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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 15

Word Total: 90,001

Year to Date: 450,013

Summary of Events:
Chapter 29:
Heleighna got called by Jacquelinne while Christmas shopping with Granville and Jacques-Henri — whom she introduced to Jacquelinne — before getting homesick again. Étienne rode Sauvage some more and talked with Chérie.
Chapter 30:
Heleighna opened her Christmas presents early in the morning and was called by her family for Christmas. Étienne visited Dr. Charron for one more set of x-rays on Sauvage and was cleared to go back to full workouts — although he'd still miss the first competition of the new year.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Maman nodded. "Who else do you know there?"
"Most everyone, there's Mme. LaBrecuqe — Chérie's mother — and Mlle. Corbeil who's actually the aunt of my friend Granville, and a lot of other teachers and students," Heleighna replied. "I don't know all of them. I don't even know all of the horses."
"Which horses do you know?" Maman asked.
"Résolu is the gelding I've been doing a little work with," Heleighna replied.
"Riding?" Maman asked.
"No," Heleighna replied. "Not for a long time. I wanted to learn how to train a horse, so I'm practising things with Résolu — although he knows all of the things I'm learning already — M. Amyotte wants to find me an untrained horse to train all by myself."
"Oh my," Maman said. "What other horses do you know?"
"M. Étienne's three horses," Heleighna replied. "Excellent Depart, known as Ex for short, he's a rather short gelding; Couronne de Patience, or Couronne, who was M. Étienne's first dressage horse, his mother sold her without telling him, but he managed to buy her back — except he wasn't very nice and sold his mother's expensive jewelry to do so, and ran off to his grandparents too."
"Oh my," Maman said.
"M. Étienne's other horse is the stallion Sauvage Vent d'Espange; he was bred in Switzerland and bought by M. Étienne's father when he — Sauvage — was five," Heleighna added. "Sauvage is the horse M. Étienne competes on now, and he looks magnificent and terrifying at the same time."
"That's very interesting," Maman said.
"Teghanne's horse is named Grace," Heleighna said. "And M. Étienne's training a young stallion to ride for M. Amyotte known as Tempête Proche; he was bred in Manitoba and is part Selle Français, he seems scary, but he's nicer when he's not held by ropes; M. Étienne even let me work him once, without help, and it was amazing."
"Oh my goodness," Maman said. "Does that mean you finally know what you want?"
"What do you mean?" Heleighna asked.
"Yzabelle knew she wanted to be in medicine when she was ten," Maman replied. "But you never seemed to have found where you want to be yet."
Heleighna was silent for a moment. "Yes Maman," she replied. "I think I do know what I want. I want to be someone who can work with horses without ropes, someone who can do magnificent, amazing things with horses like that. I want to be a person horses are confident around, someone horses can trust."
"That is wonderful Heleighna," Maman said. "I'm so proud of you. And to think you would've never known if you wouldn't have gone to Canada."
Heleighna startled at the thought. It was true. She wouldn't ever have known anything about horses other than what they looked like if she wouldn't have come to Canada; she might well have taken years to find out what she wanted to do if she wouldn't have come to Canada."

Corbeil: cohrb'aye
Proche: prohche
Selle Français: sell frahnsay

And, if you recall from earlier this month, I was participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and have successfully become a
once again. I will be participating in the next Camp NaNoWriMo in July, and of course NaNoWriMo in November as well.
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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 14

Word Count: 84,005

Summary of Events:
Chapter 27:
Heleighna really wanted to go home, and finally decided to pack, but once she was packed she didn't want to leave. Étienne was sent by Mme. Amyotte to bring Heleighna lunch and ended up giving her some advice and then worked Tempête.
Chapter 28:
Heleighna had gone to watch Étienne, who offered her the opportunity to work Tempête, which she did somewhat reluctantly, but amazingly well. Dr. Charron came to check up on Sauvage again and gave Étienne the news that he could finally ride Sauvage again, which Étienne did, of course.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Signalling Sauvage forward again, Étienne went around some more. He was riding his stallion. He was finally riding his stallion again. Étienne wouldn't wait to do routines again.
And why shouldn't he? What was wrong with him doing routines again? He couldn't necessarily do them at all the proper gaits, but nothing said he couldn't ride through the routines in slow motion.
Étienne nodded. It would be much better than walking around in ovals. It would be a good way to make sure that Sauvage still had everything, and begin Sauvage's reconditioning too.
Sauvage moved around the arena with smoothness and fluidity; Étienne just had to make sure that Sauvage didn't start trotting or cantering or pulling off any piaffes, lest he injured himself.
As he passed by the gate, Étienne saw Mlle. Boisvert watching him, her mouth agape, her eyes wide, as if she were watching something more amazing than she could've ever imagined possible in the world.
Étienne kept riding around the arena, working through routine after routine, getting more and more difficult in them as he worked. Finally, Étienne reached the difficult routine that Sauvage had done in Florida.
Bringing Sauvage to a stop, Étienne sat still. Should he do it? Or shouldn't he? Would he be able to remember it and keep Sauvage from going too fast? Étienne was uncertain; he glanced over at Mlle. Boisvert.
She looked curious and concerned, puzzled as to why he'd stopped, and also looking as if she were sad that it was over. Étienne turned and looked between Sauvage's ears. Taking a deep breath and then releasing it, Étienne asked Sauvage to walk again.
Sauvage started forward, following Étienne's cues. Étienne focused on Sauvage, even though it took all of his determination and willpower to not think about the routine and begin freaking out.
Étienne focused on Sauvage and visualized the video Teghanne had taken of him performing the routine. He rode his stallion around the arena at a walk, even though he was seeing them trotting, cantering, performing piaffes, and everything else.
Sauvage kept steady and concentrated, performing each manoeuvre in slow motion as requested until finally they came to a halt, the routine completed. Étienne exhaled, closing his eyes as he did so; leaning forward, he wrapped his arms around Sauvage's neck and lay still there. He'd done it.
Étienne had remembered the entire routine. He hadn't forgotten a single thing about it. He'd made it through. Sitting up and opening his eyes, Étienne saw Mlle. Boisvert standing in the doorway, staring in awe.
"We're almost there Sauvage," Étienne said. "We are almost there.""

