Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Entering In: Day 6

Word Count: 36,022

Summary of Events: 
Levi was visited by a reporter and gave him an interview mostly about Twilight and her race; after the interview they bandied about the idea of the reporter doing a documentary about Spectaculaire. Hadia got mad at her mom and Matthew for seeming to be giving away all of her dad's things, and then realised with the proposed move she would be deprived of horses. Traeton was told by the police officer that the DNA he'd given by drinking the Coke had matched what'd been scraped off his leg by someone attempting to apprehend him at the robbery — not that he was surprised — and was strip-searched to find the money before being returned to his cell to await extradition, where he pondered why the cells had glass for one wall, considering it was breakable . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"He flinched at the thought of broken dishes and the unbidden memory of Bryan's reaction to Lexus dropping and breaking a plate.
She'd been helping Mama wash dishes — being as they couldn't afford a dishwasher — and the plate had been a little wet when she'd grabbed it, and she didn't have as good of a grip on it as she'd thought she had, causing it to fall to the floor and shatter.
Bryan, hearing the sound, had instantly appeared in the room, bellowing with rage, and had smacked both Mama and Lexus around before taking and throwing all the plates Lexus had dried onto the floor, and then taking another plate from the cupboard and breaking it over the countertop.
He'd then taken the chunk of it that had remained in his hand and used it to make cuts across both of her palms, as well as slashing across her abdomen.
At that point, having heard the ruckus and the shrieking, Traeton had intervened and attacked Bryan, only to himself get cut on the hands, arms, and abdomen before they'd both ended up stepping on glass shards on the floor and had been distracted.
In renewed fury, Bryan had ordered Mama to clean up the mess that he'd then blamed on her, before smacking her around and leaving to tend to his injured feet.
Before cleaning up the mess, Mama had helped Traeton get the glass out of his feet and tended to both his and Lexus' other wounds. Thankfully Bryan had some issues getting one piece of glass in particular from his foot, otherwise he might've seen the acts and lashed out at Mama for as much.
Viciously Traeton shook his head and brought himself back to the present, where he was standing alone in a cell he presumed was just for holding people until they'd been tried, convicted, or — in his case — extradited.
He looked down at his hands which, even still, five years later, showed the slightly pale scars — especially on the backs of his hands — that Bryan had inflicted on him, from that incident, as well as many more enraged outbursts over the more than six years Mama had been married to Bryan.
Pain and rage swelled within him and almost tempted him to take a run or a swing at the glass, momentarily emboldened to break his way out of this place and go back to Alabama to see if he couldn't find Bryan and inflict revenge on him for all the suffering he'd caused — especially now that he was fully grown and, thus, better able to give Bryan a run for his money.
The memory of gunfire ricocheted through his mind and instantly silenced his resolve to escape and fight.
Bryan was the one with the gun. He had nothing. If he ever dared try to hunt Bryan down and attack him he was the one who was going to get killed, not Bryan — the one who deserved to die for all that he'd done."

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