Thursday, June 22, 2017

Entering In: Day 19

Word Count: 114,062

Summary of Events:
Hadia started unpacking before her mom came to get her for supper and showed a happiness at Hadia's unpacking that made Hadia cry. Traeton started to fold the laundry while Monty taped Traeton's foot into the freezer and they discussed what Traeton should do for a getaway plan once the monitor was off. Levi was bored and decided to look up what the internet said about Twilight, and was horrified, including by a forecast given for her upcoming race . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"Probably the biggest two year old race of the season, this race will be our last time seeing the unbelievable Twilight of Destiny before she takes a six-month hiatus from racing — with all speculation that she's preparing for the Derby next May — as well as the last time we'll see the Big Four all in one race together.
After this, Sweet Sister and Aspen Gold will head down to Florida, with Aspen Gold to race in three more races before the end of the year, after which he'll be rested, and Sweet Sister running until as late as February, getting in some early Derby-prep races early, with talk she'll also run one in April back up in Kentucky.
Meanwhile, Nemesis Q and Cadbury Jack will continue to race north of the Mason-Dixon until early December, with their owners stating that there are plans for them to run Derby-prep races approximately three weeks before the Derby itself after a winter rest.
Betting so far heavily favours Twilight of Destiny, with Cadbury Jack as a strong second, however, the weather forecasts for the weekend predict rain, which is a condition few of the horses have raced in before, suggesting the one of the other lesser — if not entirely unknown — horses of the field could gain an upset win, such as the filly Three's My Number, who has raced and won three times in rainy, muddy conditions, and will be in her first race against Twilight of Destiny and the Big Four before she, too, heads to Florida for the winter, although there's little likelihood that she'll run for the Triple Crown.
If the race is merely run under cloud cover, Twilight of Destiny has a chance, but there has been speculation that she, especially, could fare poorly in rainy, muddy conditions, and suffer the first loss of her young career.
The forecast is that Twilight of Destiny will lose. How badly is unknown. We recommend that you not bet on her, but instead choose a horse like Cadbury Jack, who's raced in the mud before and done well, or Three's My Number, who's yet to lose on mud, considering that Saturday is the second day with a rainy forecast for the area, meaning the likelihood of rain is strong.
Other long-shots with decent records on wet tracks include Dominatrix, Ginger Tea, Even Keeled, and Maureen's Rocket, who would all be well worth betting on.
Levi's hands trembled as he stared at the screen, the first sentence of the second-last paragraph seared in his mind like an iron brand had put it there. He could hardly believe that people thought she would lose.
No, granted, she hadn't raced in rain before, but she couldn't lose! Not now! She couldn't go into the Derby on a loss!"

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