Mlle. = Mademoiselle

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 13

Word Count: 78,059

Summary of Events:
Chapter 25:
Heleighna arrived home form school and found a parcel from home full of birthday and Christmas presents, she became overwhelmed by homesickness and talked with Mme. Amyotte, Teghanne, and the horse Résolu.
Chapter 26:
Heleighna was called by Papa early in the morning. Étienne got up and talked with the cook Mme. Villetard, then he went to the school and helped shovel snow, had breakfast, and then worked with Sauvage, all the while feeling like he was getting nowhere.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Heleighna took up her phone and looked. Papa. Pressing the button to accept the call, she put her phone to her ear.
"Allô Heleighna," Papa said. "It took you awhile to get to the phone."
"I was sleeping," Heleighna replied.
"What time is it there?" Papa asked.
Heleighna pulled her phone away from her ear and looked, but it didn't have a clock on it.
"What time is it there?" Heleighna asked in return.
"Noon, Papa replied.
"Then it's six in the morning here, my alarm only goes off in a half an hour," Heleighna replied.
"Has your parcel arrived yet," Papa asked.
"Yes," Heleighna replied.
"Did you like what I got you?" Papa asked. "Maman said you would like it, but I wasn't entirely sure."
"Yes, I did Papa," Heleighna replied. "It was wonderful Papa, it's one of the best gifts you've ever gotten for me."
"I'm glad," Papa said. "When can we expect a parcel from you?"
"I don't know," Heleighna replied. "I haven't even thought about presents yet."
"Just like me," Papa said. "I didn't remember to get you a birthday present until the day after your birthday."
Heleighna smiled, although she could feel the sadness and loneliness welling up inside of her again.
"Hopefully we'll get them in time for Christmas," Papa said.
"I'll see what I can do," Heleighna replied.
"Why are you whispering," Papa asked.
"Because I'm going to cry," Heleighna replied, her voice choking.
"Oh Heleighna amoureuse, don't cry," Papa said.
"I can't help it Papa," Heleighna replied.
"Why should you cry?" Papa asked. "You're being well taken care of, you're learning a lot, and hopefully you're going to have a better future because of your education, there's nothing to cry about."
"I'm all alone," Heleighna replied.
"No you're not," Papa said. "You have M. and Mme. Amyotte, and your friends you've told me about, Granville and Jacques-Henri and Teghanne; you can easily call me, or Maman, or Yzabelle, or your friends here, Jacquelinne and . . . Aléxandra."
"But I'm going to be away from all of you for Christmas," Heleighna said.
"It will be alright," Papa said. "We'll all get together on Christmas and call you."
"I can't get hugs from any of you, I can't even just sit down beside you and feel you," Heleighna said.
"Summer isn't that far away," Papa said.
"Yes it is!" Heleighna replied. "It's seven months!"
"Amoureuse," Papa said. "If you forget about how long it is and just do things and have fun it will pass in no time at all, I promise you, it won't be so bad, you didn't seem to think it was that bad or that long before."
"But that was before I realized I was going to be away for Christmas," Heleighna replied.
Papa sighed. "I promise you'll be alright Heleighna, it will be fine."
"I don't know," Heleighna replied."

Résolu: rehzoh-lu
Villetard: villtahrd
Amoureuse: ahmohr-ooze

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 12

Word Count: 72,004

Summary of Events:
Chapter 23:
Heleighna and Jacques-Henri watched Granville and the Remparts practise and Jacques-Henri told Heleighna a lot about hockey. Étienne put ice on Sauvage's leg and talked over his worries about how quickly Sauvage would heal with Chérie.
Chapter 24:
Heleighna noticed that Étienne was rather tired and down and asked him about it, leaving him with a question to consider before going off to her training lesson. Étienne sat in the Amyotte's kitchen and contemplated the question, but not really coming to much of a resolution.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Père had bred him to be a perfectionist, he'd always striven to do perfectly, attending every competition, finishing as high as he possibly could, working his hardest, constantly learning and growing and working to always improve himself and get more perfect, and so his mind was focused on the goal of perfection: he had to be at the first competition of the new year.
But his heart loved Sauvage. Étienne wasn't even really sure how much; as much as the siblings he'd never had? As much as he might love a wife — if he were ever to bind himself in that way? As much as the loving parents he'd not really had? Étienne loved Sauvage as more than a horse, though, he was sure of that; even more than a best friend.
Sauvage seemed to be the main source of meaning in Étienne's life — above all other horses — he was the one that Étienne had known and worked with the most, he was the horse Étienne had debuted in Grand Prix with, he was the horse Étienne had ridden in his first Olympics, and would be riding in the next ones — hopefully.
To be without Sauvage was something his heart shuddered to think of, and even his mind couldn't really imagine. But if he followed his mind's breeding to be perfect, and to not ever miss a single Grand Prix competition, he could be without Sauvage for the rest of his life.
So what was more important? Being perfect, or having his stallion with him until eventually Sauvage was old and just died because of natural causes? It wasn't really even a conflict between head and heart, or reason and desire. It was a conflict between reasons.
Which was more reasonable? To have perfect competition record and no horse for five years? Or to not necessarily place as high as he could've and still have his horse for at the absolute least another fourteen years?
If he gained the points in the first competition of the new year, but lost Sauvage, then he wouldn't have any points for up to five years when Tempête was finally ready. If he lost the points then he could still finish out the season, got to these Olympics, three more, and gain thousands more points in the ensuing seasons — depending on how long he could compete Sauvage; but still, he would get points over those five years and then start getting points with Tempête as he scaled Sauvage back accordingly to his age and skill and eventually retired him to stud for the rest of his years.
It was hard, though. To reconcile that with his mind; to convince his mind that for once perfection should not be done. That perfection wasn't important; health was more important than perfection — and would reap a multitude more benefits in the long run."

