Friday, June 02, 2017

Entering In: Day 2

Word Count: 12,007

Summary of Events:
Hadia's dad arrived home from work and got into something of a heated discussion with her mother due to Hadia's presence in the kitchen when he romantically greeted her. Levi felt nervous about Twilight's first race even though it was the seventh race on the day and the first race hadn't run yet, so he went and visited Twilight to help settle himself down. Traeton, looking for food or money, helped an old woman load her groceries into her car before making off with her purse. Levi, still nervous, watched all the pre-race preparations on the backside . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Once all the horses were on the track Levi stood along the rail, tension seizing him again as all the horses were led around to stand neatly along the homestretch for the crowds to observe before being led back to the gate, where they loaded.
From here Levi had a decent view of the gate, and definitely a better idea of how the horses were loading than someone in his grandfather's position. The Bensonville horse put up a touch of a struggle, but not as bad as the five horse.
Twilight loaded like a dream and the horses after her weren't too bad. Then there was the painfully tense moment of waiting that always seemed to drag on too long, yet always end prematurely.
The horses shot out and Levi clutched the rail desperately, watching as they thundered out of sight, only the din of their hooves to be heard as they took forever to round the corner and come along the backstretch.
Twilight wasn't in front, but she was holding her own in the top five, the Bensonville horse was ahead of her.
Tom's hand settled gently on his shoulder. "You know how she runs, don't worry."
"Too late for that," Levi replied as the horses disappeared back onto the homestretch, the crowd roaring and rising to their feet in a wave that couldn't have been better if it'd been choreographed.
The horses soon appeared again and Levi couldn't see Twilight initially, but as they got closer he saw that she was ahead now, in third place, the Bensonville horse trailing behind her.
"Fly!" Levi shouted. "Fly Twilight!"
As they disappeared around the corner he saw her start to pull away from the rail in a homestretch charge. His ears strained to make out the announcer's call.
"And the nine horse, Twilight of Destiny, is making her move now. She's really pulled away! She's in the lead!"
Levi put his hands over his face, not sure what he felt.
"And without any doubt it is Twilight of Destiny with the win, with a photo for second and third."
"Yes!" Levi shouted.
"So what was all that worrying for?" Tom asked.
"I don't know," Levi replied. "But it doesn't matter now."
Still trembling with the exhilaration of the moment, Levi followed Tom around to where Rod and Twilight — who looked to still be trembling with excitement herself — were waiting for them.
"What'd I tell you kid?" Rod called. "She was made for this stuff!"
Levi hurried onto the track and clasped Twilight about the neck. He held her without moving for a long time before he pulled back and clutched her head to his chest.
"That is my girl," he whispered, feeling moisture in his eyes at the excitement. "That is what I always want to see.""

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