Monday, June 19, 2017

Entering In: Day 16

Word Count: 96,010

Summary of Events:
Levi and his family met with the group interested in doing the documentary and Donovan agreed to the filming, but attempted to spring contract talks on them, which Levi, for one, helped prevent. Hadia intended to sneak out of the house and run away or something, but her grandpa was outside and so she went and talked to him. Traeton was enjoying his free time between his community service work and suppertime by doing nothing . . .

Excerpt of the Day:
"He heard the living room door open and looked over his shoulder to see it was Josie.
"Here you are," she said, sashaying toward him.
She sat down on his lap and draped an arm around his shoulders.
"Are you sure Mr. Braun won't come down and see this?" Traeton asked.
"Yes," Josie replied. "He's too busy watching Monty scrub the floors."
"But I just scrubbed them three days ago!" Traeton exclaimed.
"They have to be scrubbed daily around here," Josie said, leaning in closer to him and raising her shirt to reveal the glittery piercing in her bellybutton.
"So, do you want something?" Traeton asked.
"Not other than cuddling," Josie replied. "For now."
"Oh," Traeton said. "Well, um, then, ah, do you mind my asking why exactly you're here?"
"You mean what did I do?" Josie asked.
"Yeah," Traeton replied.
"Well, I was buying and selling stolen property," Josie replied. "And I was stealing it too."
"What kind of stolen property?" Traeton asked.
"Mostly stuff from crime scenes," Josie replied. "I worked for a company that would go in after the body was taken away and go clean up the crime scene, so I'd pick up stuff and sell it, and I'd buy some other stuff people were selling, sometimes to resell it for more money, and sometimes just to have it because I wanted to."
"Why would you do that?" Traeton asked.
"Because it's lucrative," Josie replied. "Besides, I like that stuff."
"What do you mean?" Traeton asked.
"I like death," Josie replied, sliding her shirt up a little higher, exposing more skin. "It gets me excited."
"I don't like death," Traeton said, shifting uncomfortably underneath Josie, who was starting to wiggle herself.
"Even talking about it is exciting," Josie whispered, clutching her hands about Traeton's neck and then sliding her hands up through his hair. "Kiss me Shea."
Traeton licked his lips somewhat uncertainly and collected her head up in his hands to bring to his mouth so that he could kiss her passionately.
Before he could touch his mouth to hers, however, he paused, and started to lower her.
"No! Kiss me!" Josie protested.
"But Mr. Braun said that we're not supposed to do this," Traeton said.
Josie rolled her eyes and swore casually. "He won't notice."
Traeton lifted her mouth to his and kissed her softly. She responded passionately by pulling his head against hers to the point where he was certain that their teeth were going to start grinding against each other."

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