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 11

Word Count: 66,003

Summary of Events:
Chapter 21:
Étienne worked with Tempête and dreamed about wowing the stallion's breeder when he competed with Tempête in five years. Heleighna met Granville and Jacques-Henri for lunch and noticed that Jacques had changed for the better.
Chapter 22:
Heleighna was mucking out the stalls down Sauvage's aisle when Étienne and Dr. Charron came to check on him. Étienne was concerned by what Dr. Charron had found, but when the x-rays came back positive he felt a lot better.

Excerpt of the Day:
"As she cleaned out the piles she heard advancing feet. She stopped working and listened. It sounded like more than one person. She turned and saw M. Étienne and the veterinarian, Dr. Charron, walking down the aisle.
She turned back to her work, they were checking up on Sauvage, she was sure. They approached without a word and opened Sauvage's stall door. Heleighna glanced over through the upper half as Dr. Charron's head dipped down.
"Hm," Dr. Charron said. "It still looks swollen."
Heleighna heard a stamp.
"And it's still tender," Dr. Charron said. "You've been regular with the ice and cold water, right?"
"Yes," M. Étienne replied, his voice sounding tight.
Heleighna glanced at him and saw that his entire face was tight, not in the way that had so terrified her the other day, but in a more concerned, fearful way, like he was scared because of what Dr. Charron was saying.
"Now you said you've been walking him for an hour," Dr. Charron said.
"Yes," M. Étienne replied.
"You were at a half an hour last time I was here and there seemed to be improvement," Dr. Charron said. "But it almost seems like things have gone back downhill again."
"How?" M. Étienne asked sharply. Heleighna was sure that was just because he was scared.
"Well, he's more sensitive again, he was much better last time," Dr. Charron replied.
Heleighna moved the wheelbarrow and got the fresh bedding.
"And also his swelling does seem to be bigger than it was before," Dr. Charron said.
Heleighna moved the fork over the bedding and spread it out.
"You haven't upped to a brisk walk, have you?" Dr. Charron asked.
"No," M. Étienne replied.
"Hmm," Dr. Charron said. Heleighna looked up and saw him stroking his chin contemplatively. He'd grown a beard since she'd last seen him, she noticed.
M. Étienne looked at Dr. Charron with brooding panic. Heleighna felt like offering him some encouragement, but she didn't know how, and to get near him she'd have to get near Sauvage, and Sauvage was still rather scary to her.
"How does your walk routine go?" Dr. Charron asked.
"I walk him in the aisles for forty five minutes," M. Étienne replied. "And I finish off with fifteen minutes walking the perimeter of the arena."
"That would do it," Dr. Charron said.
Heleighna was puzzled. What did Dr. Charron mean?
"Why did you start walking him in the arena?" Dr. Charron asked.
"Because I'm tired of walking down the aisles, and I think he is too," M. Étienne replied. "He definitely seems happier walking around the arena."
"How thick is the sand cover in the arena?" Dr. Charron asked.
"Six inches," M. Étienne replied.
"What's under that?" Dr. Charron asked.
"Packed dirt, more sand, grave, and rocks, also packed, and then that's where the walls end and it's dirt again," M. Étienne replied. "It's about ten feet down before the dirt begins again, and the bulk of that is packed dirt and sand.""

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 10

Word Count: 60,009

Summary of Events:
Chapter 19:
Heleighna was handing out carrots to the horses and was going to give one to Sauvage, but Étienne found her and got quite upset at her. Étienne later was made to apologize to Heleighna, even though he didn't want to.
Chapter 20:
Étienne gave Sauvage a longer workout, which Chérie saw and got somewhat uptight about it, which confused Étienne, but Chérie eventually explained herself to Étienne. Heleighna saw them together later on and was surprised by their amicability.

Excerpt of the Day:
""But still, the temptation is stronger here than elsewhere," Chérie said. "If you walk him in the aisles you're not as tempted to get him up to a trot, a canter, or performing any manoeuvres because it's too confined and dangerous. Here things are open and free and meant for doing all of those things. If you're working him here the open space will tempt you to work him more and more until eventually you overwork him and aggravate his injury."
"If I gradually build him up in his workload then he won't aggravate his sprain," Étienne said. "And besides, we're going to have to get back into the arena eventually anyways."
"But how long are you going to do it?" Chérie asked.
"What do you mean?" Étienne asked.
"Are you going to build him back to full workout over a week? A month? More?" Chérie asked.
"Six weeks," Étienne replied.
"I don't think that'll be enough time," Chérie said.
"And since when are you the veterinarian?" Étienne asked.
"I'm not," Chérie replied. "But–"
"Then why should I listen to you?" Étienne asked. "Dr. Charron hasn't said anything about working in the arena, but when Sauvage was injured he did say that Sauvage would be able to compete again the first competition after the break, and he hasn't made any change to that prediction either."
"Because I don't think you're doing the best for your horse," Chérie replied.
"And you're an authority on what's the best for my horse?" Étienne asked.
"No," Chérie replied. "But–"
"There you go again," Étienne interrupted. "That's the third time you've admitted that I really have no legitimate reason why I should be listening to you. If you'd answered yes to any of those questions then I might consider listening to you, but you've answered no to all three, and yet still feel that I should listen to you. You've given me no legitimate reason why I should listen to you, so I'm not going to; get out of here and leave me alone."
"I don't want you to hurt Sauvage more!" Chérie snapped; Sauvage stopped and warily looked at her.
"I won't!" Étienne snapped in response. "I know just as much about horses as you do — if not maybe possibly even more than you do — I know what I'm doing! I'm not a fool idiot! Stop talking to me like you think I am one! Go work with your own horse or do something else and leave me alone! I want to compete with him, and If I want that then I'm not going to do anything that would injure my horse!"
"But your desire to compete might well cloud your mind!" Chérie retorted. "And I don't want you to be so blinded by your desire to compete that you forget about the wellbeing of your horse!"
"I won't!" Étienne replied. "And in addition: what does it benefit you whether or not I compete?"
Chérie opened her mouth to retort, but said nothing. It seemed like the realization had hit her that maybe she didn't even know what the reason was behind her actions. Étienne signalled Sauvage to walk on."

