Saturday, June 03, 2017

Entering In: Day 3

Word Count: 18,005

Summary of Events:
Hadia and her family ended up receiving word from one of her dad's fellow officers that her dad had been fatally shot while helping conduct a police raid. Levi, his grandfather, his father, and one of his uncles held a press conference after all the races because everyone wanted to talk to Levi about Twilight. Traeton arrived in Tallulah and discovered that the woman he'd robbed had been carrying a significant amount of cash, he then managed to pinch some unattended running shoes because he'd lost one of his in the robbery.

Excerpt of the Day:
"Silently Hadia stood in the pasture beside the contentedly grazing mare, whose tail switched from side to side as she nibbled her way across the pasture. Mom had talked with Mrs. Blanch over the phone the day after they'd gotten the news and they'd suggested that she cancel her riding lessons.
Hadia didn't want to, though. She liked horses, especially Maiden. Even though Maiden wasn't hers, she'd become good friends with Maiden, and Maiden knew all kinds of secrets even Mom didn't know. She didn't want to be without the ability to talk to Maiden.
As a result, Mom and Mrs. Blanch were of the mind that she wasn't going to have any more riding lessons, but she'd be free to come out whenever she needed to and spend time with Maiden.
Part of Hadia wants to ride still, and she'd begged Mom and Mrs. Blanch to let her do it, but as she'd be tacking Maiden up she'd been assaulted by memories of Dad first taking her to the stables, and him riding in the Musical Ride in his dress uniform, and him riding with her when the stables had hosted the weekend trail ride last year — when she'd finally been experienced enough to go on it — and before she knew it she'd had her head buried in Maiden's shoulder and been found sobbing by Mrs. Blanch.
It was mostly that which had caused Mom and Mrs. Blanch to decide that she could still come and visit Maiden whenever she wanted, but she wouldn't be asked or expected to ride Maiden.
She was sure Maiden didn't mind not having to be ridden, but she knew Maiden liked being around her, after all, Maiden had whinnied and trotted over to her when she'd come to the fence and called.
Even though she wasn't riding, Hadia felt rather comforted by standing beside Maiden, who looked so beautiful, with her glistening black coat — part of why Hadia had chosen Maiden to be her horse, being as she was a black horse like the Mounties rode — the narrow blaze down her forehead, the white pastern on her foreleg, and the long white stocking on the hind leg across from that foreleg.
Dad had said Maiden was a pretty horse, although Mounties typically went with horses the closest to full black as possible, and there were some times that Hadia had imagined becoming a policewoman, but considering that it wouldn't involve horses all that much, she'd pretty much decided she didn't want to do it. If there was any one thing for certain that she wanted to do, it was some sort of work with horses."

Blanch: blahnsh

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