,000 words
Timespan: August-December
Location(s): Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan
Main Characters: Axel Bergquist, Sofia Olesen
Background Information:
Axel was born in Ängelholm, Sweden, but raised in Tølløse, Denmark as a member of a farming family. Being as he wasn't the oldest son he wasn't slated to inherit the farm, but he wanted to pursue farming so — being as Denmark is a small country — Axel immediately looked overseas to more spacious areas — namely Saskatchewan — where is lifelong bachelor uncle had been living since the 1970s. Slowly Axel took over his uncle's farm while remaining in Denmark until finally he prepared to make the move to Canada himself, with his wife Keryn in tow. However, when Keryn found out that Golden Prairie was an exceedingly small town that was over fifteen minutes from anywhere more substantial she found the final excuse she needed to call an end to their fledging marriage and did so, returning to Denmark and leaving Axel to farm in Canada alone which Axel has been doing in the years since then — and doing quite well.
Sofia was born and raised in Vara, Sweden where her father worked as an employee at the large Olesen farm. Sofia spent much time at the Olesen farm and got to know Mr. Olesen's second son Josef quite well. Josef was an avid farmer as well and built up a farm for himself using land his father had given him. When Sofia was nineteen she and Josef were married and they had two children: Charlotte and Hendrick before Josef — who had about a net worth of about fifty million Swedish Krona — decided to liquidate one hundred percent of his assets and move to Canada, where his fifty million Krona became $7.62 million. Undaunted Josef forged ahead and bought a piece of land, equipment, and seed and started farming. In January of the current year Sofia gave birth to their third child: Kirsten.

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Finding Honour: Day 20

Word Total: 121,331

Year to Date: 932,073

Summary of Events:
Chapter 39:
Honour was supposed to be getting ready for a gathering to celebrate her return, but refused to get ready because Borden wasn't out of the hospital yet and no one was mentioning him or caring about him at all. She succeeded in getting the party postponed. The next day Borden was released from hospital and went to make sure the party was still going on when Eira's parents showed up.
Chapter 40:
The party went on, with the mayors of Mackenzie and Nanaimo, the Premier of BC, and the Lieutenant Governor of BC all speaking. The Lieutenant Governor encouraged people to forgive Borden for what he'd been arrested for and accept that he was wanting to try and be a better person. Many people did — although Borden's dad wasn't among the number. Borden then got offered a job with a search and rescue company he decided to seriously consider, and Eira headed home with her parents to get her things and move in with a friend of hers who now lived in Prince George — although she was unsure of what she was going to be doing beyond that.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Eira's fingers left Borden's jaw as she looked. Judging by the silence of Honour and Mr. Pavelick, Borden guessed they were looking too — although he didn't check. A police officer got out of the car and spoke into the opened window of the SUV, then got back into his cruiser and peeled off.
A couple — both with dark hair, although Borden couldn't ascertain if it was necessarily black — emerged from the SUV and Borden heard Eira gasp. The couple headed toward the front door.
Borden glanced at Eira as she ran toward the front door. He got up as she threw it open and raced across the space between her and the only people the couple could possibly be: her parents.
Honour hurried to the door and Borden followed after. They stood on the doorstep and watched Eira and her parents as they embraced and wept and spoke rapidly in irish — Borden didn't bother guessing at what they might be saying, he knew nothing of Gaelic.
After they'd sufficiently embraced and wept and whatnot Eira turned to Borden and Honour and led her parents forward.
"This is the other girl who was missing with me," Eira said, sliding a hand around Honour's shoulders.
"Honour Sorken," Eira's mother said — her voice thick with brogue.
"And y' must be 'er father," Eira's father said to Borden.
Borden startled and felt his face go red. He put his hand to his wound and wished they could rewind, forget that ever happened, and start over again.
"No," Eira said, sounding a little surprised.
"My dad's dead," Honour said. "He and my mom blew up in a car crash."
Eira's mother stared openmouthed and wide-eyed at Honour.
"I'm sorry," Eira's father said. "Y' just look so similar."
Borden wanted to make a light comment, but he was still busy catching his breath.
"Borden trekked through the forest and mountains to rescue us," Eira said. "And led us back through them and protected us on the way here."
"And if I understand correctly you should be grateful to him that your daughter's alive and breathing," Mr. Pavelick said.
Borden startled again and felt the flush return to his face.
"I understand the gangster was going to shoot her, but he stepped in and took it," Mr. Pavelick said. "And as much as I don't understand Metric, they say he was millimetres away from dying himself."
Mr. O'Riordan looked at Borden as if awed. Borden reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling rather embarrassed.
"Y're an 'onour'ble man," Mr. O'Riordan said.
Borden gave Mr. O'Riordan a grateful glance. Someone actually was calling him honourable.
Mrs. O'Riordan then stepped forward and did something Borden would never have expected: she embraced Borden. Borden was startled at first, but he relaxed after a bit — even if he didn't return the embrace."

The next novel will begin on November 1, check back on October 30 for the Essential Information.

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Finding Honour: Day 19

Word Count: 115,335

Summary of Events:
Chapter 37:
After sending Honour after a phone, Borden and Eira made for Highway 39 to get to the trailer park, but before they got there they encountered the man Eira had sung for — the gang boss. Honour went to Elizabeth's house and called the police and had soup for lunch while Eira worked to stall the gang boss and finally after long last the police arrived.
Chapter 38:
Eira and Honour went to the police station and gave their statements together and then Ryan and Christine came and offered to let Eira stay with them until her parents came. Honour and Eira then went to the hospital and visited Borden and Ryan and Christine apologized to Borden for having suspected him of having kidnapped Honour.

Excerpt of the Day:
"The legs came fully out and revealed the whole figure of the man. He was at least as tall as Borden, but he looked more muscular than Borden, especially across the chest and shoulders. Covering the upper part of his body was a charcoal dress jacket, a mango orange dress shirt, and a necktie with colours from the black and orange monochromatic scales forming angled stripes.
But the most fearsome thing the man had was a very large pistol — if it was even in the pistol category — in his right hand.
Borden surveyed the rest of the man. He was clean shaven, his skin well-tanned, around the sides and back of his skull his hair was kept the length of peach fuzz, but on the top of his head it was no shorter than four inches, thick, and brown, all combed to the right, his eyes were brown and cold.
His skin was caucasian, Borden was pretty sure, and he noticed some dark, greenish markings on the man's neck. The professional attire didn't really quite work for him, although he was a professional. He wasn't a professional businessman, though. Borden could tell the man was a professional cold-blooded killer. And he looked set to kill by the look he had in his eyes.
"Well if it isn't my maiden," the man said, surprising Borden with how bass his voice was.
Borden glanced toward Eira. She'd spread her legs apart, had her hands sitting on her hops, her head cocked upward. Borden guessed the man was getting a defiant look.
"Did you not think I would come and track you down?" he asked.
By the way Eira cocked her head Borden guessed she was giving the man a sarcastic expression.
"No, I couldn't let sixty thousand dollars run away from me," he said.
"I'm sure you don't even muss the money," Eira replied with fire — like when she'd threatened Borden if he were to touch her.
"Sixty thousand dollars is a big sum of money," he said. "Five thousand, no, I don't miss that, but sixty thousand dollars, that's noticeable."
"Really?" Eira asked. "I would never have guessed."
"I don't try to make it obvious," he said. "But I am going to get my sixty thousand dollars, so long as that itinerant fool behind you doesn't even think about touching his gun."
Borden sighed and dropped his arms.
"But of course you went and put us through a lot of trouble," he said "And I'm probably going to need to subdue you. So."
Borden started powering forward as the man raised his gun up, level with his shoulders, his arm ramrod straight. Stretching his arm forward, Borden grabbed Eira's arm and instantly started swinging his arm back.
The gun firing exploded through the air, it felt like it ripped through Borden and he found himself falling to the pavement and things going black as he made impact."