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 9

Word Count: 54,005

Summary of Events:
Chapter 17:
Granville and Jacques-Henri came over to have lunch with Heleighna and the Amyottes and met Étienne; Heleighna showed them around and they watched Étienne work with Couronne before Jacques-Henri asked to learn how to train horses as well.
Chapter 18:
Heleighna got called by her dad in the middle of class, but got him to call back later. Étienne went with M. Amyotte to look at some horses that might work for Heleighna and Jacques-Henri to learn to train with.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Gerard turned and led them to his stables from the back end and stopped at the second stall in. Taking up the halter, Gerard slipped inside and led out a handsome grey stallion who was much lighter than Tempête.
The stallion had good confirmation and lines, and he looked like a good example of the Hanoverian breed. Étienne nodded. He was definitely a good looking horse. But that meant nothing, really.
"What's he like under saddle?" Étienne asked.
"Who knows?" Gerard replied. "He's never been trained to saddle."
Étienne felt like this would've been an appropriate moment for him to have the physical ability to drop his jaw to the floor.
"How old is he?" M. Amyotte asked.
"Six," Gerard replied.
"Why wouldn't they have trained him to ride?" M. Amyotte asked.
"Couldn't tell you," Gerard replied.
"Well, he looks good enough, and seems of good temperament," M. Amyotte said. "It would be nice to see him under saddle, though."
"How much do you want for him?" Étienne asked.
M. Amyotte and Gerard both looked at Étienne with mouths agape — their jaws would've probably hit the floor if they'd had the physical ability.
Gerard closed his mouth, shook his head, and recovered himself, somewhat. "Being as I got him for five I'm only asking fifty five hundred," he replied.
Étienne reached into his coat and pulled out his chequebook and pen. He filled out a cheque for the amount and handed it to Gerard. Gerard looked at it, and then looked at Étienne, his eyes wide. M. Amyotte still hadn't recovered.
"Why are you buying him?" Gerard asked.
"I want to see what he's like under saddle," Étienne replied. "And if he's good enough I might even consider competing with him."
"What about Tempête?" Gerard asked. "I heard you might be riding him."
"I can ride more than two horses," Étienne replied. "And Père's already ordered the jet."
"The what?" M. Amyotte asked.
"I got to thinking about the logistics of travelling with two stallions when you proposed Tempête to me," Étienne replied. "And being as we have to get everything off of the planes quickly so they can go off to get ready for their next flight and whatnot, I have to hold Sauvage with two mares present who don't usually coordinate their cycles — although I'm afraid of what might happen if such did occur — and I don't know that I could control two stallions, or three. However, if I had a private jet, it's solely for flying me and my guests wherever we want, or need, to go, and I could have it converted to have special isolated areas for each horse, and then we can take them out one at a time or whatever and not have to hurry or try and restrain stallions from having at cycling mares. So I asked Père, and he ordered one, I can always add another horse suite or two."
"I guess it works," Gerard said. "Oy."
"Bon Seigneur," M. Amyotte said, looking like he'd been run over by a truck."

Gerard: zhehrahrd
Père: pehr'
Bon Seigneur: boh' sehnhyuhr

**Note: There will be no posts until Monday, April 20, when the novel will resume due to a family trip.**

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Reconciling Circumstances: Day 8

Word Count: 48,021

Summary of Events:
Chapter 15:
Heleighna watched Étienne as he worked Tempête, and then Couronne — spellbound by his talent with the horses — before going shopping with Teghanne. Étienne had dinner with his father and his father's fellow company founders.
Chapter 16:
Heleighna met Jacques-Henri Tremblay, Granville's billet family's son who'd just been transferred to her school and learned some more about Étienne. Étienne called Amanda and told her about Sauvage's sprain and then wandered around bored because he couldn't work Sauvage.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Hello?" Amanda answered.
"Allô," Étienne replied.
"Hey, I haven't checked her yet," Amanda said. "Were you wondering?"
"Non," Étienne replied.
"Why'd you call then?" Amanda asked.
"Well, I, I'm not really sure how to say it," Étienne replied. "Not without getting upset."
"Did I mess something up?" Amanda asked, sounding concerned.
"No, not really," Étienne replied. "I just won't be interested in doing natural breeding again anytime soon, unless it's a hybrid of conventional and natural, with a bit more control involved."
"Why? Cut to the chase already!" Amanda said.
"Sauvage sprained a hind tendon," Étienne replied.
"Oh my," Amanda gasped.
"Dr. Charron says it has to do with rearing," Étienne said. "And awkwardly."
"So are you saying she won't have a foal?" Amanda asked.
"It depends on when he reared awkwardly," Étienne replied. "If it was while he was doing what he was supposed to then we're fine. If it was beforehand and he never did because of the pain, then no. It all depends on what you find. I can't confirm anything here."
"I would like to try again if she doesn't take or never got it," Amanda said.
"Then I would like there to be someone always watching the pasture and have them only together during the daylight hours," Étienne said. "I don't want wholly natural, lest Sauvage get injured again. I was terrified it was a bone spavin."
"I'm glad it wasn't, and I'm so sorry," Amanda said. "Should I give you some extra?"
"No, I'll be fine," Étienne replied.
"Oh man, I'm so sorry Étienne," Amanda said. "Nothing like that's ever happened before; things have always gone pretty well. Of course every other horse I've used has been retired already, and of course it happens with an active competitor. Is there any way at all I can make it up to you?"
"I don't think so," Étienne said. "I've got pretty much everything I want. Or do you have a time machine so we could go back and undo that?"
"No, I don't," Amanda said. "And I honestly kind of wish I did now too. Gee, I feel horrible.
"I guess you've learned a little something is all really," Étienne said.
"Yeah, I guess so," Amanda said. "I think I'll check the pasture and see if there are any spots that might've facilitated the injury or not. I'll let you know if I find anything, and if Georgie is in foal when we check at the end of the month."
"Alright," Étienne said.
"I hope Sauvage gets better soon," Amanda said.
"Hopefully he should be back up and going again before the break is over," Étienne said.
"That's good, I hope you don't run into any complications," Amanda said.
"Absolutely," Étienne agreed.
"Well, I'll call you when I've got information," Amanda said. "Bye."
"Au revoir," Étienne replied."

