Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Entering In: Day 18

Word Count: 108,034

Summary of Events:
Levi watched as Twilight was given a light workout before he turned her out and watched her enjoy being a horse. Hadia learned from her grandpa that her family might end up staying at her grandparents' house permanently, instead of moving into their own house elsewhere in Victoria. Traeton got back from his community service work and was soon greeted by Monty . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
""How's the leg?" he asked.
"Meh," Traeton replied.
"Not better?" Monty asked.
"No, not really," Traeton replied. "If I could actually rest it would be great."
"That might just happen," Monty said.
"How?" Traeton asked.
"Yer workin' on a construction crew, right?" Monty asked.
"Yeah," Traeton replied. "We do everything until the house is ready for paint and carpet."
"Will the crew work in the rain?" Monty asked.
"Not outdoors," Traeton replied. "That'd be kinda stupid, but I don't know that we have any interior work we aren't waiting for plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or electrical for either, so my guess is that if it rains anytime soon we'll probably be told to stay home."
"I din't think so," Monty said. "Forecast says there's goin't be some rain comin' up before the weekend, and I've got a plan."
"What's the plan?" Traeton asked.
"We're goin't do the laundry," Monty replied.
"But that's one of the girls' chores," Traeton said.
"I know, I know," Monty said. "But there's a freezer'n there."
"So?" Traeton asked.
"We need that," Monty replied.
"For . . . what?" Traeton asked.
"For gettin' that thing off'a yer leg," Monty replied.
"What's a freezer going to do?" Traeton asked.
"Y'll find out when we do the laundry," Monty replied.
A knock sounded on the door.
"Vittles," Mrs. Braun said tiredly through the flimsy door.
Traeton slowly got up and hobbled across the room to the door, which Monty held open for him before closing it behind him and taking the lead to open the door to the stairway, which Traeton hobbled through before using the railing as a bit of a crutch to carry himself up the stairs and into the dining room, where he sat down at his spot. Brock was sitting in his spot looking rather pale and ill, as he'd been looking since his injury.
"Mr. Braun," Monty said as the food started to get passed around. "Shea and I was wonderin' if'n we'd be allowed t'wash the laundry."
"Laundry isn't done until Thursday," Mr. Braun replied.
"I know," Monty replied. "But on Thursday, could we do it?"
"Why?" Mr. Braun asked.
"Just because it's somethin' different," Monty replied. "I mean, we boys prob'ly need to be learnin' the finer points of keepin' our own house so that we kin survive once we've been entirely released back into society too."
Shifting his jaw, Mr. Braun looked at Monty sceptically — not that Traeton blamed him, he could only hope Monty would win the duel — his forkful of overcooked chili poised in midair.
Traeton didn't take any bites of chili while he waited for Mr. Braun's answer — although he also did it because the chili was overcooked to the point that even the vegetables were mush, not to mention it tasted rather dry and too much like fresh tomatoes for Traeton's liking; he'd eat cooked tomatoes, not fresh ones — while Monty continued to eat as if nothing were going on.
"Only if there ain't anything else y'all could be doin'," Mr. Braun replied.
Monty nodded. "Yessir.""

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