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Finding Honour: Day 18

Word Count: 109,335

Summary of Events:
Chapter 35:
Borden ended up meeting their pursuers face to face and found out there were only three of them — behind them — he knocked them unconscious and then followed Honour and Eira who'd run on ahead. They arrived at the shore of Williston Lake and Borden caught them fish for supper while Eira got her first glimpse of Mackenzie across the lake.
Chapter 36:
Starting early Borden, Honour, and Eira set out across Williston Lake. Their pursuers found out and notified their boss. Unsuccessfully their pursuers tried to shoot Borden, Eira swam far off to be safe. Then the boss ordered one of his other men to go out onto the lake in a motorboat. He picked up the other pursuers and they tried to capture Borden and Honour, but were once again unsuccessful. Upon reaching the shore Borden sent Honour off to find a phone and call the police for help.

Excerpt of the Day:
"The motor was getting louder, Borden winced at the thought of the motor's rotors chopping through his calves or something of the like. Borden really winced at the thought of Honour being damaged by the rotors.
It sounded like the motor ought to be on top of them. Then something was jerking on Borden's waist. No! No! Borden saw the boat to his right. Turning, he surged at the boat and managed to grasp the side. He heard outcry as he tried to get a better grip, and then a sharp pain along the left side of the tall finger on is right hand.
"Don't stab his fingers you dummy!" a voice cried. "Slash 'em!"
Borden pulled himself upward, took his right hand, and swung it hard in a right hook and made impact with something. He felt Honour's arms wrapping around his right calf. He shook the water out of his eyes and looked. Seven men were on the boat. A gargantuan black motor was holding the boat's rear end in the water and its nose up in the air.
The man with the knife was the one Borden had punched, but one of the other men took up the knife and looked about ready to make a move for Borden's throat. Borden seized Honour by the waistband of her pants and pulled her up against his side. Honour clung to him desperately, her hands slipping due to the wetness.
Borden climbed onto the boat.
"Alright! We got 'em!" the man at the motor exclaimed.
"Now where's the maiden?" the man with the knife demanded.
Borden said nothing, although he gripped the side of the boat tightly as the motor revved and they set off into motion again. Honour wrapped her arms around Borden's neck as he rested a foot on the side of the boat. Her fingers curled into his hair and pulled. Borden winced as she pulled all the fine little hairs.
"Hey!" the man with the knife barked. "Where's the maiden?"
Borden jumped up, although still holding onto the side of the boat, and came down hard, causing the boat to flip. Hanging tightly onto Honour, Borden dove deeply and swam hard a ways before letting himself come to the surface."

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Finding Honour: Day 17

Word Count: 103,337

Summary of Events:
Chapter 33:
Borden, Honour, and Eira hard to run from their pursuers for a longer distance than usual and managed to escape unharmed. Borden and Honour discussed God, Borden believing God wasn't doing anything and Honour trying to figure out how to explain to Borden that wasn't the case.
Chapter 34:
Honour and Eira discussed Borden and how, being a man, he was rather stubborn and it would take a lot more work to convince him about most everything about God. The three of them then arrived at the Nation River and crossed it with a little bit of difficulty due to the strength of the current. Eira then discussed God a little with Borden and got a better understanding as to why he wasn't interested in Christianity.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Borden and Eira took off their shoes and slogged through the river. The Nation had a good current on it. The dog swam across on his own and made it up to the shore where he shook off his golden coat. He was grateful the dog had reached there first and hand't had the opportunity to spray them.
"Borden," he paused and turned. Eira was standing somewhat close to him, the water was running fervently around her knees.
"Yes?" Borden asked.
"Can I hold your hand?" Eira asked.
Borden turned to reach back to Eira and he slipped. Borden struggled for balance, but he fell, hearing a particularly shrill scream in his ear as he went down. Fighting the natural urge to flail, Borden held his breath until he reached the surface. When he arrived there he realized he still had Honour on his back.
The current had rapidly pulled him away from Eira, who was standing, frozen with terror, watching them. Borden looked at the opposite shore and made for it as fast as he possibly could.
Desperately he fought the current and managed to reach the bank and climbed up onto it. Honour let go of Borden and started crying and coughing. Borden helped her get all the water out and then carried her, on his side, down to where the dog was sitting and waiting obediently.
Honour sat down on the ground beside the dog and looked out at Eira. Borden exhaled as he looked at Eira, she looked terrified. She might even be crying. Borden made his way down the slope and stepped into the river.
Carefully, gripping as tightly as possible onto the smooth, rounded stones underfoot, Borden made his way across the river. He hadn't recalled the Nation being this treacherous when he'd crossed it on his own, but apparently it was.
Borden carefully wrapped his arm around Eira's back, noticing that she was indeed crying. Borden turned and carefully led Eira across the river, curling his hand tightly around her ribcage as Eira's hand fiercely held a fistful of his soggy t-shirt with her arm draped around his neck.
They made their way across carefully, although Eira slipped once just before they went to get out. Borden grabbed her ribcage tightly and pulled her close. Once Eira was back on good footing Borden led her out of the river and they both put their shoes back on."

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Finding Honour: Day 16

Word Count: 97,335

Summary of Events:
Chapter 31:
Borden, Honour, and Eira journeyed along Williston Lake looking forward to arriving in Mackenzie. The boss of their pursuers got radios to some of his men still hunting and got excited that they seemed to be narrowing things down.
Chapter 32:
Eira wondered about how her and Honour's friendship was going to continue once they arrived in Mackenzie. The dog led Borden to a cougar — nearly drowning Borden in the process — and they safely averted the danger they wouldn't otherwise have known about.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Borden stumbled, but kept upright thanks to his shoulder jamming against a nearby tree. The dog had stopped. Borden straightened, switching hands with the leash so he could rub his shoulder and brush the bark off of it.
The dog was rigid, ears upward, head forward. Borden went still and looked. He couldn't see anything. Borden glanced down at the dog. If someone would've had some bronze they could've poured it over the dog and made a bronze statue.
Suddenly the dog leapt forward, the leash jerking hard on Borden's wrist, which didn't help his shoulder any. Borden staggered forward, fighting to keep his balance as they stumbled down the slope. When they reached the waterway Borden tripped on a rock and landed face-first in the water.
Gasping and flailing, Borden fought to get on top of the rush of water. After a few moments he felt an arm tug at him and suddenly he was out, trying to cough and gasp for breath at the same time.
In the end he finally got the water out — along with a bit of the prior night's supper — and got the air in. He sat in the water, catching his breath, he could feet Eira's hand resting on his shoulder and could feel the fear and nervousness coming through her fingertips.
The dog was straining at the leash. Borden gave a hard jerk and the dog stopped straining and gave some slack. Borden got to his feet and looked at Eira.
"Are you alright?" Eira asked.
Borden nodded. "I'd like to see what he's after, stay here," he said.
Eira nodded and headed back to the shore where Honour was standing sentry by Eira's boots, looking rather relieved. Borden turned to the dog.
"Show me," Borden said.
The dog went forward at a brisk pace — but not half the mad-charging gallop that he'd stated out going — and led Borden to a tree. He climbed up the tree with his forepaws and looked up, but without a sound.
Borden looked up the tree with a sigh, expecting to see a squirrel gnawing on a pinecone or something and chattering. Instead Borden's eyes went wide. Resting on the branches of a nearby rarity — a poplar — was a cat. A large, tawny, lion-looking cat that went by three names — depending on what term a person had grown up with — cougar, mountain lion, and puma."