Jacques-Henri Tremblay: zhahk ohnree trahmblay
Allô: ahlow
Non: noh
Charron: sharohn'
Au revoir: ohrvwah

Monday, April 13, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 7

Word Count: 42,014

Summary of Events:
Chapter 13:
Heleighna saw a new horse out at pasture, but didn't find out whose it was, instead meeting Étienne when he came in to have breakfast with the Amyottes. Étienne met and began to work with Tempête, wondering while he worked why Tempête was the first horse to have been sold like he was.
Chapter 14:
Heleighna went to visit the new horse and discovered he was limping and decided that a veterinarian needed to be contacted. Étienne was told by the veterinarian that Sauvage had a minor tendon sprain, likely caused by his breeding with Amanda's mare.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Turning toward the pasture, Heleighna saw the horse standing by the trough. It was black. Completely black except for one hind pastern and the hoof underneath it, which were white.
The horse had a neatly trimmed tail — as did pretty much every horse at SG — that looked to be incredibly thick; the mane looked to be even thicker, and it was just about longer than the horse's neck was thick where it joined into the rest of the horse at the shoulders.
If it weren't for the fact that the horse was standing in a relaxed stance, the hind hoof cocked so the hip was askew, Heleighna would've been sure that the horse was savage, wild, and dangerous.
She saw the horse's dark ears flick back in her direction; then the horse's grew, black head turned and looked in her direction. There was no white on the head, it was just that hind hoof.
Deep and rumbling, like the sound of lightning, the horse uttered a nicker. Heleighna gazed at the horse, then she squatted down and looked. It was a male horse, but not just any male horse. It was a male horse like Tempête: a stallion.
That, to Heleighna, explained the savage appearance. Stallions were much more difficult to deal with than geldings or mares. The stallion straightened out his hind hoof so that he was all straight and turned toward her, although looking to be rather ginger and careful about doing so.
As the stallion walked toward her Heleighna saw that he was walking funny, he almost seemed like someone with a sore heel, putting weight on the foo only for as long as necessary before moving on.
Heleighna turned back to the stables. She ought to tell M. Amyotte about this, she was quite sure. She glanced back at the stallion somewhat apologetically, being as it seemed he'd come to say hello and she was leaving.
Briskly Heleighna strode toward the stables, and then inside; she headed for the private arena first, but she found M. Étienne was working Tempête in there with Teghanne watching — wearing just as flamboyantly bright colours as she'd worn when Heleighna had met her.
Heleighna guessed Teghanne would probably know who owned the horse, and she didn't look to be busy. Heleighna walked up to her. Teghanne turned and a smile spread out across her face.
"I'n't that colt handsome?" Teghanne asked.
"He is," Heleighna replied.
"Is somethin' wrong?" Teghanne asked.
"I think so," Heleighna replied. "It's the black stallion out by M. and Mme. Amyotte's house, he's walking in an odd way, kind of limping, like someone with a sore heel."
Teghanne's face instantly was covered with concern and she turned toward M. Étienne. "Tienne!" she called.
M. Étienne brought Tempête to a halt and looked at Teghanne with curiosity.
"SVE's walkin' funny," Teghanne said."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 6

Word Count: 36,006

Summary of Events:
Chapter 11:
Heleighna had her first riding lesson with M. Amyotte and listened as he explained why he trained horses the way he did — which turned out to be quite lengthy, and helped Heleighna not to think about potentially falling off the horse.
Chapter 12:
Étienne flew to BC, where one of his fellow competitors, Amanda Merrick, lived, so that he could breed Sauvage with a mare she had at her request — and he had to deal with some less than enjoyable fellow passengers. Heleighna met Teghanne and watched as Teghanne worked her mare.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Leaning back against his seat, feeling quite certain that his sleep was not going to be restored to him quickly — if at all — Étienne turned his head toward his window. Suddenly he saw a flash of motion out the corner of his eye; the next thing Étienne knew it felt like someone had stabbed him right in his left cheekbone and split it.
Étienne cried out and grabbed his face, muttering curses under his breath. He couldn't imagine what had hit him. He guessed it wasn't a knife, being as all he was feeling was skin as he held his face.
Carefully he brought his hands away from his face and looked. No blood. It sure felt like something ought to be bleeding. He looked toward the children. They were still lost in their argument, the younger one swinging around what Étienne could clearly see now was an iPad Mini.
That would hurt if it hit someone. In fact, Étienne was quite certain that it had been what hit him. Étienne listed to the two children as they argued away in English over the iPad, the younger child alternating between swinging the device around and clutching it to his chest.
The iPad was swung again and Étienne was ready this time. He grabbed the edge of the iPad and pulled it from the child's fingers. Turning it over, he checked and saw the screen was off, and then swiftly set it at his side opposite the child.
Whirling around, the younger child stared at him in horror — as did the older child — eyes wide, jaw quivering. Great. Now the kid was going to cry. As if sitting next to children wasn't bad enough.
"That's ours!" the girl cried. "Give it back!"
The boy blinked rapidly several times before tears began to run down his cheeks.
"I shall return the device to you when you refrain from utilizing it as a weapon," Étienne replied in English. "I should like to maintain the connection between my head and the remainder of my body."
The girl looked at Étienne as if he'd spoken in French and the boy let out a wail that made Étienne wish he could disappear into his seat and hide, or jump out of the plane and go the rest of the way on foot.
A few moments later a couple who looked to definitely be the children's parents, and a stewardess, appeared. The mother took up her bawling son and the girl told the three of them what Étienne had done. Once she'd finished all three adults looked at Étienne, the parents severe, the stewardess like this wasn't the only thing she was having to deal with on this flight that was unpleasant.
"As I told her," Étienne said. "I shall return the device to you when you refrain from utilizing it as weapon, for it is that I should like to maintain the connection between my head and the remainder of my body.""

