Friday, June 23, 2017

Entering In: Day 20

Word Total: 120,014

Year to Date: 630,061

Summary of Events: 
Hadia was unpacking and discovered a Christmas present with her name on it that included a letter from her dad which she was supposed to receive that coming Christmas, and found out that her grandparents had enrolled her in riding lessons. Levi stayed home from the racing initially, not wanting to see Twilight lose, but couldn't take it and managed to arrive in time to see her pull off an amazing win from a four-way photo finish. Traeton got up to make his escape and, after saying goodbye to Monty and distracting the dogs with food, Traeton went to hang his monitor on a train, which started to move before he was finished, forcing him to have to jump off at near full speed . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Edging close, Traeton watched as the land flew by. He checked to his left to see what was upcoming landscape. A thick stand of trees.
He needed to jump now. He went to push off when the car leaned slightly and he slipped, dropping off of the car nearly straight down.
His backpack jerked and he felt himself suddenly being pulled at a rapid speed. He swore. He couldn't lose his backpack.
But he also didn't want to be dragged to death by a train either.
As quickly as he could, he managed to pull himself out of his backpack. He planned to try and pull it off, but a tree caught his foot and pulled him free.
He tumbled down the slope a bit before slamming the side of his ribcage into a tree.
Grabbing onto the tree, he worked to push himself up, but the long, wet grass under his feet caused him to slip and slide down a steep slope until the ground dropped off suddenly and he landed on a pile of damp clay.
Traeton swore. He needed to find his backpack. Even if he wasn't going to identify himself by Traeton Stasiak to other people, he still felt like it was important to have his real birth certificate, besides, there were other useful tools and possessions in there.
He got to his feet and struggled up the slope, using trees that, thankfully, grew thickly down the slope, and pulled himself up to the trackside, where cars from the train were still going by.
Crawling alongside the track on his hands and knees, Traeton kept one hand on the gravel base of the track bed and the other on the grass, feeling for something, until he realised that his backpack probably would've rolled down the slope and thus would be down toward where he'd fallen.
He looked down at the trees and swore. How was he going to find his backpack in the dark now? How could he even be sure it'd fallen off of the train? He was supposed to have gotten a head start by this!
Suddenly his body's hold on the ground let loose and he started sliding down the slope again, all of his efforts to grab at passing trees failed miserably until he finally dropped down into a stream.
Swearing, Traeton scrambled to his feet, although too late for his waist down to have any hope of having a dry thread. He looked around and saw a rock breaking up the flow.
For some reason, Traeton decided to go over to the rock. He put his hand on it and felt that it was wet cloth. His backpack!
Hauling it out of the water, Traeton squeezed it to get some of the water out and hurried back upstream toward Vicksburg until he found where the trees ended and the slope softened enough that he could get out of the water."

Due to having committed to volunteer at a camp for the summer, there will be no novels in July or August. Have a great summer and check back for the next post on September 2.

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