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Finding Honour: Day 15

Word Count: 91,336

Summary of Events:
Chapter 29:
Borden walked alongside the Osilinka working on keeping his focus — which he actually found a little harder than he'd expected — and that evening as Eira massaged him he explained pretty much how he'd gotten to the point he was at.
Chapter 30:
Borden, Honour, and Eira's pursuers started running after them again, but this time the dog broke free from the pursuers and willingly joined Borden, Honour, and Eira, for which Borden was admittedly glad, it would help them to be more difficult to trace. They then arrived at the shore of Williston Lake and Honour felt like they were really getting close to home. The boss of their pursuers plotted to move north to McLeod Lake from Prince George and get radios to some of his men still out in the woods.

Excerpt of the Day:
""So I tried to forget it," Borden replied. "Forget the pain, the regret, at least for a couple of hours."
Eira felt like hugging Borden, but she wasn't sure what she would think about hugging him when she reflected on it — much less what Borden would think of it if she were to go and do it.
"Somehow I managed to do that and still have a military career," Borden said. "But then I went and got that stupid idea in my stupid head–"
"You're not stupid," Eira interjected.
"I was drunk," Borden replied, with an edge. "And I got the stupid idea in my head, so I went to see my girlfriend, and I tried to go with her to places she didn't want to go. And she called for help — not that I blame her, if she would've been coming after me in a state like that I would've called for help too."
Eira stared hard at the fire, trying desperately not to imagine the scene that Borden was describing. It was so similar to what had been threatened upon her at that place, and she didn't want to imagine it.
"Help came," Borden said. "I nearly killed him."
Digging her knuckles into Borden's back deeply, Eira moved them around, she could almost imagine Borden in a rage, delivering fierce blows. It chilled her. Borden was strong, he was physically powerful, and the damage he could do.
"So there went my military career," Borden sighed. "I was dishonourably discharged and pitched into a prison for five years on assault charges. And I've never gotten out."
"What do you mean?" Eira asked. "You're here."
"I'm out of the penitentiary in Nova Scotia, sure," Borden replied. "But I can't get out. They won't let me."
"Who won't?" Eira asked.
"My parents, my siblings, my friends, my acquaintances, my fellow citizens, everyone," Borden replied. "They've forgotten everything but what I did. What I did when I was stupid. They've forgotten everything but my most glaring mistake. And they keep shoving it in my face, saying how they never would've expected I would've done something like that, they keep throwing my dishonour back at me. They won't even believe me when I say I'd much rather avoid kids like the plague than take them. They think I'd dare go and take a child when the one thing in my rap sheet is a physical offence against adults. But I've been in prison, so they think I could turn into some kind of a pedophile or a pervert just because I was there.""

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Finding Honour: Day 14

Word Count: 85,334

Summary of Events:
Chapter 27:
Borden, Honour, and Eira were shot at by their pursuers again. Borden and Eira discussed it and Borden hypothesized that they intended to kill him and take Honour and Eira back to wherever they'd been because Borden would be too much for them. Borden then lay awake worrying until he realized that he wasn't keeping the focus he ought to be and determined to rectify that.
Chapter 28:
Eira volunteered to hold Borden accountable for retaining his focus and offered to give him a massage at the end of the day if he held his focus like he wanted to. They then encountered a summer use road that crossed the Osilinka and Borden split up with Eira to confuse their pursuers, but Eira couldn't break a tree branch to use to cover her tracks so Borden went back to look for her and she managed to get across before a logging truck passed and blew away her footprints.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Losing Eira had been scary, but Honour was glad they'd managed to find her, and she was also grateful for the truck having coming along and giving Eira an opportunity to get across the road.
They'd walked back the way they'd come and then walked a long way along the river after that, and now they'd finished their supper and Eira was giving Borden a massage while Honour herself rested in Borden's lap.
It felt like everything was just right. They were all safe, they were all alright, and God was taking care of them, and was going to keep taking care of them. And on top of that, they were nearly home — or she and Borden were anyways. Eira was still a long way from home.
Honour looked at the fire's bright orange tongues as they licked at the wood hungrily, she didn't want to think about Eira going back to her home and being so far away. She liked Eira and wanted to be close to her. She didn't want to have to be so far away from her.
She whimpered and moved her head on Borden's leg to wipe away a tear. She felt a warm, gentle, but rough hand rest on her arm. Borden rubbed his thumb along the back of her arm. He didn't say anything, but Honour felt better. She didn't have to worry about it now, they'd deal with it when the time came.
Honour reached her other hand up and put it on Borden's hand, wrapping her fingers around Borden's first two. She'd still have Borden close by, and maybe he could even take her to visit Eira or possibly even bring Eira to visit her. She could still get to be friends with Borden and — Honour wasn't sure about the idea, but she decided to think it out and see how it sounded — maybe Borden and Eira would fall in love and get married or something.
No, that sounded weird. Borden and Eira would probably be friends, but it would be really weird if they went and got married. But maybe Eira would marry someone from Mackenzie and be able to live in Mackenzie so that they could become close and visit and whatnot. Only God knew what would happen, though."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 13