Friday, April 10, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 5

Word Count: 30,008

Summary of Events:
Chapter 9:
Heleighna watched as M. Amyotte and Mme. LaBrecque worked with Tempête, the stallion M. Amyotte bought at the horse sale, introducing him to the saddle. Étienne thought about possibly buying himself a private jet and discussed the idea with Chérie and Teghanne.
Chapter 10:
Heleighna called Aléxandra and chatted with her about a lot of things — mostly school related. Étienne ended up getting into an argument with fellow competitor Melissa Bittner-Watt for really no reason and then had to get ready to compete.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Yeah, I think so," Aléxandra said. "You've started school now, right?"
"Yes," Heleighna replied.
"So who've you all met so far?" Aléxandra asked. "What are things like there?"
"Well, I've already got my favourite teachers," Heleighna replied.
"Who are they?" Aléxandra asked.
"Mme. Joubert, who teaches grammar, and M. Gagne, who teaches history," Heleighna replied.
"How convenient that this are two of your favourite subjects," Aléxandra said.
"Yeah," Heleighna replied.
"Do you have any friends there?" Aléxandra asked.
"Not really, other than Granville," Heleighna replied.
"Granville? A guy?" Aléxandra asked.
"Yes," Heleighna replied. "Granville Longval, he's from the Trois-Rivières area, but he's living in Québec because he plays hockey with the Québec Remparts of the Québec Major Junior Hockey League. He's actually a grade above me."
"Wow, you've never gone on a date before and here the first person you meet at school in Canada is a guy, and an athlete too, so he's going to be all fit and athletic and everything!" Aléxandra said.
"I guarantee you we're not dating," Heleighna replied.
"Is he cute?" Aléxandra asked.
"He is handsome," Heleighna replied.
"What does he look like?" Aléxandra asked. "Do you have any pictures?"
"No, but even if I did I wouldn't send them to you or goodness knows everyone at school is going to think that I'm dating him," Heleighna replied. "And I'm not. All we do is talk at lunch unless we end up meeting in the halls, but that's not often."
"But what does he look like?" Aléxandra pressed.
"His hair is slightly darker than mine, not by too much," Heleighna replied. "And he has dark blue eyes."
"Oh my gosh, he sounds so handsome," Aléxandra said. "I wish I could meet him!"
Heleighna rolled her eyes.
"You haven't told Jacquelinne, have you?" Aléxandra asked.
"No," Heleighna replied.
"Yes!" Aléxandra said. "Have you met anyone else?"
"Yes," Heleighna replied. "I've met the group like Valérie's."
"They even exist in Canada?" Aléxandra asked — although Heleighna was sure her friend wasn't entirely surprised.
"Maurine Gosselin is the leader," Heleighna replied. "And her two closest followers are Génévieve Roy and Ysabella-Marie Furlotte." . . .
. . . "Oh, dîner's ready," Aléxandra said. "I'll have to talk to you later. Call me when you're hanging out with Granville so I can meet him!"
"Maybe," Heleighna replied. "See you later.""

LaBrecque: lahbrehk
Tempête: tehmpet
Joubert: zhoubear
Gagne: gahnyay
Trois-Rivières: twah rivyehre
Remparts: rehmpar
Valérie: valehree
Maurine Gosselin: Maureen gohsslahn'
Génévieve Roy: ghehnehveeve wah
Ysabella-Marie Furlotte: eesah-bellah Marie fehrlot
Dîner: deenay

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 4

Word Count: 24,004

Summary of Events:
Chapter 7:
Heleighna went to a horse sale with M. Amyotte where M. Amyotte amazingly got the opportunity to buy an excellent prospective dressage horse of excellent blood lineage who seemed to have come available under slightly suspicious circumstances.
Chapter 8:
Heleighna began school and met Granville Longval, a young man in the grade above her; they talked extensively throughout lunch. Étienne competed and then gave an interview before talking with one of his fellow competitors for awhile before going back to the hotel for the night.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Applause still rang out as Étienne rode out of the ring. He saw a familiar figure wave and he nodded. Reining Sauvage in, he walked over to Félix and dismounted. Félix smiled at Étienne and then spoke into his microphone to let the network know Étienne was with him.
"Good ride," Félix said.
"Merci," Étienne replied.
Félix put his hand to his left ear and listened. He nodded. "After the next rider's done," he said.
Étienne nodded. He turned toward the ring and watched as one of the Americans who'd been riding Grand Prix since before Étienne had been born rode his rookie horse in a pretty difficult pattern — for the horse's current calibre.
Once he was done the crowd applauded and Étienne turned back to Félix, who turned to face his cameraman. After a few moments he spoke.
"Yes, we're down here with Étienne St. Zépherin-LaFramboise," Félix said before turning to Étienne. "Congratulations on the good ride."
"Merci," Étienne replied, avoiding looking in the camera lens.
"Everyone's still talking about your phenomenal ride from back in Florida," Félix said. "Are you still on a high from that performance?"
"No," Étienne replied. "I've got more important things that need to be done than thinking about what's already happened."
"Will you be performing that routine here, or do you have a different one in your pocket?" Félix asked.
"If the need arises I will do it," Étienne replied. "And no, I do not have any other routines."
"Competition is tight and you're right in the thick of it," Félix said. "That's got to be somewhat stressful, what do you do?"
"Think of other things," Étienne replied.
"Looking forward to the Olympics next year," Félix said. "Do you feel that you need to get to another level for that competition?"
"No," Étienne replied. "No one else competing in dressage elsewhere is going to be any more difficult to compete against than those I already compete against. There's just going to be a lot more better ones, and if I have the calibre and capability to defeat veterans who've been riding longer than I've lived then I have the potential to defeat others from elsewhere. If I don't defeat them at the Olympics, then I'll just have to try again in four years."
"Are you feeling any added excitement going into the Olympics next year?" Félix asked.
"Not now," Étienne replied. "There's too much that has to be done between then and now. Maybe closer to next August. It's too far now to really feel any excitement."
"Thanks for your time Étienne, good luck in the next round," Félix said.
"Merci," Étienne replied, nodding.
"Étienne St. Zépherin-LaFramboise, and the incredible and imposing Sauvage Vent d'Espange, currently sitting in a three-way-tie for first place here . . ." Félix said, trailing off as Étienne got further away."