Word Count: 79,334

Summary of Events:
Chapter 25:
Borden, Honour, and Eira started walking early, walking in the Omineca River so as to not leave a scent, but then they heard pursuers and so as to run better got out of the river. Then they were getting shot at and Eira and Honour had to run ahead. Borden managed to escape uninjured as well. Ryan and Christine's church began a prayer vigil for Honour and Mrs. Pavelick, in her prayer, asked for Borden's safety as he went to find Honour, which got Ryan into a terrified panic.
Chapter 26:
Reaching the turn in the Omineca River, Borden led Honour and Eira over a mountain to the headwaters of the Osilinka River. The boss of their pursuers then found out that his troupe of followers had only had one radio, so he couldn't get reports from all five groups now that they'd split up. Borden started to worry about his possibly failing.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Looking toward the Omineca, Borden saw it. The turn. Stopping, Borden put Honour down and dug his rope out of the backpack. He slid the rope through Honour's belt loops so that both ends were coming out to her left. Borden tied them in an overhand knot close to her waist and ran one end of the excess to come out the front and one to the back.
Taking the back one, Borden ran it through Eira's belt loops, tying it in a firm knot at the front. The front one he ran through his own belt loops and tied it in a firm knot at the back of his waist.
"Use the trees to pull yourself along as much as possible," Borden said.
Eira and Honour nodded.
Borden turned back to the mountains and looked up. He could almost imagine the void of his general ringing in his ears — as if he was wearing his microphone and his general was actually giving him commands — telling him that his next objective was to reach the headwaters of the Osilinka River, and commanding him to make it snappy.
"Yes sir," Borden whispered under his breath, and started forward. He felt the rope jerk around his waist, but it loosened after a bit as Honour and Eira caught up to his stride.
Reaching out, Borden grabbed trees almost as if they were ski poles or something and climbed up the slope. Rocks gritted under his feet. Fiercely climbing upward, Borden double checked every tree before he grabbed onto it — lest he select a weak tree and rip it out at its roots — and then started moving toward the next tree.
Due to the slope of the mountain Borden's calves were screaming. They didn't like climbing at this angle. Still fierce and determined, Borden continued onward. This wasn't a time to worry about whether his legs liked the angle or not. He would be able to appease them on the downhill slope. Until then, they were just going to have to deal with it.
He was not going to fail them. He was not going to fail them. He was not going to fail them. Borden repeated it over and over in his head as he pulled himself up the side of the mountain.
As he worked he could feel his shirt beginning to cling to his shoulders. Sweat was running down his face, slinking down his spine, saturating his hair and clothes. His hands swung forward, grabbing tree after tree, pulling himself upwards.
Rocks still gritted under his feet. Footing seemed to be getting slipperier. Loose rocks were everywhere, and sliding down the mountainside after he dislodged them. Borden just worked on moving upward and forward.
Suddenly he lost his footing on the rocks and went down. His left hand slipped off the rough bark of the spruce tree. He tarted blood in his mouth when he landed and felt the grip of his right hand slipping."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 12

Word Count: 73,337

Summary of Events:
Chapter 23:
Borden woke up in the middle of the night and discovered that the gangsters sent after them were very close by, so he woke up Honour and Eira they packed everything up, fleeing on foot down the Bear River until they arrived at Bear Lake, which they swam across.
Chapter 24:
After getting out of Bear Lake Borden, Honour and Eira started heading northeast toward the Omineca River, which they planned on following to the Osilinka River which fed into Williston Lake, whose coast they planned to follow south until they reached closer to Mackenzie and swam across it. The man who'd held Honour and Eira captive found out they'd gotten away and came up with five different ways that they could possibly be heading to Mackenzie and divided his hunting party up among the possibilities.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Off and on throughout the night Honour had managed to sleep. She didn't fully know what was going on, she just knew that they were walking in the river somewhere in the dark really fast — faster than she was sure she'd ever felt Borden walking before — and now it'd become light and the sun was just coming over the mountains ahead of them.
Blinking at its brightness, Honour looked at the landscape ahead of them and saw that it seemed the trees were thinning out. Were they at Williston Lake already? Honour wasn't sure that was possible. They hadn't really ever seemed to be getting very far — as far as she'd thought — in their walking.
Finally Borden stopped. Were they going to set up camp here and sleep until lunchtime again like they'd done when Borden had gotten them out of the shed? She startled when she felt Borden taking her shoes off.
He stuffed them into the backpack Eira was carrying and then set Honour down. It was cold standing in the water, but Honour didn't move. Borden took off her coat, then he took off his own, and his t-shirt too.
Honour's eyes went wide. Borden looked strong, even stronger than Ryan. He took the backpack and put it on. Eira took off her coat, put it in the backpack, and then went to zip it shut.
"My belt," Borden said.
Eira fished it out and gave it to him. Borden took off the belt of bullets and the two guns and Eira put them into the backpack. Borden then put on his own belt.
"Isn't everything in the backpack going to get wet?" Eria asked.
"No," Borden replied. "This is a backpack that can be completely submerged and keep its contents dry."
"What are we going to do now?" Honour asked.
Borden turned and looked at her. "We're going to swim."
Honour looked out over the water. It was a lot bigger, with more water than the river, so Honour guessed it was a lake.
"But I can't swim that far," Honour said.
Borden took a length of rope off one of his backpack straps. Carefully Borden tied the rope around Honour's shoulders, and then ran it through his belt loops and tied it around his waist, leaving a good piece of it slack between them.
"I'll tow you," Borden said.
They waded out further and it didn't take too long before Honour had to start floating, so she rolled onto her back and looked up at the sky. It was bright with the sun and turning its usual blue now. After awhile she heard some splashing and then there was a bit of a jerk on her rope and she was being pulled fast.
Honour bent her head up slightly and started to flutter kick as fast as her little legs possibly could to keep herself from getting sucked underwater. She could see trees on the edge of the water and they seemed to be moving fast. Borden was obviously a pretty good swimmer."

Monday, October 13, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 11

Word Count: 67,333

Summary of Events:
Chapter 21:
Borden ended up helping Eira wash her hair, and later on Honour confronted Eira about her negativity and nastiness toward Borden. Christine was putting away groceries and realized that Honour had been gone exactly three months.
Chapter 22:
Eira apologized to Borden for having been so mean to him, which surprised Borden a bit, he'd thought it'd just been distrust. Honour suddenly wondered if her family and friends thought she was dead, and her fears made Eira wonder what her parents and friends thought, if they wondered if she was dead. The man who'd held Honour and Eira captive received word that his men were nearly ready to catch Borden, Eira, and Honour.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Eira," Honour said, having turned around.
"Yes?" Eira asked.
"Why can't you be nice to Borden?" Honour asked. "God sent him to help us."
Eira said nothing.
"He wouldn't have come for us if God wouldn't have wanted him to," Honour said. "He was the person you started praying for to come get us out. And he came by God's guidance, and he helped us out. We wouldn't be here unless God had wanted him to come and help us."
"Just because God sent him to help us doesn't mean I have to like him," Eira said.
"But Eira," Honour said. "It makes things easier if you're not being so mean."
"I'm not being mean," Eira said.
"You always seem to be angry at him," Honour said. "And like you want to cause problems for him or something. Can't you be grateful."
Eira sighed. Honour was right. She wasn't exactly being the nicest — or the most grateful — toward Borden for his help. And he really could've only been sent by God.
"I didn't want some sort of guy like him coming to help us, and I didn't want a walk in the bush either," Eira said. "I was hoping the police would've come and we could've gotten rides home in cars or something. I was wanting it to be easier, instead of walking around in the bush with some stranger who looks like he might want to be on Duck Dynasty or something."
Honour sighed as if Eira were a foolish child or something. "Eira, I don't remember where it is in the Bible, but God says we can't understand why He does what He does because His ways are higher than our ways, and God doesn't have to cater to what we want. He does what He wants because He's God and He has a very good reason for it happening. So now you're mad at God. You don't like what He's doing because it doesn't match your way, and it was never supposed to."
Eira was surprised and felt badly.
"God isn't . . . predictable, or tame, or . . . under anyone," Honour said. "He is the highest authority. He doesn't have to do what you want because you're not above Him. You have  to accept that God is doing what He's doing for some very good reason — even if you won't ever understand it — and do your best to fulfill whatever part of it you're supposed to."
Eira looked up as Borden came back on the trail. He looked at her, mostly curious, but with a touch of dejection on his face that she guessed meant he'd failed to catch what he'd been after.
"God is King, and you're acting like a servant who thinks that you know better than the King," Honour said. "He knows what's best. That's why He is King, and not you.""

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 10

Word Count: 61,340

Summary of Events:
Chapter 19:
Borden went back into the gang's hideout and found the gang's arsenal, from which he took a pair of guns for himself so that they'd have defence when the gang game after them. He then took Honour on his back and carried her. Eira followed after him, upset that it was some shaggy logger-guy was leading her out into the bush instead of police driving her home in a car. They stopped at dawn to sleep for a bit and Borden debated about whether he should get them some game for lunch then or not and opted to sleep instead.
Chapter 20:
Eira woke up and got her first daylight look at Borden. She thought he was a pretty strong guy, but she didn't think the beard suited him. Borden woke up when he heard Eira going off and ended up getting a good look at her in daylight and without her winter coat on. He talked to her about what their diet would be and clued her in that bears and cougars were wandering around in the forest, scaring her. The gangsters then discovered that Honour and Eira had escaped and started to search for them. Honour got tired of walking so Borden carried her again.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Sneaking through the buildings, Borden was on high alert like he hadn't been since his last tour of duty. He was listening for anything, but was hearing nothing. He approached one of the warehouse buildings behind the shed.
He pulled on his gloves and turned the knob, it turned easily and he stepped inside the first room. There were racks everywhere, illuminated from the top down by dim blue lights. Filling the racks were guns.
Borden's eyes went wide at the sight. There was about as many guns of all varieties from miniature pistols all the way to big, long antique hunting rifles as one would need to give every man in the Canadian Forces two, he was sure.
The guns were organized according to size, it seemed, getting bigger as they worked their way clockwise around the room for the modern weaponry, and getting bigger as they worked their way around the room counterclockwise for the antiques. This was a terrifying arsenal.
Moving toward the modern pistols, Borden found one in a holster with a belt loaded with ammunition. Borden took it. Being as these men had weapons it was only fair that he borrow some of them so as to make sure these gangsters weren't violating the Geneva Convention.
He took off his own belt, rolled it up, and put it in his pocket, then he slid the ammunition belt in its place, with the holster on it and the gun inside the holster. Borden then turned to leave.
A thought froze him in place, though. There was that other girl — Eira as Honour called her — should he grab an extra weapon, just in case? Borden bit his lips and contemplated while his military training warned him that the clock was ticking. The longer he delayed the closer morning came and the lesser distance they were able to travel and the more likely that surely these men were going to be able to catch up to them.
Turning back, Borden took another gun — without a holster — and stuck it in the waistband of his pants in line with his rearmost belt loop. He then exited the building, closed the door, sprayed the knob and the ground with pepper spray, and then quietly made his way back to where he'd asked the girls to wait."

Friday, October 10, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 9

Word Count: 55,333

Summary of Events:
Chapter 17:
Borden heard the sound of a car honking and realized he was within eight kilometres of a paved road he guessed to be Highway thirty seven — the highway that lead to Iskut. Honour and Eira, feeling concerned about what their captors might do to them, prayed, and then Eira realized that she and Honour would likely have to separate once they were free, and that she couldn't just reassume her life after all the events she'd been through here.
Chapter 18:
Borden found the gang's base and figured out where Honour might be, then he slept so that he could be more alert come nighttime. Eira and Honour were visited by the man who Eira had sung for who talked of doing things with Eira she didn't want to do. After dark Borden came over to the shed and got them out. Eira didn't really trust him, but being as they wanted to get out she was going along.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Opening his eyes, Borden rubbed the worst of the mud and spruce needles from his hands and face. It was good and dark. Sitting up, Borden carefully got to his feet and turned to face the buildings.
There was a bit of moonlight illuminating things. Borden couldn't see anyone. He moved forward silently, his ears alert for anything that he couldn't see. Slowly he made his way to the shed.
Pulling out his multitool, he looked at the screw heads holding the pieces that — with a padlock threaded through them — kept the door locked. It was a plus sign. Phillips head if he wasn't mistaken. Pulling out the screwdriver head in his multitool, Borden felt it; it, too, was Phillips.
Borden fist pumped. Perfect! Inserting the screwdriver head into one of the screws, he unscrewed the screws securing the smaller piece of metal to the shed. It was held by two screws.
Using the padlock, Borden pulled the door open and looked inside. All he could see was darkness. But what he could see was irrelevant. What mattered was what he could hear, and what he could hear was breathing.
)(  )(  )(
Silhouetted in the doorway wasn't the figure of that man, that horrible, wretched, perverted man, no, it wasn't a man she'd ever seen before. He wasn't as broad as Hebb, but he wasn't as skinny as McAthry, he looked like he was a nice kind of broad. He also looked strong, taller than McAthry, probably about as tall as that man.
The moonlight there was illuminated his hair giving it a pale hue. Being as the moon always orbited a little southward — as did the sun — she couldn't see any details on his face.
"Honour," he said. He had a manly voice. It wasn't as bass as that man, although it did almost have a bit of a subtle rumble to it.
Eira looked over at Honour. Honour seemed to be seriously contemplating the man, almost slightly perplexed.
"Honour," he said again, an edge of concern and urgency to his voice.
Honour appeared to recognize this man, it seemed. She was getting to her feet.
"Honour," he said again, starting to sound highly nervous.
Honour got up and started making her way toward him.
"What are you doing?" Eira demanded.
"I know him," Honour replied.
Eira wanted to reach out and grab Honour, but she decided to wait and see what the man was going to do to Honour. Or who the man might be."

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 8

Word Count: 49,334

Summary of Events:
Chapter 15:
Eira and the man she'd been singing for got into arguing and then he tried to make an advance on Eira, but she fought him — and the backup he called in — off, but felt that her and Honour were getting into deeper danger. Borden found Bear Lake, and some real live bears at the lake which scared him.
Chapter 16:
Honour and Eira looked through the Psalms at encouraging passages, the Frankes were driving fast toward their former boss and were being followed, then they lost control and crashed. Borden's dad had to stop in Smithers because of the Franke's accident. Borden had heard the explosion of the accident and was concerned about the noise so much he was prodded to pray and then he began wondering if there really was a God. The man who Eira had been singing for got a call from one of his informants that the Frankes were dead. Hebb was then sent to tell Eira and Honour that the Frankes were dead.