Granville Longval: grahnveel longvahl
Félix: feelicks
Vent d'Espagne: vohn d'espanye

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 3

Word Count: 18,015

Summary of Events:
Chapter 5:
Étienne woke up and called his mentor to talk with him about his ride on Sauvage the day before. Heleighna called home and talked with her parents more for the sake of just being able to talk with them than anything else.
Chapter 6:
Étienne, Teghanne, and Chérie were flying to their next stop at a much more reasonable hour, but due to the late night before that Étienne was rather disagreeable. Heleighna watched M. Amyotte work one of the horses with great interest. Étienne went for a morning ride with Sauvage at one of his competitor friends' house.

Excerpt of the Day:
""Does it take much work to train a horse like that?" Heleighna asked.
"It depends on the horse," M. Amyotte replied. "A horse like Ex, who's an eager and quick learner doesn't take so long, but there's other horses, such as Matin, who are lazily inclined horses; once they learn what they have to do they do all they can to take shortcuts, and they need to be worked with a bit more."
Heleighna nodded, thinking a bit before she remembered which horse Matin was, she was the same colour as Couronne.
"It also depends on what any former owners have done to a horse," M. Amyotte added. "It's faster to train a horse to respond without ropes if you're starting with a horse who's never been trained than working with a horse who's been neglected or abused."
Heleighna nodded. "That makes sense."
"But even if one were starting with the ideal: an eager to learn young horse who'd never been trained before," M. Amyotte said. "Not every eager to learn young horse trains the same, they have different things that they grasp easier, and different things that take a bit more work to accomplish. Of course, it's the same with people, really."
"Yes," Heleighna agreed.
"You seem rather interested in training horses," M. Amyotte said. "If you want, I could teach you."
"You would?" Heleighna asked.
"If you want to learn," M. Amyotte replied.
Heleighna looked to her left at the sand, lightly biting her lower lip. It would definitely be interesting.
"You don't have to decide now," M. Amyotte said. "Think about it. Let me know when you want to, and we'll start.
"I don't have to start at a specific date?" Heleighna asked.
"No," M. Amyotte replied. "You're living here, and you'd be the only member of the class. In fact, I don't run classes on how to train horses, although it wouldn't be like it would hurt any. Of course it would be kind of difficult. I don't think a person can accurately teach more than one person how to train a horse right at the same time in a personal scenario. But anyways, think about it, and if you're interested, let me know."
Heleighna nodded and watched as M. Amyotte signalled Ex and the two of them walked toward the exit side by side. It would definitely be interesting to learn how to train a horse. Heleighna wondered what she'd do with that kind of an education, though, she wasn't going to have a future with horses . . . was she?"

Matin: mahtahn'
Couronne: kuhrun'

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 2

Word Count: 12,014

Summary of Events:
Chapter 3:
Heleighna arrived in Québec and met M. and Mme. Amyotte who took her to their house; Heleighna was impressed by the space not only in their house, but throughout Canada, and was quite looking forward to telling her family and friends about it.
Chapter 4:
Étienne competed in the final round at the competition and succeeded in winning it — much to his own surprise. Heleighna had dinner with the Amyottes, a meal of Canada Goose, and was given the neck, which didn't taste as bad as she'd feared.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Riding into the ring once again, Étienne regarded the judges. This was the final round of the competition, and if he nailed this — which he was really hoping he would — he would win the competition. If he even made the subtlest of mistakes he could lose out. His margin of error was minuscule.
Settling Sauvage into place, Étienne took a deep breath and exhaled. He fixed his eyes on Sauvage's poll, right between his ears, looking at the little braided knob that was Sauvage's forelock.
Giving the cue, Étienne started Sauvage off on the routine. It was one of the most difficult routines Étienne had ever attempted, but he needed something of its calibre to get the points he needed. Sauvage had been doing magnificently at the routine, but Étienne usually ended up miscuing Sauvage whenever he tired to do it without someone watching who could cue him in.
Sauvage moved excellently, with smoothness like flowing water, Étienne kept his breathing deep and even and tried to keep his white-gloved hands from quivering — as it would stand out against the back of his stallion, his coat, and his saddle.
As they moved around the ring Étienne tried to remember what they were doing next, but it wasn't coming. Étienne worked to keep his breathing even, but he was starting to get tight, and he could tell Sauvage knew as he swivelled his pointed ears back, listening.
Seamlessly, Sauvage moved on, Étienne didn't even cue him. Sauvage seemed to know exactly what he was supposed to do. Étienne relaxed somewhat, but his mind was still racing, trying to figure out what he was supposed to do, his mind had gone completely blank.
Part of Étienne wanted to stop Sauvage, get off, and watch his stallion do it alone, but he knew he couldn't stop. If he stopped it was all lost. He wanted this. He wanted this bad. He had to keep on going. He had to trust that Sauvage knew what he was doing.
Sauvage continued moving, turning, going, his ears forward, it was almost as if he knew that Étienne was absolutely lost, and that he had to do it all on his own. Étienne woke on taking deep breaths and relaxing himself.
As they rode around the ring, Étienne couldn't hear anything aside from Sauvage's breathing and hoofbeats, and his own heart thudding in his ears. It was almost as if they were all alone, completely isolated from the world. It was just them, and no one else.
Finally Sauvage came to a stop, his hooves square, his neck arched. It was done. Sauvage had done it. All on his own. Applause to a volume Étienne had never heard before after one of his rides burst out as sudden as a light illuminating a room when the switch was flipped.
Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Étienne regarded the judges, and the crowd, all of whom were on their feet applauding like Étienne had never seen before for him. It was like he'd just performed an incredible solo with an orchestra or something.
Étienne rode Sauvage around the ring gazing at the crowd with rather dumbfounded awe, wondering if maybe he should see if he could get recorded footage of his ride or something, with their response to it."