Excerpt of the Day:
"A rustle sounded in the bush and Borden froze. He turned his yes toward the berry bush that extended away to his left — the west — his eyes went wide at what he saw. Only about ten feet away from him was a big, brown, fuzzy, long haired hump. A bear.
The bear raised its head. Borden had never seen a bear in real life — much less this close — he worked to breathe easily as he looked at the bear. The bear's head swivelled and looked him in the eye.
Borden had to admit that, being as it was called Bear Lake, it made sense that he should be seeing a bear, but he hadn't really wanted to see a bear. The bear continued to stare at him with it's yellowy-green eyes.
The bear raised itself up onto its hind legs. As tall of a man that Borden was, the bear was taller, and he was broader, and likely stronger. Borden wanted to run. He didn't know what to do, being as he knew running was a bad idea and bear spray — as pathetic as it sounded — hadn't been something that had been on his list of stuff to pack.
Dropping down to all fours again, the bear walked toward Borden. Never before had Borden ever wanted to shriek like a girl and run — or maybe wet himself or something. He was terrified. His heart was hammering so loud it was thundering in his ears. He felt almost as if he might faint.
The bear walked closer, it was two feet from him when it rose up onto its hind legs again and appeared to sniff. Borden was shaking like a magnitude six — or greater — earthquake was shaking the ground. He was amazed he was still on his feet, he would've thought with all his shaking he would've fallen already.
The bear dropped down on all fours again and walked on past Borden — passing so close that there was probably only about a half an inch between his skin and the ends of the bear's coat hairs. Borden turned his head to follow the bear's progress. The bear was going southward, so Borden had to whip his head around the other way. A distance away from the bear that'd just passed him was another bear who looked like it could very well have been following Borden.
Finally Borden's legs gave out and he collapsed, but he didn't stay on his knees, he tipped over and fell on his side. Closing his eyes, he took deep breaths, trying to recover himself. He still felt like he was shaking hard."

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 7

Word Count: 43,333

Summary of Events:
Chapter 13:
Borden walked through the forest around the southern end of Williston Lake and got to thinking a little bit about Mrs. Pavelick's worries. Honour and Eira — who were suffering in their rather warm clothes in the summer heat — were given some summery clothes and allowed to have showers. They also got their hair trimmed and then the man who Eira had been singing for started to discuss with Eira her unwillingness to do what he wanted.
Chapter 14:
Borden woke up and set out walking. The Frankes, having prepared a pile of explosives, set off to get revenge on the people they suspected were holding their daughter. Eira discussed with Honour how she felt so unnaturally courageous when she was talking with the man — who was threatening her — Honour told her about various courageous people in the Bible who'd been given their courage by God. Borden settled down for bed, feeling a lot better, more alive, and like he had a purpose to his life that was good.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Borden sighed and looked up to the sky. Then he heard the sound of brush moving and he surged to his feet. He was completely rigid, his eyes seeking out forms in the darkness, grateful he'd put out the fire and his eyes were completely adjusted to the night.
His entire body was on high alert, every move was slow, deliberate, and well thought out. He sought every millimetre of the forest with his eyes before moving on. Another rustle and his ears pinpointed what direction it was in.
Turning to face it, he sought out the trees with his eyes. The brush rustled again, and then a skunk came out of the bush into the learning. Borden stood dead still. He did not want to scare that.
His eyes followed the skunk as it went through the little clearing Borden was using as a campsite and disappeared into the bush on the other side. There was an occasional rustle as the skunk moved on.
Borden released himself from the tension. He took several deep breaths and then slowly laid back down. He had to admit he'd been legitimately scared. But he felt good too, like he was really alive again.
It was like combat, he was on alert, every noise was carefully considered and evaluated, he was constantly watching, carefully judging, discerning the best course, as if he were on a stealth recon mission or something. It felt really good. He was living on the edge, and there wasn't really any place he liked living more than there. Borden liked to fight, to have to think carefully and move delicately. He liked things hanging in the balance.
Sure it was walking in the bush, sure there were bears and cougars around, sure he might not find much to eat, so what? This was what he loved. This was where he thrived. It was intense, high-adrenaline action. It was danger. It was awesome.
Borden could see how Mrs. Pavelick couldn't understand. She was a woman. Women liked safety and comfort more. But he was a man, and men liked to fight, to be alive like this, on the edge, in the rough."

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 6

Word Count: 37,335

Summary of Events:
Chapter 11:
Borden went to the Agassiz penitentiary where the Frankes had been imprisoned and found out they were no longer there, but Mr. Franke'd had a cellmate and Borden had a somewhat odd and slightly convoluted conversation with the cellmate who gave Borden the name of a place called Iskut. Eira and Honour were taken to some place they didn't know and asked to sing.
Chapter 12:
Borden returned to Mackenzie and decided he was going to journey to Iskut on foot being as he didn't have the money for the fuel required to get him to Iskut by car, Mr. and Mrs. Pavelick were a little saddened at his decision. Eira sang again, as she'd been doing daily for awhile, and she and Honour discussed why she was being asked to sing.

Excerpt of the Day:
""So what are you going to need for your journey?" Mr. Pavelick asked.
"I'm not really going to need anything," Borden replied. "I've got some survival gear, and I don't think it'd be wise to bring any food with be due to the bears and other hungry wildlife."
"But how are you going to survive?" Mrs. Pavelick asked, her eyes opening wide.
"There's no lack of water in the woods, all kinds of rivers and lakes and such," Borden replied. "And there's probably going to be berries, and I could use a rope and rig up some snares to get small game."
"But still," Mrs. Pavelick said. "Who says you're going to find anything?"
"I don't know," Borden replied. "But I would think that since there isn't much for settlements in the forests of British Columbia that there would be a pretty good quantity of wildlife that could be caught and eaten."
"Shouldn't you maybe bring a gun or something?" Mrs. Pavelick asked.
"I have some knives," Borden replied. "But I don't exactly ant to go making a ruckus or anything. No sense in going out and disturbing the peace or anything — besides, I'm going to be more likely to hit a tree than anything I might want to eat with the density of the trees I'm sure."
"What about a tent? Or blankets?" Mrs. Pavelick asked.
"I have coat," Borden replied. "There wouldn't likely be too much space for a tent to be set up."
Mrs. Pavelick looked uncertain.
"Mrs. Pavelick," Borden said. "I had six years military training, and in the military we're trained to survive some pretty extreme circumstances, being as they may ver well be possibly required in combat. I'll be alright, and if not, well, I have my doubts that anybody'll really miss me or anything."
Mrs. Pavelick definitely looked on the verge of tears. Borden could see her eyes were glassy and moist.
"We will," Mr. Pavelick said.
Borden saw that Mr. Pavelick was sombre and sad looking as well. Sighing, Borden gave a glance down at his plate.
"I'm honoured that you care," Borden said. "But still, who's more important? An unmarried, dishonoured, ex-convict? Or a child? As much as I like being alive, I think that returning Honour to safety is more important — even if it possibly costs me my life."
Mrs. Pavelick was in tears now. Mr. Pavelick gently put his arm around her.
"And if it does," Mr. Pavelick said. "We aren't just going to let your body rot in the woods, we're going to make sure you get a proper and honourable burial."
Borden nodded."

Monday, October 06, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 5

Word Count: 31,338

Summary of Events:
Chapter 9:
Borden began the journey south to Prince George to investigate his hypothesis in regards to Honour's disappearance while the Frankes discussed how they were going to get revenge on the gangsters they owed money to. Honour and Eira discussed God and salvation.
Chapter 10:
Borden found out that Robyn Franke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rose, were alive, and went to interview them using the cover of wanting to write a book about Robyn's life and studying the psychology behind Robyn's decision to become a criminal. Eira then — much to Honour's surprise and elation — became a Christian.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Mr. Rose nodded. "We got Reuben and Rhonda right, but we just can't understand where the wheels fell off the wagon with Robyn, it just makes no sense."
Borden looked down at the cookies and nodded, the thought struck him that maybe his parents felt the same way. Burke and Sylvia had come out good, straight, and upright, and he'd gone and fallen apart.
"If Robyn were to come nocking on your door," Borden said. "Would you welcome her in?"
"No," Mrs. Rose say sharply.
Borden looked at Mr. Rose. Mr. Rose shook his head with a bit of reluctance.
"Robyn chose a life we don't condone, we couldn't," Mr. Rose said.
Borden nodded, then he thought of another question.
"Was Robyn ever involved in a car accident or any other traumatic event? Or were any of her friends?"
"Not really, as far as I know," Mr. Rose replied. He looked past Borden to Mrs. Rose.
Borden looked over at Mrs. Rose. Her face was somewhat hard, straight, firm, and slightly upset.
"Well, there was one party where someone ended up dying on a drug overdose," Mr. Rose said. "But other than that, no."
"Do you know how well Robyn knew the person who died?" Borden asked.
"From the sounds of things they didn't get along," Mr. Rose replied. "I think. Or maybe that was someone else. I don't know."
Borden nodded. Their lived had been a little different, and their reactions were probably different, but their parents were probably of a similar minds, except his dad was like Mrs. Rose, and his mom was like Mr. Rose.
Emptying his glass of water, Borden set it down on the tray.
"Thank you," he said. "I'm sorry if I've imposed or caused any pain."
Mr. Rose nodded. "I hope that you are able to figure something out with whatever it is you're doing," he said.
Borden rose and Mrs. Rose led him to the main entry, getting him his coat while he put his boots on. Mrs. Rose looked at Borden with a severe and icy expression. Borden gave her a sympathetic gaze, but it didn't seem to do anything.
Sighing, he stepped outside and Mrs. Rose closed the door behind him. He paused on the doorstep.
"Frederick!" he heard Mrs. Rose snap. "I have a feeling we've been conned! Next think you know everyone's going to hear about what wretched parents we are! I cannot believe I listened to you!"
Borden sighed again and moved on down the sidewalk. He had a feeling that if someone would've come to his parents and asked them similar questions they would've reacted exactly the same way — especially his dad."

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 4

Word Count: 25,344

Summary of Events:
Chapter 7:
Borden went to the police and told them about what he'd seen in the middle of the night, and about the armed couple, but the police officer was sceptical. The police officer told Ryan and Christine about Borden's visit and Ryan felt concerned. Eira asked Honour about the significance of the biographies in the Bible and Honour explained things as best as she could.
Chapter 8:
Borden discussed what kind of a job he wanted with Mrs. Pavelick, and struggled mentally with whether he should be a good civilian and stay out of hunting for Honour, or if he should satiate his adrenaline-hungry brain and get into it. Honour and Eira were then visited by the man who'd kidnapped Honour — called Hebb — and his tall, gravelly-voiced friend McAthry. Eira fought with the men and Honour nearly escaped, but she was scared by the appearance of a pair of gunmen.

Excerpt of the Day:
"The gunman looked at Eira with a hard expression.
"You got out of it this time raven, but next time," he shook his head. "No way. You owe us big time, and you're going to pay us back."
The gunman then threw Eira backwards and stalked out of the door. The other gunman closed the door. Eira fell back and put a hand out to stop her falling, but quickly pulled it back and let herself fall on her back, bringing her hand up against her chest and holding it with her other hand, tears seeping out of her eyes.
Honour got up and went over to Eira. She was scared with everything that'd happened, but she knew Eira was hurting.
"What happened?" Honour asked.
"I jammed my wrist," Eira replied, sounding ready to cry. "When I fell. It hurts."
"What are they going to do to you?" Honour asked.
"Horrible things," Eira whispered. "Savage things. Evil things. Things that should never have been thought of by anyone ever."
It scared Honour to think that there were such bad things, and that they were going to be done to Eira too.
"Why are they going to do them?" Honour asked.
"Because they want to make videos," Eira replied. "And they want to sell the videos, and make money off the videos because there are depraves souls out there who like watching such vileness, so that they can make back the money my brother owed them."
Honour shuddered at the thought. People liked to see it? She looked up at the roof of the shed. Had the world been more evil than this when God had flooded it? Or was this more evil? Too bad God had gone and promised He'd never flood the whole world again or maybe He could've sent another flood and gotten rid of all this evil.
"But they aren't," Eira whispered.
"What?" Honour asked.
"They aren't," Eira replied. "They aren't going to make me. I am not going to do it. I am going to fight them. I am not going to give in. I will never quit fighting them. They will not make me do it. They aren't going to succeed in defeating me. I don't care how much it hurts me. I am going to fight them. I would rather die than do that for them. Oh."
Eira dissolved into tears. Honour wanted to hug Eira, but she didn't think she had the strength to lift Eira up. Eira started to lament — or so it seemed to Honour — but she had no idea what language Eira was speaking in."

Friday, October 03, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 3

Word Count: 19,341

Summary of Events:
Chapter 5:
The police questioned Borden about whether or not he'd seen Honour due to Christine's suspicions that Honour had gone to see him, and he told them that she hadn't. The Frankes went to the ugly trailer and found a note that told them to pay what they owed and they'd find their child. Honour arrived at the gang headquarters and met Eira. Honour then talked to Eira about Christianity and explained it to her.
Chapter 6:
Incredibly curious in regards to the suspicious activities of the man and the couple he'd seen visiting the ugly trailer over the past two days, Borden went to look at it himself and found that whomever had been living there had been tracking Honour. Honour and Eira then talked some more and Honour realized that her parents were bad guys and started feeling rather scared and alone.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Two incidents of suspicious activity at that place in two days. It was bothering Borden. That ugly trailer had been where the man came from with that sleeping bag, and then a blonde couple — an armed couple — came and searched the place thoroughly. Borden had their license plate number — not that he was sure he could look it up or anything.
The suspicion around that place was driving Borden wild. He had to go look around it himself. Opening his backpack, he pulled out his pair of slim, yet well-insulated gloves that he'd used in the winter. Even if they were a little on the warm side, they were the only gloves he had, and the last thing he wanted to do was go leaving his fingerprints at the place or goodness knew he was going to be questioned again.
Putting the gloves in his pocket, Borden stepped outside. He looked both ways before crossing the rather uneven and poor looking strip of asphalt that was the road in this park and then went over to the ugly trailer.
He put his gloves on and turned the know. The interior of the trailer wasn't any less ugly than the exterior of the trailer in regards to decoration — it was high seventies — but it was neater, quite a bit neater for the most part. It looked odd for a place with such outdated style to be looking so neat and clean like it did. It didn't look like a haven for suspicious activity.
As he scanned the living room into which he'd entered, Borden couldn't help but notice that a change had occurred in himself. His senses were alert, his analysis was critical, his whole body was tense and ready for action at the drop of a hat. He felt like he was doing more than just existing. He was living.
His gaze swept across the floor, the carpet was a beige-gold colour with a but of a metallic sheen, but there was a stain on it. A stain that was rather reddish. After doing a quick survey and determining that there was no one waiting to pounce on him, he strode over to the spot and squatted down.
It could very likely — more likely than anything else — be a two-day-old bloodstain, he felt quite certain. And that meant that someone had been killed here. Which worked with the shape of that sleeping bag when the man had brought it out.
Keeping his senses alert, he walked through the house, giving it a light survey. Things were neat and tidy and it looked like a rather ordinary trailer — especially if somebody suddenly were to zap the world back in time to the high seventies — and then he found a filing cabinet."