M. = Monsieur (mihs'yeur)
Mme. = Madame (mahdahm')

Monday, April 06, 2015

Reconciling Circumstances: Day 1

Word Count: 6,004

Summary of Events:
Chapter 1:
Heleighna woke up in the night, feeling unsure about her leaving the next day. Étienne and his traveling companions — Teghanne and Chérie — arrived at their destination at a late hour, which didn't impress Étienne. Heleighna woke up later and had breakfast with her family before they set out for the airport.
Chapter 2:
Étienne worked with Sauvage as a little bit of a warm-up before talking with one of his fellow competitors and trying to help a rookie who was having some troubles. Heleighna said goodbye to her parents, sister, and friends, before finally setting out for Canada. Étienne competed and got fifth in the round, then he and several fellow competitors went out for supper together.

Excerpt of the Day:
"There was no way Heleighna was saying anything, she was too close to crying to dare try, being as she didn't want to burst out into tears. Swallowing, she embraced Jacquelinne — who was already in tears — tightly.
Jacquelinne held on longer than Heleighna had intended to embrace her, but finally released. Heleighna then embraced Aléxandra tightly. Aléxandra's ribcagee moved like she was taking shaky breaths as soon as they embraced.
Heleighna smiled at Aléxandra and then hugged Yzabelle. Yzabelle made her hug rather succinct. Heleighna then embraced Maman, who squeezed her tightly — she was almost concerned that Maman would squeeze her in half.
Maman kissed Heleighna's cheeks before releasing her to hug Papa. Papa kissed her cheeks before embracing her tightly. Heleighna could tell he was on the verge of tears, just like everyone else.
"Learn lots my darling," Papa said.
Heleighna considered replying, but didn't know what to say, so she didn't reply. She released Papa and then looked at all of them. All five of them were in tears. It was taking all of Heleighna's strength to keep from releasing tears of her own, although she was surprised that she wasn't weeping.
A boarding call for her flight sounded over the loudspeakers. Heleighna took a deep breath and turned toward the next part, the part she had to do on her own. She heard sniffling and crying behind her. She glanced over her shoulder at all of them, Jacquelinne hanging off of Aléxandra bawling — but then again, she'd always been dramatic — Papa with his arm around Maman's shoulder, rubbing it gently. He smiled at her.
Heleighna smiled in return and continued on, pulling one of her suitcases behind her, holding another in her hand, and her backpack in its natural place. She went through everything and finally got out onto the tarmac where the plane, huge, long, smooth, and white, with rows of little rounded rectangular windows — one of which she'd be seated alongside — along the body.
Arriving at the stairs up to the plane with many other people, Heleighna got into line. Most of the people around her were engaged in conversations, some in French, some in English, and probably others in other languages too.
The line moved steadily forward and soon Heleighna was advancing up the steps, and then she was in the plane. She quickly found her seat and put her backpack into the overhead compartment.
Sitting down, she buckled up and looked out the window. The sun was up and shining brightly on this warm, August day. Heleighna waited for awhile before finally she saw the stairs being wheeled away, then there were several announcements before the plane began to move.
Heleighna bit her lip as she stared out the window. The ground moved rather slowly as the plane taxied, then finally the ground started to pick up speed and then it started to get further away as the plane took off."

Teghanne: Tegan/Teghan
Chérie: shehree
Jacquelinne: zhahk'lahn'
Aléxandra: ahlexahndrah
Yzabelle: eezahbell
Maman: mahmohn'

Saturday, April 04, 2015

April Novel Essential Information

Novel Title: Reconciling Circumstances
Time Setting: Modern
Genre: Equine Fiction
Minimum Word Goal: 90,000
Timespan: August to December
Locations: Orléans, France and St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Québec
Main Characters: Heleighna Boisvert, Étienne St. Zépherin-LaFramboise
Background Information:
Heleighna has made the choice to become an exchange student to Canada for the sake of improving her future outlook over what it would be in France. She doesn't expect to go to the French part of Canada, but she ends up coming into the home of a decorated — although now retired — dressage rider, Patrice Amyotte, and his wife at their dressage school in St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Québec. One would think that the adjustment would be easy, but appearances are deceptive.
Étienne is a rising star in the world of Grand Prix Dressage, and has done quite well in this pre-Olympic season, having successfully qualified to ride as a member of Team Canada coming up at the Olympics next August. The future looks bright and exciting, or at least until he checks on his stallion Sauvage after he comes back from his latest competition trip.

Orléans: oarlayanh
St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Québec: sahn gahbree-ell deh valcar-t'yay, kehbek
Heleighna Boisvert: Helena bwahvehr
Étienne St. Zépherin-LaFramboise: ehtyen' sahn zehfehrahn' lag frahmbwaze
Patrice Amyotte: patreece ahmyaht
Sauvage: sovahge