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 2

Word Count: 13,333

Summary of Events:
Chapter 3:
Mr. and Mrs. Pavelick, an elderly couple, offered Borden a place to stay instead of his car, which he accepted quite appreciatively. Eira, being as she was rather bored and tired of thinking about the fact that her brother was dead, decided to keep her singing muscles fit and sang a choral lament she'd learned in school.
Chapter 4:
Honour went out to find Borden and visit with him, but encountered a strange man who made her get into his SUV. The man then went and visited the woman who had called the Frankes to punish her for having called the Frankes. Borden woke up in need of the bathroom and discovered activity was going on at the ugly trailer across the way and watched a man carry a mummy sleeping bag out of the house, and then some other stuff and was puzzled. Ryan and Christine — Honour's foster parents — discussed whether they should call the police and Christine confessed that she suspected Honour might've gone looking for Borden which stunned Ryan. Honour then woke up and 1:25 in the morning and overheard her captor talking on the phone with someone and using a lot of puzzling terms.

Excerpt of the Day:
"He smiled at her, but the smile looked like a smile a bad guy would do. He was wearing a t-shirt with some sort of logo on it and plain jeans that looked like they needed to be washed. His arms were all covered in those weird marking things that made Honour's skin crawl.
"Hello there," he said in a voice that sounded actually a little nice. "Is your name Honour Sorken?"
Honour was surprised that he would know her name, and even though she wanted to say no she knew that lying was wrong and answered: "Yes."
The man squatted down to be about the same height as her. "I would like it very much if you'd come for a ride in my jeep with me," he said.
"I'm sorry," Honour said. "But I'm trying to find someone, and I don't think he's far enough away that I need a ride."
"I'll give you some candy if you do," he said.
"I have a snack in my backpack already," Honour said.
"Oh please Honour," he said. "I have some people I really want you to meet, and they've been waiting to meet you for a very long time."
"Like who?" Honour asked.
"Your parents," he replied.
"If they want to meet me then they can come all by themselves and find me," Honour said.
"Oh but they can't, they're very busy you know," he said.
"If they really want to meet me they can come all by themselves and do it, I don't need you tot take me to them," Honour replied, rather defiantly.
"They sent me to get you," he said.
"Well then who didn't you stop at Ryan and Christine's house and tell them?" Honour asked. "Ryan and Christine wouldn't be happy about this."
"No, of course not, but I'll go to Ryan and Christine if you'll come with me," he said.
"I'll walk," Honour said.
"Come, please," he said.
"No," Honour replied.
She watched his face begin to harden and his smile really fade. He reached out and grabbed her arm hard and tight. It hurt.
"You're going to come with me in my jeep," he said. "Or I'm going to hurt you."
"God's bigger than you are," Honour replied defiantly. "He'll beat you up."
The smile, although looking really bad, came back, and he chuckled in a bad way.
"There is no God," he said. "You'll believe anything."
"God's bigger than you are, and He'll beat you up," Honour repeated sharply.
"Well then you'd think He'd be wailing on me already," he said. "Or is He going to wail on me once you're in the jeep?"
"Why would He cry on you?" Honour asked.
"I don't mean wailing as in crying, I mean wailing as in punching lots, fast, and hard," he replied.
"Well God doesn't always do things the same as people," Honour said. "But He's going to beat you up."
"I'd like to see Him try," he said."

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Finding Honour: Day 1

Word Count: 7,357

Summary of Events:
Borden and four of his friends were driving on a rainy highway and skidded out of control, rolling and hitting an electrical pole. A Prince George police officer received a call and arrested the Frankes, a drug-dealing couple who'd been eluding the police for some time. And Borden attempted to assault his girlfriend, assaulted a male comrade, and was restrained before he could carry out the assault on his girlfriend.
Chapter 1:
Borden, now out of prison, finished up his over five thousand kilometre long drive from Nova Scotia to Mackenzie and went to his parents house to see if they'd give him a place to stay for at least a little bit, but his father refused. His mom wanted to, but his dad was persistent. Eira was told by her captors that her brother killed himself and so it was up to her —by whatever means they chose — to pay back the $60,000 he'd owed them, which she defiantly refused to do.
Chapter 2:
Borden went to his cousin Christine's house to see if she and her husband Ryan would take him in, but she refused, being as she was sure Social Services would put up a fuss, being as she and Ryan had foster children, although she gave him some food. Honour, and Ryan and Christine's younger daughters Jessica and Natalie, discussed Borden and how Honour thought that Christians shouldn't be as scaredy as they were because they had God to take care of them. The Frankes received a call from a woman allied with one of their adversaries professing she knew where their daughter was and was going to tell them without harming them, although they were sceptical of her honesty.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Her mouth was slightly open with surprise, she was blinking rather frequently, and she looked completely taken aback.
"Borden," she whispered.
He wasn't really sure what to say. She'd said it more as a statement than as if she wanted him to respond. She looked completely astounded.
"Dana?" his dad's voice called. "Dana, who's at the door?"
His mom remained silent and after a few moments Borden heard the heavy stride of his father. Then his father stepped into view, fairly tanned, strong, his blonde hair kept in a short, masculine style, his moustache — a little whiter than it las had been — still sitting stately and befitting of his trucking job on his upper lip.
His father was a lot more casual than his mom, wearing jeans — probably Levis — and a button-front plaid shirt with the top three buttons open and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Borden looked up into his dad's eyes.
They were dark, rather unemotional, and cold.
"Dana," his dad said, still holding his gaze. "Close the door.
His mom startled and turned. "But it's–"
"I don't care," his dad interrupted. "Flesh and blood as he might be, no son of mine breaks the criminal code. Close the door."
"Robert, please," his mom pleaded. "Just a few–"
"No," his dad said sharply. "Dana, you are closing the door."
"But Bor–"
"Dana!" his dad snapped.
A silence fell over them that was somewhat awkward, and yet simmering with the tension radiating out from his father. Borden felt he ought to leave. There was no sense causing any problems here. He had guessed something akin to this might take place.
"Close the door," his dad said. "He will not step foot in this house for anything at all, he has done horrible things, and I do not condone actions by anyone of my household, therefore I am not going to permit him to become a member of it."
Sighing, Borden glanced back down at his mother. She looked at him as if she were desperate, sorry, and yet also afraid. He gave a quick glance upward at his father, and then turned and headed off the doorstep.
"Borden," his mom whispered again, almost as a bit of a plea.
Before he'd reached the corner of the garage, though, he head the somewhat soft sound of the door closing. Stopping beside his car, he put a hand on the roof and sighed. As he stood there he surveyed the rest of the street. Nice, neat houses, nice, neat lawns, sure it wasn't half as rich as some places, but it was still pretty nice and fancy for being up in the woody north.
Sighing again, he opened the door to his car and slid inside. He closed the door and buckled up. Part of him wanted desperately to burst into tears, but he had to admit, he deserved what he'd gotten, a cool reception. He felt imperfect, he felt horrible, there was no reason for anyone to think him any better than he thought of himself."